Forex Expert Advisor – They All Do not Work?

Forex expert advisers or robots are computer programs designed to automate the process of trading the foreign exchange market. Forex robots are trained to trade on the basis of specific systems and strategies (which are a combination of rules and indicators the trader or the developer of the expert advisor is willing to base his trading decision upon if he were to trade manually).

Trading the market could be very tedious and challenging: You've got your rules for taking a buy or sell decision, and you are sitted there with your eyes glued to your computer watching the indicators to get the perfect setup, and that did not ' t happen for hours. So you decided to take a short break to stretch your limbs or take some tea in a short moment, but alas! you returned to find out you're late-you've just missed the entry point. Even when we catch the right moment, as rational animals, we sometimes yield to the tempation to bend the rules when the ride is not being smooth, but at the end of the day, you find out your emotion has just robbed you of the right decision.

In view of these traders began to turn to expert advisers or robots, as some will put it, to beat emotions, stess and waste of time. Today, there are as many expert advisers as there are systems and strategies. But the question is do they really solve our problems? I have tried a number of robots; some purchased from vendors, some taken from friends and some found in the…

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How to Simplify Your Forex Trading With an Expert Advisor

Individual retail traders have had access to the foreign currency markets for the past several years. What has changed dramatically in recent years is access to automated trading systems called "expert advisers".

An "expert advisor" is a trading execution software program that works in conjunction with a trading platform program (for charting the market behavior). The expert advisor algorithm (strategy) examines the condition of the market and decides whether the conditions are right to make a trade. After it enters a trade it continuously monitors the condition of the market and decides when to close the trade.

If you have confidence in the expert advisor's algorithm you can allow it to make trades without your intervention. This tactic takes all of the guest work and emotion out of the trading process which is a huge advantage over executing your trades manually.

Institutional investors and central banks have long traded with the use of these trading algorithms or "expert advisers" (EAs). Using the EAs levels the playing field for the average trader. Currently individuals have the choice of many of these systems to assist them with their trading.

The key to using an EA for the individual trader is understanding the strategy behind the program. The trader should understand the basic formula used for entering and exiting a trade. He should also understand the results of back testing on historical data and forward testing. Finally, he should understand…

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Reasons to Consider MetaTrader Expert Advisors

A computer program that is based on a set of generated by indicators that helps determine whether to buy or sell a currency pair at any one time is what an Expert Advisor is. It may be based on the dependencies and do not contain indicators. It is designed to remove the psychological factor of trading, which can be harmful. They can simply help you make trading decisions by issuing appropriate and they are reliable trading "assistants" that can trade automatically without your involvement.

Using MQL4 language, the Expert Advisor is developed. Without taking into account fear, inconsistency, tiredness, greed and other feelings, conditions and morale, which can close the door to successful trade, it helps traders to make right decisions.

The main goal of it is to give traders the possibility to speed up execution of trading operations. It can work in automatic mode, saving you from monotonous repetition of various actions. Saving the time of the traders, it mostly simplifies their work. You only have to turn it on, you do not have to monitor market movement.

It is specifically designed to trade the automatically activities presented on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Many Forex traders choose the MetaTrader 4 as their platform and that is the main reason that one can easily program the custom indicators and EAs on this platform for trading the activities automatically and that is absolutely of no charge.

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FXCM MENA Sponsors the 8th Middle East Forex Trading Expo & Conference | Business Wire

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Master Capital Group S.A.L. (“FXCM MENA”) is proud to announce its

participation and sponsorship of the 8th Middle East Forex

Trading Expo & Conference on April 8th and 9th,

2011 in Dubai.

This event is produced by the Arabcom Group, a leading organizer of

Forex related exhibitions and conferences in the region, and will be

held at the prominent Jumeirah Towers Hotel.

Join us and find out about some of our new products and services:


MENA has introduced Futures trading to its product offering. In

addition to trading Forex & CFDs online, traders can now trade Futures

with FXCM


Moreover, FXCM

MENA has recently launched a new service, whereby self-traders can

have their trades executed over

the phone (via its trading desk).

The FXCM MENA team looks forward to meeting with clients and other

online trading enthusiasts on April 8th and 9th in

Dubai and to discussing in detail all the products & services available,

as well as trading topics in general.

Master Capital Group S.A.L. (“FXCM MENA”) is the exclusive

distributor of FXCM products in the Middle East and North Africa. MCG

does business under the FXCM proprietary brand FXCM MENA.

MCG is authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of Lebanon (Banque

du Liban – BDL list of Financial Intermediation Companies #16).

In Dubai, FXCM DMCC is regulated and authorized by the Dubai Multi

Commodities Centre and is a Broker Member on the Dubai Gold and

Commodities Exchange.

Famous Features of FAP Turbo

FAP Turbo is just one of the many trading robots that traders use today in trading in the market. These trading robots are the trader's tools to make their trading business be more efficient and profitable. It has the ability to do all trading tasks so that a human trader will not have to stay in front of the computer for long hours. Through these trading robots, human traders can actually do other stuffs while their trading business is doing its usual operations. However, FAP Turbo has remained to be famous simply because it has features that other trading robots do not have.

One feature is its cost. This robot is actually cheaper as compared to other robots available in the market today. Although it is cheaper, it still performs a lot better than the rest. Traders have seen its profitability and are convinced that it really can deliver good profits for them.

The FAP Turbo can trade in any currency there is. It can also trade effectively whether in large scale or small scale trades. This way, you will get more options in choosing the deals you want to enter or not. You will also have better chances of winning trades.

Another feature is its accuracy and advanced analysis. These are the reasons why FAP Turbo can avoid multiple or contractual losses. It can analyze data and come up with a forecast on which trades are possible to win or not.

Experts also say that this robot is the most user-friendly among all the…

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Artificial Intelligence Forex Robot

"Forex" trading is now made easy with a new artificial intelligence breakthrough. This robot sees into the immediate future with 95.82% accuracy.

It proves indisputably that it can trade with 95.82% accuracy in all conditions and at least quadruple every single dollar deposited.

This is the product of 38 years combined "forex" trading experience. The difference between this robot and other nonprofit making robots are as follows:

1. It was designed from years of trading experience while nonprofit robots were not

2. It teaches how the market behaves while the other guesses what strategy works best.

3. Thirty eight years of combined "forex" trading experience, and "multi-market condition" is integrated into the robot's strategies and programming, while the other robot is limited to one market condition.

4. A profitable and unique "multi-market condition" robot is produced, while the other is an average, non-consistent, non-profitable, "single market condition" robot.

The "forex" market is a dynamic market. For a robot to be profitable it must be accurate always, regardless of the market situation. The designers of this robot has inculcated their wealth of experience into the strategies and programming of this robot, hence producing an outstanding "forex" robot among the lots.
This robot is built on "Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis Technology", it is an advance artificial intelligence with extreme performance, accuracy and consistency.


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Forex Auto Trade – Smart Way to Profit in Forex Trading

Forex auto trade is a smart way to make profit in trading. You could always do it the hard way by manual trading and sit for hours in front of your computer. Since the introduction of trading robot, more and more traders are using this easy alternative. People who love this alternative are saying that they prefer this method because it does not bother their daily activities.

Trading robot is becoming more popular because of these reasons:

1. No special education requirements This system is reliably easy to follow and almost everyone could do it without spending a lot of time learning the system. Traditional way of trading requires formal education and lots of experience. The robot system does all the dirty work for you, and make decision making easier.

2. Forex auto trade system has been proven to have good result. With more sophisticated software coming to the market, traders have a lot of choices. The software's quality is improving and this is a great news for the traders. Making profit is proven to be easier for everyone who does not have any trading experience.

3. Traders will have more flexible time. Using the robot means that you do not have to sit down for hours doing the trading manually. This automatically gives you more time doing other things, like spending it with your family. Traders like the robot because they have more quality time.

4. Trading robots give you better results A trader will be able to avoid making an important…

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Automated Trading Vs Manual Trading

One of the major topics in Forex is automated trading. There are tons of system out there, all claiming to make you millions of dollars. Now, I would encourage you not to get heard in these marketing claims because no system – manual or automated – can consistently make returns like the ones many of these EA sales videos are claiming. With that said, there are certainly automated systems available that can produce profit consistently; however, as Forex investors, we need to be careful about our expectations. If you are determined to find an EA that is going to make you rich quick, you are very likely to spend a lot of time and money on things that will only hurt your account. As a matter of fact, with all the time you would spend searching for the black box of trading, you could probably have earned a significant amount of capital by just running a system that produces consistent, less profits over that time period. It is crucial to understand that no market is suitable for making massive amounts of money in a short period of time. Every type of market can deliver a very large return on investment to its investors, but in each scenario, those returns should be made with consistent profits over a period of time.

If we are happy with consistent returns, than there is definitely some robots that can deliver those. The key to finding an automated system that actually works is finding someone who is not claiming to make you rich overnight. Ideally, you want to…


Fap Turbo Automated Forex Trading Tool

Forex trading is one of the most profitable ventures today; however, it is also a highly risky venture. This is not to scare you, but to let you know that you can substantially reduce the risk involved in trading currency by using enhanced trading methods. Fap turbo is one of the top automated trading tools for minimizing losses, while maximizing profits.

But trading is usually not as easy as that; you must master the intricacies of graph analysis and risk evaluation. Also, emotion must not come into play (which is very difficult) when trading conventionally. In fact, a sound knowledge of trading is required before you can stake out your funds. Contrarily, you do not need to be a savvy trader to use robots (although a basic knowledge would be an added advantage).

How Profitable Can Robot Trading Be?

Robots are not 100% perfect but are far better off than conventional trading. There are rare occasions when the program's judgment may fail; in such case, you will not lose more than 0.35% of your investment (which is equivalent to 35 cents), for every 100 dollars invested. When choosing a robot that trades currency, ensure that one of the features you look out for is the loss ratio. Any program with 10 – 20% loss ratio should be avoided as this clearly indicates high loss ratio if the program's sentence fails.

Robot-based currency trading is but one of the methods you can take to trading Forex. Because most struggle with discipline,…

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Forex Robot Software – 4 Reasons Why People Make Warnings

The Forex market is changing. Long time ago there was only room for the major players in this industry, the large banks and big companies with significant funds to trade with. As the internet revolution has entered this market also, the currency market has become much more available to anyone. The former financial challenges to enter this market are almost gone now, although trading Forex has so far largely been associated with lots of manual work, analysis, and years of education and knowledge for profiting in this market.

This is about to change. As several automatic robots with increased quality hits the market, even beginners in this industry can do quite well. However, there are a lot of people on the internet warning about such robots, and that that robots can not predict the market well. The reasons why these warnings are made are:

  1. A major point criticized by mature players in this industry is that vendors of the robots are overselling their products and referring to back tests and demo trading as their only proof of profit. I will accept this as a very good reason for not using some of the robots. However, the people behind some of the new software available also include live trading data in their sales pitches. This is quite new, and give customers increased confidence in what they are often going to buy. My advice is to only consider robots with references to continuously updated live trading data.
  2. Experienced traders often have years of either…