How To Make A Currency trading Scalping Robot Safe?

Before we talk about how to test a scalper robotic we want to have an understanding of what scalping definitely is. Scalping is a well-known investing approach used by traders. Infact, scalping can be used in any current market whether or not you trade , stocks, futures, commodities, ETFs or what ever. In scalping the route of the current market is immaterial. You really don’t want to fret about the route of the development or do a lot of a current market investigation. Scalping can be accomplished almost without the need of any indicator!

Scalping is in particular well-known among the forex traders. As a scalper, your intention is generally to glimpse for a few pips like 3-twelve per trade. Now, just about every trade has a expense in the shape of a spread that you have to pay out when you make an entry or exit. As most of the moments, the spreads presented by the brokers is ordinarily not much more than 3 pips, you as a scalper want to make at minimum 3 pips per trade in get to breakeven.

When you do scalping, you have to dismiss danger and revenue management procedures. Most of the time, scalpers’ trade without the need of a end reduction or have a broad end reduction that can be as broad as 30-70 pips. Their intention is simply just to get in and get out as quickly as doable creating a few pips.

Disregarding audio danger and revenue management procedures is not a excellent detail. Suppose, your intention is to make a fast five pips. You enter the current market with a end reduction of twenty pips. In this situation, if you make a shedding trade and your end reduction is tripped, you drop twenty pips. Now, you want to make four successful trades in a row to get better your reduction. Are you gambling or investing? This is not investing. This is much more near to gambling.

To me, it appears insane to guess much more than 50-one hundred pips on the internet from a little gain of five-twelve pips.Now, scalping calls for observe and knowledge. How about understanding an simple way to do scalping?

Use your intraday investing system. Suppose, you have a choose financial gain target of one hundred pips and your preliminary end reduction is at 40 pips. Just insert a trailing end of let’s say like 10 pips to that. This way, if the current market retraces oneself, you have your financial gain locked in. And if it doesn’t retrace alone, you may possibly as effectively get your first choose financial gain target of one hundred pips.

Now most of the scalper robots or what you contact scalper skilled advisors makes use of a large end reduction to get the greatest success ever. So if you are arranging to use a scalper robotic, you should really a smaller end reduction and again and ahead test that robotic to see if it is effective. If it doesn’t really don’t trade with it as investing with a large end reduction can be far too a lot risky for you!

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Forex Autopilot Technique – The Ideal Way to Use This Forex Computer software

For those of you not common with The Forex Autopilot Technique, this is a investing software program with the potential to review the market place trends and place trade orders all on its possess.

This software program is usually categorized as an pro advisor, due to the fact this software program not only renders recommend but instead operates the investing operation, I like to imagine of it a lot more like a virtual trader relatively than an pro advisor. Anyway, these are technicalities which are not definitely that important, as extensive as you get an strategy of what the Forex Autopilot Technique is about.

Now, the strategy of these several strains is to share with you a own encounter using the software program, so irrespective of whether you now have it or you are about to get it, I invite you to try a couple of new placing I have been using to trade with it, which has shipped far better success for me.

Listed here the story, and why I am earning this recommendation:

When I 1st downloaded the Forex Autopilot Technique, I did what any person else would do, I opened a demo account and I began testing the software program. At that time, just by chance I resolved to fund the demo account with $three,000 of paper cash and set the technique to work.

When configuring the technique, I diligently followed the recommendations in get to established it up effectively. Among the the parameters you are requested to established are the large amount sizing and the greatest amount of orders.

These two parameters restrict, on a single hand, the benefit for each pip of your trades (for illustration: if you established the large amount sizing to .1, then each and every issue of variation -pip- in the market place will translate into 1 dollar of gain or loss) and amount of trade orders that you will make it possible for the software program to place concurrently.

These configurations are important because you ought to trade spending awareness to the sizing of your account, and for that reason, the margin you have to handle your trades properly. This is possibly the one most important factor to contemplate when investing in just the market place.

The creators of the software program recommend you to use a .1 large amount sizing ($1 for each pip) and a greatest of 1 trade get at a time, as this is deemed by them as the safest strategy. Nonetheless, in my impression, those placing will not often be the safest strategy, as that will rely of the total of cash you are investing.

Anyway, at that issue those were being the configurations I began using in my paper cash account, but just after a several days using the technique with good success, I understood that at $1 for each pip and using a $three,000 margin, I could acquire virtually three,000 details of variation ahead of having my trade shut because of to halt out, so this meant that I experienced a very comfortable margin.

I then figured, why not established the Forex Autopilot Technique to open up a greatest of three trade orders at a time, as this will even now make it possible for for a safe margin -$1,000 for each trade-, and then see what comes about?

I considered this would be a excellent strategy because I experienced viewed that the software program not often essential a lot more than a $200-$three hundred margin ahead of closing a trades for a gain, so with a 1,000 details of variation margin for each trade and three trades at a time, I would be capable to pull a lot more income whilst even now actively playing it safe.

The outcome: merely astonishing, because when I 1st began at 1 trade at a time the Forex Autopilot was placing 1-three successful trades for each days depending on the market place problems, so you can picture, with the restrict of trade orders established to three, it commenced to place three-9 trade orders each day, which in transform grew my paper cash from $three,000 to $six,154 in just above two weeks. And again, the software program not often applied a lot more than a $200-$three hundred margin in get to near each and every trade for a gain.

So, when I switched to serious cash, I followed the similar sample, that is, I established the Forex Autopilot Technique to trade a greatest of three orders at a time, but -and this is important- due to the fact I did not start off with $three,000 but with $500, I altered the large amount sizing from .1 ($1 for each pip) to .01 (10 cents for each pip). That way I was offering the software program a above a 1,000 issue of variation margin to place each and every trade get properly, enabling my account to develop proportionally with no the threat of blowing it because of to a deficiency of margin.

This strategy accelerated my overall performance whilst preserving me absent from loss. Consequently, I would recommend any person to tweak a very little bit these configurations, getting into consideration the total of cash you are investing, so if you are starting off smaller, possibly with $three hundred, established the large amount sizing at .01, and no a lot more that three trades at a time if you are starting off with $1,500, then you could established the large amount sizing to .05 and no a lot more than three trades at a time.

Making use of a smaller large amount sizing with a greater amount of trades at a time, is also a excellent way to split your threat and improve the odds of developing your account, because the Forex Autopilot may get it completely wrong at moments, and if you have it established to place only 1 trade get then you could invest days waiting around for it to near it whilst you are possibly getting rid of prospects for excellent trades, whereas if you make it possible for the technique to place quite a few orders at a time -often with a safe margin-, possibly it will place a terrible trade that will get trapped for a day or longer, but in the meantime the Forex Autopilot will stay placing successful trades and developing your account whilst you wait for the that terrible trade to be shut.

Examine this approach on your demo account 1st and see for yourself how it can help the very little robotic conduct far better whilst preserving your cash safer.

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Foreign exchange Automoney Overview – Foreign exchange Automobile Revenue Fraud

Foreign exchange Automoney has been resulting in quite a stir in the Foreign exchange group considering that it was 1st released to the general public a number of months back. For about seven decades the firm had been supplying it’s popular trading signals to environment class, unique interest traders only and now it’s readily available to everyone.

Get State-of-the-art Automatic Foreign exchange Buying and selling Sign Software Technique

Although it’s obvious this signal software program has the established track history and functionality of currently being a fantastic trading technique, there are lots of thoughts still to be answered. It can be merely much too new to the mainstream sector to have been tried using by all the usual reviewers, so we are likely to go on the data we have.

It can be time to uncover out if Foreign exchange Automoney is the real offer…

The Corporation

Foreign exchange Automoney has been servicing Foreign exchange traders of all encounter degrees for about seven decades. Primarily based in the United Kingdom, the firm has expanded it’s trading capabilities to deliver indicators for all key forex pairs, just about unheard of for other methods.

The Alerts

As defined previously mentioned, the trading signals are provided for all key forex pairs, although this appears fantastic, it only issues if two thoughts are answered. Are the signals correct and are they easy to use ?? The answer to the next query is easy, indeed the signals are uncomplicated to use. They are shipped by e-mail, SMS text, a unique popup software program which will come free with the services or appropriate on the associates place.

Evaluating no matter if the signals are correct is up to you. I know that when I adopted the signals on the EUR/USD forex pair they ended up correct 94% of the time, based mostly on about two hundred trades! I produced a good deal of income on a demo account employing them for that forex pair, but I’ve still to attempt them on the many others.

The Overall performance

From my possess personal encounter, the efficiency was quite spectacular on the EUR/USD. Extra efficiency effects and cash flow proof are posted on the entrance web site of Foreign exchange Automoney’s web page & the effects clearly show a good deal of pips currently being produced trading the GPY/JPY, a genuinely rough pair to trade on your possess.

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Easy Currency trading Investing System – This A person Is Absolutely free And Has Manufactured Tens of millions In Financial gain!

Enclosed you will locate a easy Currency trading buying and selling method which has been producing traders cash for approximately 30 a long time and even improved, it is really quick to have an understanding of and use and its Absolutely free! – let us acquire a appear at it in a lot more depth.

This method will defeat ALL the inexpensive Currency trading robots you see marketed on-line for a hundred bucks or so simply because it is really been proven in the current market while most robots simply use back assessments in excess of previous value history and bend the method to make a earnings. Not only has this easy Currency trading buying and selling method, built countless millions for savvy traders, it was also designed by a real buying and selling legend – Richard Donchian. Richard Donchian is thought of the grandfather of contemporary development pursuing and this easy method, is based on catching the large trends which yield the large income.

The method only has one easy rule you have to have to comply with and it is really this:

Invest in a forex when it breaks to a new four 7 days substantial and hold the open placement until finally a new four 7 days small is strike and liquidate the extended and go brief. You then hold having positions as new four 7 days highs and lows are strike and usually hold an open placement in the current market.

This method is so easy but its simplicity does not imply it does not make income – test it and you will see it can make big extended term gains.

Easy Currency trading buying and selling methods are inclined to work improved than complicated types simply because they are a lot more robust and have less factors to break.

All currencies development for extended intervals and all the greatest and best trends, start off from breakouts to new chart highs or lows – so the logic is quick to have an understanding of and have self confidence in. Sure it has drawdown intervals but any method does but trade it with a extended term view and you can pile up big income. You can also insert filters to cut down downside volatility for the duration of dropping intervals and we have talked over them in other content if you use it in uncooked type or with a filter, it can make large gains both way.

Prior to you imagine about shopping for a inexpensive Currency trading robotic which claims you a good deal and has never built cash, use this method it is really delivered millions and it is really no cost.

The method is referred to as the four 7 days Rule so appear it up, make it part of your Currency trading buying and selling system and you will an instant way to start off looking for the large income from the large trends and be equipped to delight in forex buying and selling results.

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Automatic Forex trading Robotic Software – ten Issues You Should really know Just before Selecting a Robotic

An Automatic Forex trading Software Robotic is a personal computer software that quickly negotiates for you on the Forex trading marketplace. The personal computer screens the marketplace 24 several hours a working day you make trades for you when the time is appropriate. A robot is an exceptional medium of exchange, but there are ten things you ought to know before deciding on a software. 

1 – Installation : Installation software ought to be fast and easy. The finest sellers for you to obtain the software and start out immediately. Troubles putting in the software are a terrible indicator that could point out trouble forward. 

two – Swift Start out : the fast-start out software with a video that places you appropriate now? Small video or audio clips are a good help in regions that may perhaps demonstrate unclear. 

three – Relieve of use : the software ought to be intuitive and very simple. T make sense to you? Is it easy to navigate by means of distinctive screens? Do you fully grasp the attributes speedily? Are the features and controls grouped logically? 

4 – Quality of software logic : the logic of the brain, the most significant part of any personal computer software that helps make selections. These selections are based on a set of guidelines constructed into the procedure. Who created these guidelines? These guidelines work very well in a volatile marketplace? 

5 – Charge : Produce superior top quality program calls for a staff members of skilled pros. Assume to pay out for and program top quality. Remember, you use this procedure to make money incredibly good top quality program implies a lot more money in your buying and selling account. 

six – Demo Accounts : no program automatic robot you can do in serious time with a demo account? You want this element to grow to be acquainted with the procedure. Here’s your prospect to experiment with distinctive possibilities buying and selling before committing money. 

seven – Your personal computer : Does this software operate on your personal computer? Does the program call for Windows XP or Vista is mounted on your personal computer? 

eight – Your World-wide-web Link : The software operate on your World-wide-web link? What are the bandwidth demands? Are you able to go away your personal computer for 24 several hours a working day? If not, are there any other alternative as a hosted account so you can operate the software without an World-wide-web link? 

9 – Help : What aid is accessible if you have troubles? Some suppliers supply chat and are able to resolve all troubles immediately. Other providers supply e-mail or an 800 number. Do all your aid phone calls totally free? 

ten – Refund Plan : You want a refund plan that provides sixty times pleasure or refund, no inquiries asked. A sixty-working day regular reimbursement of sixty times to see for oneself if the program robot automatic Forex trading is for you.

Most effective Forex trading Trading Robotic – – Proven Technique For Quick Profits Grab It Now

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Forex trading Indicators Forex trading

Welcome to our area devoted to a in depth review of the foreign exchange marketplace, we are going to commence by addressing the Forex trading indicators. Do not fret, we promise to make clear every little thing to you the best way attainable.

We will examine a number of topics here on depth of Forex trading, as the hedging of exchange, arbitrage, stochastic indicator and the indicator going common.

A transient description of the 10 themes depth Forex trading Forex trading on indicators that we examine here :

one. The hedging of foreign exchange, is a area devoted to a in depth review of the foreign exchange marketplace, you will find out what the protection of risk, what are the instruments for handling risk in the currency marketplace, and what it can do for you precisely in your transaction.

2. Arbitrage on the foreign exchange marketplace is an article of the themes which depth Forex trading is devoted to arbitration on the Forex trading, a course of action that can choose absent from staying momentarily on two different marketplaces.

3. Complexity on the foreign exchange marketplace is an article on the issue of substantial Forex trading, which discounts with more intricate functions that can be executed on the currency marketplace.

4. The Bollinger Bands is an article on Forex trading indicators that focuses precisely on the review of Bollinger Bands. It examines the course of action of specialized assessment and curiosity on the foreign exchange marketplace.

five. The Stochastic indicator is yet another article on Forex trading Indicators, which scientific tests this time the curiosity of the stochastic indicator and how to interpret it.

six. Indicators going common, is a area devoted to a in depth review of the foreign exchange marketplace, which focuses on the process of assessment termed the going common.

seven. The Momentum indicator is an article that examines the indicators of Momentum and curiosity on the foreign exchange marketplace.

eight. The relative toughness index, is an article that addresses this pattern indicator and tells you how to calculate the ‘Relative Energy Index’ (SRI).

nine. Index of exchange costs is an article that examined the index of exchange costs and explains his curiosity in the currency marketplace.

10. Indicators of quantity-quantity trade and share quantity, is an article that appears at the quantity of foreign exchange transactions on the Forex trading and the variance concerning the investing quantity and share quantity .

We hope you come across these article content devoted to a complete exchange marketplace all the data you want about Forex trading indicators.

The Best Forex trading Automated Investing Robot

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Fractal Geometry Foreign exchange-Foreign exchange Robot Resource Codes

Automated foreign exchange signals suppliers are skilled traders who are observing the currency pair motion carefully and have the electricity to read the value shift and can prediction its afterwards shift. On the thought of this forecasting, the trader can, with certainty, produce trade signals then send it to all member traders. The uses of Foreign exchange buying and selling application are manifold when you are a beginner in the sector. Read through on for far more about automated foreign exchange currency buying and selling application robotic. The fundamental matter about this application is that it observes the traits of the sector and tells you no matter whether you ought to go for financial commitment or depart the sector by yourself. This is a quite handy matter when you are new and do not have an understanding of how to research the traits.

The Foreign exchange application is a excellent boon for people persons who are using their baby actions in the earth of Foreign exchange buying and selling. It can help them to realise how the sector is effective. Getting experience just isn’t the sole profit of making use of this application. Do see our site for far more facts about automated foreign exchange currency buying and selling application robotic. For occasion, considering the fact that the character of the sector needs a regular amount of concentration so you do not miss out on any transaction, it is humanly unachievable to sit glued to the display for days on finish. Get leading notch facts about automated foreign exchange currency buying and selling application robotic from our web-site. This allows the financier to carry on with his daily everyday living without the need of lacking a beat.

So to get $four hundred million buying and selling earnings in excess of a twelve thirty day period period of time is basically rational if you can have an understanding of that it is only a range recreation just after all. Make efforts to go seeking and discover Foreign exchange Signal Computer software that has demonstrated effects. Basically do some exploration. When any person is carrying out well, with or without the need of the assist of signal application, they are at times very satisfied to exhibit you seen rationalization of their achievement. Get complete facts from our site about automated foreign exchange currency buying and selling application robotic. You can discover applications that use aggressive buying and selling methodologies that may perhaps be a little dodgy but generate far more really serious returns or you can select just one allowing you have a little far more say in the pace of trades. It can be up to you if you are emotion far more at ease placing your faith in a much less aggressive application plan that can generate reduced returns on your trades. It can be just like most other aspects of buying and selling, you have to have to be wise and do some exploration. Search prior to you leap, if you will.

The foreign exchange signal company send its signals which is composed of the entry, exit, stop reduction, just take income fees. The do not distribute out additional facts about the made use of method to make the buying and selling signal. That may perhaps make the unique trader like a blind gentleman whilst he or she is buying and selling and she will not likely have the capability to notify no matter whether this company is excellent or not this may perhaps materialize if the unique trader is not able to make his or in this article possess exploration on the chart individually. .

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Forex Metatrader Brokers Review

Forex MetaTrader Brokers are those kind Forex brokers who provide access to the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform to their clients.

In case you are new to Forex – the “platform” is the computer program that lets you to scan the market and open and close positions and examine your forex broker account. There are tons of brokers out there and many types of trading platforms but MetaTrader is by far the most common one. That is why the number of Forex MetaTrader brokers is also significant compared to the other brokers out there. As a matter of fact, several brokers which started out as non-MT4 brokers have switched to using MT4 (for example FXCM) and this is a tendency which is going to continue.

Why is it so important whether your forex broker provides the MetaTrader platform. Wouldn’t you be able to trade with the other types of platforms, too? Well.. MetaTrader has not become the most popular platform in the world by accident. This program has some exceptional features unavailable in many of the other platforms and these features make the life of the trader much easier! Let’s quickly go over them:
1. MT4 is Free. Forex MetaTrader brokers allow users to download the software for free and to create a demo account on their servers! This a great way to sharpen your trading skills without risking real money! Once you download MT4 it is very easy to install and the interface is very intuitive. There are no “Bronze” versions, Web-version etc. Even with the demo you’re getting the full deal. All the features of MetaTrader are immediately available to all clients as soon as they download the platform.
2. The MetaTrader platform contains charts, meaning that not only does it show current prices of the currencies to the users but it also allows them to open charts, place Technical Analysis indicators and oscillators on the charts (e.g. MA and RSI), without opening a new application. You will not have a clutter of windows all over you desktop – everything is organized tightly within the MetaTrader 4 main window.
3. The fact that the charts are a part of MT4 and automatically available means that you are actually getting 2 pieces of software for free – the platform and the charts! Remember – there’s still many brokers out there who will give you the trading platform for free but will not provide you with free charts. You have to pay to get access to charts with these brokers. Not the case with forex MetaTrader brokers!
4. Automation! Perhaps one of the best feature of the MetaTrader platform – and that is why both Forex MetaTrader brokers and their clients love this software – is the built-in automation system! MT4 provides a special programming language, called MQL, which allows traders to create their own indicators, scripts and even fully automated trading robots! The robots (called EA’s for “Electronic Advisers”) are in essence MQL programs, running inside your MetaTrader and they can take care of a range of tasks – analyze data, automate a complex procedure, create alerts or even automate the entire trading process completely! These more sophisticated Eas can trade entirely on their own, without any human intervention, day and night, never needing a rest, never giving in to fear, greed or other emotions!
There are many EA’s available on the market. The most popular one is definitely Forex-Autopilot. This robot will trade on your behalf – monitoring the market, opening and closing positions for you day in and day out, regardless of whether you are sitting at your computer or playing golf or sleeping!
Even though Forex-Autopilot is a pretty profitable little robot and has sold by far the most copies of all similar products available on the market, my personal vote goes for FAP-Turbo, another robot developed by the same team. Although it is not quite as popular as forex-autopilot (and the only reason in my opinion is because it is brand new – it was released in Nov 2008!) it definitely outperforms FAP in all other aspects: providing real-time results on its web site (information from 3 real accounts being traded in real time, streamed to the site LIVE!), placing server-based Stop-Loss and Take-Profit orders (Forex-Autopilot relied only on internal, programmatic stop loss and take profit, and providing 2 strategies which the robot selects automatically which one to used based on timerframe and market conditions.
5. MT4 offers tons of other features not available on other platforms. It has a huge arsenal of technical analysis indicators and you can always plug in more – since you can add more MQL modules to your MetaTrader station at any time!
You can customize the look and feel of your charts. You can export and import your data and preferences.
Another very important feature is that every Forex MetaTrader broker keeps an archive of historical prices and these prices are available for download through your MT4 system. You can use these prices to test your own strategies or you can run the robots on these data thus testing how profitable it will be. Many other parameters such as slippage, Stop-Loss and Take Profit available at time of placing an order, etc., to detailed to go over them here!

Below you will find a link to a list of all known Forex MetaTrader brokers. Here’s some of the most popular ones, for your convenience:
* Alpari

Keep in mind that even though there are lots of Forex MetaTrader brokers out there you will need to choose the one which is most suitable for your trading style and preferences! Not all Forex MetaTrader brokers are equal! Although they all offer essentially the same trading software to their clients, their internal account settings such as swap rates, minimum lot sizes, spreads, etc. may be quite different. Some may not be suitable to your trading style!

For example – if you plan to use “scalping” strategies or scalping EA’s you will need to go with a forex MetaTrader brokers which is STP or NDD. These are acronyms for “straight through processing” and “no dealing desk” and essentially mean that your broker is not a Market Maker broker. You see… while many MM brokers often look for ways to take advantage of their clients and trade against them, the STP brokers really don’t care whether their clients’ trades are winning or losing. Because their client’s win is not the brokers’ loss since they don’t take a counter part to their clients’ trading transactions! Hence the NDD Forex brokers will only be too happy to know that their clients do well as this way they will stay as their clients longer and bring them more commissions. By the way – ECN which stands for “Electronic communication network” is another name for STP or NDD brokers.

How to find out whether your broker trades against you? Ask them! Don’t be shy! Call them, email them or chat with their CS reps. It’s a good idea to ask them even before you download the demo software, whether they are STP or NDD broker. If they start giving you vague answers instead of a clear Yes or No – then you know that these particular forex MetaTrader brokers are not STP/NDD/ECN.

Another thing to watch for – some Forex MetaTrader brokers will not allow robots on their servers! Others, such as ODL Securities have a policy against certain EAs (in particular FAP-Turbo because this EA is “too profitable” and hence is hurting the MM broker’s financial interests).

Did you know that in 2006, over 25% of all Forex orders and over 40% of all orders at the London Stock Exchange, were entered by automated software trading robots? These numbers are expected to double by 2010. Still think that trading robots are a fad, a scam or simply don’t work?

If you want to read more about a proven, affordable and profitable system that can make you money take a look at this review of FAP-Turbo. During a NINE year testing period this software showed over 95% winners and an extremely low drawdown (0.35%)!

Automated Forex Trading Systems – 3 Sure Signs Of A Scam

So you’re considering buying an automated Forex trading system, but you want to be very sure that you’re investing in a system that is going to give you safe, consistent and lasting trading profits, right?

The last thing you’ll want is to lose your hard earned money to a scam, but how do you differentiate between legitimate and fake Forex EAs when there are so many out there?

As a Professional Systems Developer, I’ve tested my fair share of Automated Forex Trading Systems. Based on my experience, I’ve discovered that there are 3 sure signs of a scam:

1. The promise of totally unrealistic returns

Most scams trap traders with the promise of totally unrealistic returns. You’ve read the sales letters selling the dream of doubling your account every few days, or turning $1,000 to $10,000 in 30 days. It works because it plays on one of our fundamental human weaknesses: greed.

The truth is that even if the automated Forex trading system in question can really double your money, it does so with a very high risk of blowing out your trading account, and the chances of you repeatedly doubling your money is at best on par with your nearest casino. Expect to experience a complete wipeout sooner rather than later.

2. Backtest results that show very few or no losses

Most people hate losing, and scammers know this all too well. They take advantage of this by playing on every traders fantasy: an Automated Forex Trading Systems that cannot lose. It’s easy to fabricate backtest results, because you can tailor the system to fit the data that you already know.

The problem comes when you try to apply such a system to reality. Live price action is very unforgiving towards ‘curve-fitted’, over-optimized automated Forex trading systems. If you really want to know if an EA works, a live demo test is essential. Which brings us to the third sign…

3. No money back guarantee

If the automated Forex trading system is not sold through a reputable vendor like Clickbank with the mandatory 60 day money back guarantee, forget it. It’s simply not worth the risk, regardless of how attractive it may look.

The 60 day money back guarantee is very important because it gives you the opportunity to do your own live system testing and validate the results for yourself. Also, I would never test any EA with real funds that I haven’t personally validated with demo account trading first.

Remember, if the automated Forex trading system you are considering does not pass any one of these three criteria, don’t take the risk. Capital preservation comes before profits, always.

Dwelling web site | TulipFX | Successful Currency trading & Commodity Buying and selling

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