Why to Trade in Binary Options? Top 6 Reasons

Making money online is difficult. No one can show even one single business that runs without risks. Quality of living is improving but at the cost of higher expenses. On the contrary however, income possibilities remain bottlenecked. People look for fast methods to earn money. While some experts say that there is no such thing as fast money, some people still manage to make money faster than others. What is their secret? Some people have exceptional talents that they harness to reach the top of money-making chain. For others, the journey seems never-ending. However, there is a way out. There is a method that will allow you to earn money quickly but that involves risk.

Binary Options trading is one area that everyone with a minimum risk appetite can explore to earn that extra cash flow which will allow them to fulfill their dreams. Compared to FOREX Trading, Commodity Trading, Stock Trading etc., Binary Options is new. This form of online trading was introduced to general public in 2008 but today, it is a multi-trillion dollar industry where thousands of traders make more money in a single day compared to what people would with a day job would make in a month!

Yes, there are risks and the greatest threat is that of losing money. Incorrect trades can lead to catastrophic losses but such losses can be minimized with proper training and knowledge. Understanding the market extremely challenging and no one in this world can say with confidence that he or she…


FOREX – Day Traders Discipline Is The Key

Although it has been some years since I was actively involved in trading, I have just returned to the markets and have begun to trade a small account on my own behalf.

This has given me a slightly skewed perspective of the markets, almost like a new entrant, but one with a lot of experience.

There have been some big changes whilst I have been inactive, not least in the number of online brokerages fighting for every dollar.

But many things stay the same, at the heart of which is one, I guess, unbreakable truth. Trading is basically a very simple business, with any trading – stocks, options, FOREX, whatever – only really incorporating three steps:

1. Find several possible trades evaluate them and decide which to go for,
2. Calculate how much to trade, and decide at what points to enter and exit the market
3. Keeping an eye on, or monitoring, open market positions

Now, these three steps were basically all there was to it a few years ago, and they still And, guess what, people are still getting totally bogged down right here, at this early stage of the trading process, generally, for one of two reasons.

The first possible reason is that they simply are not aware that these are the steps involved in the trading process, or (the second reason) they have no clearly defined rules for action these steps.

Thus, less experienced, more nervous, traders can often take hours to evaluate a small number of potential trades.

Experienced day traders, on the other…


Automatic Forex Trading Software – Make Money Auto Trading

Making money on the foreign exchange market can be a fun and rewarding experience for just about anyone. Unfortunately you are more likely to loose money to the pros because of poor judgment based on human emotions as well as lacking in the needed information to buy and sell currency in a profitable manner. As a result, so many people are lowering their risks and increasing their profit potential by simply making use of automatic FOREX trading software.

You see, one of the number one causes for losses in the FOREX market is human emotion. All too often people choose a trade because the have a gut “feeling” or they fail to make a potentially profitable trade because they “felt” that it was too risky. You can see the relationship here is feelings and this corresponds with human emotion which is the one thing you need to keep out of your trades. Any and all FOREX trades need to be based on logic if you want them to be profitable. Automatic FOREX trading software makes this possible because they are based on mathematics, heuristics and logical equations to determine if a trade can be a profitable one. While there is still that risk factor, when using the program it is greatly reduced.

Furthermore, knowing not what to trade but rather why you should make the trade is very important. This once again follows the line of making a logical trade. However this is not something that you can simply learn over night, you need to experience the market to truly understand this concept.



How to Pick Out the Best Forex Currency Trading Systems

Since the dawn of reputable and profitable trading trading systems years ago, many publishers have thrown their hats and faulty systems into the market looking to make a quick buck from you. Follow these guidelines to avoid the pitfalls of a lemon system and instead begin to earn some reliable and guaranteed income through the best currency trading systems available today.

Identify What Your Need Is – Some trading trading systems are designed to detect signals in the market or profitable opportunities and trade ahead of the curve, whereas others are designed to simply respond as quickly as possible to changes in the market as they occur. Depending on your experience you may be better suited for one over another. For example, latter, auto trading variety system is ideal for both beginners as well as anyone looking to cover gaps or earn some reliable income from steady trends as there is not much required to run and maintain this system as it can be completely automated. The signal generating system, however, requires more know how and input from the trader and is consequently more recommended for traders with slightly more experience.

Customer Service – While it's illegally that you'll ever have any issues, it's good to know that if you ever do it will be deal with timely and effectively. It's also nice to know simply that the currency trading systems publisher cares enough about your opinion of them to respond to your concerns quickly. …

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Choosing Your Forex Trading Platform

How to choose a forex trading platform

It can be intimidating to choose a forex trading platform when you first start trading – here are some features that any good forex trading platform should have:


Does the forex broker offer information about the security measures of its platform? Your trading and personal data should be encrypted, so that your money and identity are secure, whether you are paying and being paid through PayPal or online bank transfers.

The forex broker should also offer advice on how to increase your online security – I'd be very suspicious of one that did not because they might be making themselves reasonable if there are any problems.
Also, are there backup systems where your information can be stored in case of an IT problem?


When can you use the forex trading platform? As forex is a 24-hour a day market, 5.5 days a week, look for something that you can use constantly. Even when the market is closed, you want to be able to place orders to open when the market does.

The trading platform should also be efficient – if it is slow then the prices at which you are trading might be out of date. A good forex trading platform should update several times a second.

One-click trading

If a forex trading platform is unreliable, slow or prone to interruption, a trader can miss a quick opportunity. A platform that offers one-click trading will allow you to buy or sell forex contract with one click, which means…

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Why Is Forex Trading the Best Home Business?

A home business is defined as a business where the primary office is the owner's home. Within that broad definition there are many types of home businesses. I have connected a home based business for the last 20 years and the difference between the business I started 20 years ago and the business I do today is like comparing apples to oranges.

A little background … After a long, very successful career with the US Government, it was time for a change and I decided to start my own business. I looked at many different types of businesses and settled for an established coin-operated video game route for $ 250,000. This is a lot of money today and was even more back in 2000.

I looked at all sorts of established business and the reason why I decided to get into this type of business was the simplicity of it. With coin-operated video games I did not have to worry about rent, employees, inventory, utilities, and many of the other expenses and, I may add, heads associated with your typical business. I also had more flexibility because as long as the machines were operating and not in need of maintenance, I did not have to be on location. My sales force (machines) were generating revenue all day and, in some cases, night as well. Other than the many hours driving and the occasional machine breakout, this business was perfect and afforded me to have a great lifestyle.

Sounds perfect, does not it? Well … I still had to worry about customer acquisition and…

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Forex Trading Psychology Tips – Master Your Emotions and Anxiety

Ever wonder why about 95% of Forex traders lose money? After all, there are many trading methods that should work, that people swear by, yet two people using the same system can get totally different results. There are also a lot of courses, workshops, mentorships, and so on which should help many more traders make money over and over again.

Yet only a few succeed. Why?

The reason is Forex trading psychology. The reality is that no matter which method you're using, unless you're able to control your emotions, eliminate trading anxiety, and avoid silly emotional trading mistakes.

This is no joke: many losses are caused by irrational trading decisions made by traders who should know better. In fact, psychology explains why two people with the exact same trading education can get totally different trading results.

Controlling your mind and emotions may prove to be the biggest challenge you face as a trader and may help you explode your profits dramatically. Here are some tips:

1. Use stop loss and take profit prices to control your trade. This allows you to place the trade and stop dealing with it. The more you deal with a trade the more it sits in your mind.

2. Just walk away – some traders place Stop Loss and Take Profit prices but then they still look at the trade to see how it's going. Why? What's the point of a Stop Loss if you're going to watch the trade? Are you really planning to interfere with it in mid-course?

3. Use low leverages – The…


Why Do More and More People Choose Online Payments?

Consumers are used to having instant connections with information, entertainment, other users through text message, social media and products that they want to purchase. Since people expect that almost all their needs can immediately be addressed with the help of technology, it is not surprising that they would rather go for online payments and the businesses that accept them.

The top reasons why people choose online payments are as follows:

They get rid of geographical limits.

A person who travels to another country / continent has to adapt to the place and make do with what they have inside their wallet. This may mean changing foreign currency or using another credit card than what they would commonly use. Online payments get rid of the problems that keep them from joining in an international marketplace.

A lot of payment processors supply businesses so they can accept a wide range of currencies, automatically compute the current exchange rate based on the currency, and also adjust to the language and info provided in checkout forms to take in the different languages ​​spoken by buyers, depending on the currency used.

They are more convenient than ever.

Payment technology is so advanced to the extent that consumers are able to make an online payment even though they did not bring their card or wallet with them. Beside the growing popularity of mobile wallets, studies reveal that online consumers continue to go for other simpler forms of funding. …


The Basic Forex Option Formula

It is crucial for any trader to have the right knowledge of currency trading before actually engaging in a live trade. The foreign exchange market can be dangerous if you are not careful and especially so if you come in unprepared. Although there are only about 3% of real achievers in foreign exchange trading, the people in this 3% are all out there trading and ready to take on amateurs. This situation is hard to escape for most beginners but if you learn to use options, you might be able to escape from this.

The first thing you need to learn in understanding how options work is the option formula. With this formula, you will be able to understand more the functions of the options and how is this tool used in trading. This will only be a run-through so be sure to read from more resources online and offline to learn more about the formula.

The formula is composed of five Greek letters, Theta, Rho, Vega, Delta and Gamma. Theta is responsible for displaying the effects of time decay in the currency being sold. Rho clearly represents the manner in which the interest rates affect the stock. Vega is in charged of representing market volatility and indicating whether the option is a short or long one. If it is a long option, Vega becomes negative and becomes positive if the option is short. Delta represents the market movement and Gamma indicates whether there is a near change to the Delta or not.

Source by Timothy Stevens

How to Find Profitable Forex Signals

Forex signals are basically key indicators of market swings which can result in profit – small or large. These fx signals are often built into a platform or piece of trading software – then marketed cleverly as an instant profit pulling device. In this article I will discuss the benefit of them, and how to find the most reliable signals available.

Subscriber vs Software Forex Signals

Forex signals are often sold for cash online – typically in the form of a subscription service which after payment you receive daily. You can them manually place your trades in occurrence with the signals. I personally think this is a waste of time – and more likely to result in loss. You also have the possibility of email failing – and if you miss out on that 1 hot tip – you can be thousands of dollars down. If you are interested in fx signals then it should be built into a live platform or software so you can get the signals on the fly and trade upon them immediately.

Automated Forex Signals?

Automated signals (also known as automated trading software) are pre-selected rules which can be plugged into a trading platform so trading can be done automatically. Up until recent times such offers were very inaccurate and unreliable. Recent advances in prediction software have asserted in some stronger offerings. I would suggest however that automated fx signals are better in the hands of someone with experience – often the setting need optimizing and…

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