What is a Pattern Day Trader?

Here is a basic summary of what a pattern day trader is. A Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (NASD) policy that applies to a margin customer who purchases and sells a security in the same trading day, and does this 4 or more times in any 5 consecutive working day period.

A pattern day trader has to observe special rules. One rule is that in order to do pattern day trading you must maintain an equity balance of at least US $ 25,000.00 in a margin account. The necessary minimum equity should be in the account before any day trading activities. Brokerage offices are not required under the rule to check the minimum equity necessities on an intra-day basis. 3 months must pass without a day trade for an individual so classified to drop the limits imposed on them. Rule 2520, the bare minimum equity requirement law was passed on February 27, 2001 by the (SEC) approving amendments to (NASD).

What is he then? He is defined in Exchange Rule 431 as any client who executes four or more round-trip day trades within any five executive business days. However, if the number of day trades is more than three but is six percent or less than the total number of trades that trader has completed for that five business day period, the trader will not be considered as a professional in the field as he can not meet the criteria. A non-pattern day trader, can turn into a designated pattern day trader anytime if they meet the above criteria. If the brokerage knows a client who…


Trading Stock Indices Using CFDs

Stock prices are a statistical indicator measuring the combined value of a number of stock prices, and they are usually formed with a certain number of leading stocks from a given market. For example, the FTSE 100 represents the top 100 stocks in the UK. Other specifications include the ASX 200, China H-Shares, FTSE 250, France 40, Germany 30, Hong Kong HS42, Singapore Blue Chip, Japan All-Share, Wall Street, US SPX 500 and US Tech 100.

Stock prices around the globe move higher or lower depending on investor reactions to a range of factors, such as company updates, economic announcements, political decisions and natural disasters. A change in any stock on the given index will change the overall value of the index. Although a stock index is not a tradeable product in its own right, investors can trade on the rise and fall of its value.

When trading CFDs on stock indices you can go long if you believe the value of an index will rise – ie: buying the CFDs and selling them at a higher price once the value has risen. You can also go short if you think the value of an index will fall – ie: selling the CFDs and buying them back at a later stage once the value has fallen, making a profit on the difference between the opening and closing values ​​when you close your position.

For instance, if the Australia 200 Cash is quoted at 4795/4796 and you think that its value will go up, so you purchase two contracts at 4796, making a deposit of $ 1,250 ($ 625 per…


The Differences Between Winning And Losing Traders

Just like any other business, Forex trading also has winners and losers. As much as two traders can use the same strategy in Forex trading, one of them can make consistent profits while the other can make consistent losses. This difference arises from the attitude of the traders and their commitment in applying the strategy. This article describes some attributes that differentiate the winners from the losers in the foreign exchange market.

To begin with, winning traders have realistic expectations on the amount of profit that they can make according to the size of their trading accounts. On the other hand, losing traders have unrealistic expectations and think that Forex trading is another way of getting rich quickly without any sweat. Because they have realistic expectations on the market, winning traders do not engage in bad trade habits like emotional trading and overtrading.

Losing traders generally have the tendency to dream up fantasies where the Forex market offers them with future riches and provides a solution to all their problems. They transfer these fantasies and unrealistic expectations to the market and have trouble coping with the reality of being wrong. If circumstances start working against them, they try to ignore them. If a currency pair sold rises and the trade is clearly against them, they do not abandon the fantasy of their belief and keep hopping for the trade to work in their favor.

Another difference between winning and losing…


Online Photo Editing Programs

As technology increases and the internet continues to expand, it is increasingly common to use a simple photo effect for free digital artwork creation. Manipulating photos, creating website banners and developing new icons are just a few of the thousands of things people can create to add to their web pages or to use as internet ads. A photo manipulation program can digitally edit a user's existing media, but can also be costly. People can try free online image editors before purchasing expensive image editing programs.

How To Use an Online Editor

Step 1: Save your media or photos you want to edit in a place you will be able to access them easily, either on your desktop or in a new folder created just for this purpose. The online photo editor allows you to open multiple images at the same time.

Step 2: Find the free image program you wish to use. There are several programs available. Within these editors you will see many of the same functions as standard photo editing programs, such as removing red eye, cropping and resizing. As well as special effects, like retro and vintage. You do not need to download the software; all editing can be done within your browser.

Step 3: Select the first image to edit from your folder. If you want to open several images the program will tell you which keys to hit for multiple selections. You can have as many images open as you like and easily switch from one to the other rather than just working on one before starting…


How to Make Quick Cash With Data Entry Jobs

Not only is data entry online jobs the most desired programs, but some of them are also the highest paying jobs online. Out of the many programs I have tried through the years of working online, the best and easiest results I got was from non traditional data entry, which is ad submission jobs in short. These are the jobs I would recommend if you want to make money in a fast and fairly easy fashion. These jobs entail placing online ads for the purpose of promoting web companies of your choice. There are two ways to do this, one can either choose to do this on their own or they can pay for a company to provide training on how to do this lucratively. Because these jobs are free and can be found on the internet fairly easily, one can choose to do this totally free of cost.

However, doing this on your own can take several months and even years to begin making any kind of income, so one must have a lot of patience and drive. Your other solution is to simply bite the bullet and pay for a training program which is only about $ 50- $ 70, depending on which program you choose. This will enable you to start making money right away and basically learn as you go, rather than taking several months to years to learn it on your own and having to test several different techniques to see which ones work. This is not only time consuming but could also be very cost if you do not know what you're doing.

Your next step is to choose a good program from the web. These jobs are…


Truckload Shipping Services – What Options Do Companies Have?

The capacity to determine the best truckload arrangement for shipping is vital for companies that make use of this shipment method. Logistics is used to maximize the capacity of each load and reduce costs charged by carriers. Three main options are available for logistics truckload shipping services. Your company can have its very own logistics unit, outsource to a logistics provider, or implement internal logistics applications. For the most part, companies that can not support their own logistics division have gone with outsourcing the job. This business decision has been common because no other options were previously available. Technological developments have made it possible for companies to perform their own logistics without the additional cost and overhead that comes from the prior two options. Software implementation has become favorable over third party logistics providers due to reduced limitations and increased savings.

Truckload Shipping Services: Understanding Your Options

An internal logistics department is most common for larger companies that have their own trucks and do their own shipping. For well developed companies, this option is very feasible and can be affordable. However, companies that are just getting started can not afford their own logistics division or perform shipping themselves. They must rely on other carriers to ship their product for them. Logistics experts that work in house require a high salary plus benefits. An…


You Need a Hobby!

One of my e eNewsletter subscribers (Jim W. from Tennessee) sent me information on his hobby. I loved his stories and the photos. Jim collections, re-tools, and races Mustangs. His hobby caused him to meet his wife of 40+ years, meet folks who have become friends, bond with younger members of his family, and travel. He tells me that his car hobby has even kept him young! That's good stuff.

Jim closed his letter to me with this: "Mustangs, and the people who love them, are two of my favorite parts of life! love and are passionate about, and live it, too! "

Wow! Thanks Jim!

Here's my question to you: What's Your Hobby?

Here are some of the benefits of having your own wonderful hobby obsession:

1. It is an important aspect of having a well-balanced life.
2. Because it is something that you enjoy and do voluntarily, you will become happy every time that you find yourself working on your hobby.
3. A hobby will challenge your thinking, and strengthen you you mentally.
4. You become better at managing your time (so that you can get to your hobby).
5. Having a hobby will calm you.
6. You will never be eaten bored and with nothing to do. Your hobby will always be there to fill your free time.

Your hobby can be anything that you LOVE to do. It does not have to be expensive or take away from other important parts of your life. When you find the hobby that is right for you, you will find it to be the perfect friend, ready to be picked up whenever you…

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Poetry Critics

I've been writing poetry for quite some time. I care about the art and how the art effects people.

I want to talk some about how poetry is seen in my opinion and how narrow the view of some can be when it comes to poetry and the worth and value it holds in society. I've heard many times by reviewers and critics and even booksellers that poetry books are hard to sell and that little interest is taken in the art of poetry by the general public but I beg to differ on these views held by so many in the literary world.

I feel poetry is such a unique and expressive art that has stood the test of time and as we look back on poets like Wordsworth and Dickinson and all the wonderful voices of a time gone by we can agree that nobody can discount or dismiss the contributions these people have made to the literary world.

The Wordsworth's and Lord Byron's are still out there today working hard to bring back into the mainstream the powerful emotions and feelings that once stuck a chord so long ago. These people are putting their heart and soul into their words and putting forth messages that they want to share with readers from all origins and backgrounds.

We should not put limitations on them by telling them their art is dead or that their art is not much of a selling point in society because it is and if it was not we would not have so many poetry forums and websites across the infinite space of the internet from nation to nation. One website I visited has over five…


Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Software Future

The efficiency and benefits of ERP system are beyond any doubts, and many business organizations are fast implementing this software package to scale new heights in performance and profit making. Since the emergence of ERP from MRP software, its advanced features like providing e-commerce and other net based services, are fast gaining popularity in the market. Although the use of ERP is mostly restricted to large business organizations, small and middle sized organization are also joining the band in implementing this multi-faceted software. The flexibility, which ERP offers through different customized modules has widened its acceptability.

ERP will continue to dominate the operation and functions of not only the manufacturing organizations, but also of other service providing organizations. The concept of ERP II is being seriously considered that will emerge with more advanced features in the near future.

1. Future ERP software package will include more use of the internet by using the tools like Enterprise 2.0 and Web2.0. In this area, Microsoft's data centric web technologies are gaining more popularity according to the demands of the market. Updating data online through internet is very convenient and so the customers are more leaned towards web based services. Such ERP packages will always keep the customers updated with the latest information of the changing business scenario, through online automated data refreshing system. It will also provide…


Making Money Is Important

Money was initially created so that a person could acquire more through exchange than what he could acquire trying to produce everything for himself. No doubt, this has allowed the average person to be able to enjoy other goods and services that only the wealthy could enjoy. Throughout his labor he could not only supply his basic needs but he could now enjoy higher standards of living. Here, it is the need to provide for the family's basic needs that make money important and it is the desire for improved standards of living that drives people to want to make more and more of it.

It can be argued that almost every problem that man (mankind) has, can either be solved, or gone with money. Money provides the best education, the best health care, the best dental care, the best cars, the best foods to eat, the best vacations to go on … and the list goes on.

The undeniable proof however, of the importance of money, is the staggering statistics on world poverty. According to World Bank statistics 1.4 billion people live on less than $ 1.25 per day; 1 billion children live in poverty; 640 million live without adequate shelter; 270 million have no access to health services; and nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names. These facts are mind-boggling.

We the privileged few few before have a responsibility not only to ourselves but to the world to get serious about making not just money but lots of money and to…