iFOREX’s Protective Measures Against External Financial Crisis | Business Wire

LIMASSOL, Cyprus–(BUSINESS WIRE)–iFOREX (Cyprus) Ltd., a leading on-line trading service provider, has

recently stated that in relation to the current Cypriot banking crisis

and the proposed measures to be taken by the Cypriot government, iFOREX

wishes to reassure its global client base that it has in place

substantial risk management and security means in order to prevent such

measures from affecting its business and more importantly, its clients’


The aftermath of the Cypriot banking crisis is still being felt in many

industries and with numerous Forex service providers based in Cyprus,

some brokers not only incurred losses, but their clients’ funds were

also affected. Clients of Cyprus based Forex brokers that kept their

funds within certain Cypriot banks lost between 60 and 100 percent of

their funds above €100,000 and found that their accounts had been

blocked not allowing any withdrawal or deposit of funds. Although iFOREX

is based in Cyprus, client funds and account access remained unaffected

during the crisis through shrewd risk management and prudent management

on their part.

Relying on iFOREX Group’s 16 years’ experience in the foreign exchange

field, http://www.iforex.com has

implemented several precautionary measures to ensure that any financial

actions taken by the Cypriot government, including any levy imposed on

deposits held in Cypriot banks, would have no effect on funds deposited

by its clients with iFOREX and that the provision of financial services

would continue without interruption.

When asked about the measures iFOREX takes to secure company and client

funds, a risk manager for the company, Lakis Agathocleous was quoted as

saying “As one of the largest and most respected firms in the industry,

one of the ways we have stayed ahead of our competitors and flourished

through any global financial crisis is by constantly managing our risks.

In the specific case of Cyprus, all company and client funds have been

deposited in segregated bank accounts held with various reputable

European banks keeping the vast majority of funds outside of Cyprus. In

addition, we are a registered Cypriot Investment Firm that is regulated

by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and by adhering to the

strict regulations set out by CySEC in accordance with EU directives, we

promise not only to protect our clients’ interests and funds, but also

to offer a transparent service so that clients know where they stand at

all times. We believe that, above all else, our clients deserve to have

and should have a safe and secure environment that allows them to invest

and we would like to assure them that their funds are protected with us.”

You can learn more about safety of clients’ funds and related procedures

and to discover more about the services and products iFOREX provides in

a variety of languages including Italian, Spanish and Polish that can be

found at http://www.iforex.it, http://www.iforex.es

and http://pl.iforex.com respectively.

Leveraged Forex/CFD trading involves considerable risk. Territorial

restrictions may apply.

Selecting The Right Online Forex Broker

If you are considering, or have already decided that you would like to get involved with foreign exchange (Forex) investment, there are several ways you can go about it. The vast majority of people they would first need to seek out an online broker that they can rely on and trust with their money, and to make the largest possible return from their investment. Your online broker will work on your behalf to carry out your trades and hold your money and stock in an online account. The online broker industry has seen lots of volatility in recent years, in the form of acquisitions and mergers, but there are still many firms to choose from.

Selecting a broker

Unless you can take a personal recommendation from a trusted friend or colleague then the process of finding such a broker can be stressful if not costly. There is an overwhelming choice of individuals and organizations, small and large that offer their services. Each broker will offer different levels of support, different types of account and offer other add-on services. Selecting the broker that is the best fit for your own circumstances may seem like looking for a needle in a haystack. Such individuals may benefit from reading an up to date Forex brokers review, where a range of different brokers are reviewed in close detail.

Crucial questions that you might ask a potential broker are:

  • What is the minimum deposit to get started?
  • Do they have an established, reliable reputation?
  • Who are they…


Get Rich Quick With a Sure Thing

You have often wondered why there are people who are very successful in any business venture that they engage. And yet, here you are, struggling, just learning a decent sum just enough to provide for your and your family's needs.

Most often than not, you dream of becoming rich all the time but do not know why it still does not happen. Maybe you lack something, it maybe the education or the information that is missing which could take you to financial stability. Well, if you ask any wealthy person, most probably you will get the same idea – a sure thing.

What is a sure thing? In finance, it is purchasing something like forex, securities, gold or other commodities in one industry and at almost the time, selling these into another market, benefitting from the price difference in these two different markets.

To illustrate further, take for instance the publication industry, where ads are typically placed on selected pages for product or service promotions. Let us put that the price of 1 full page ad is $ 90. You avail of it and then, present to some small to medium advertisers and invite them to put their ad on your page for $ 40 and you can put 6 ads in that page generating you a total of $ 2400 revenue. So, roughly for $ 90 you had paid for the whole page, you get a $ 1,500 net profit. So, arbitrage is easy to understand. And now, you already have an idea how to put it to action and get rich quick.

Source by Shauti Bellinger

Forex Trading and How it Can Improve Your Income

Forex trading is something that many people either have done at one point in their lives or are doing. Yet few people actually know very much about trading at all. Fortunately, though, the art of trading is becoming more and more popular and well known as more and more people are taking notice to this hot way of trading and possible method of making an income as well, if done with the appropriate preparation and guidance to doing so.

Forex is something that a wide variety of people can try to get in on, whether they are old or young, new to trading or a seasoned trader, even if they do not think that it is for them, they could definitely still learn a thing or two, as it can prove to be an exciting venture indeed. It can show even someone that is totally fresh to this type of scene new how to effectively trade and maneuver like a pro!

In most cases with little effort, you can be trading in just mere days, with some people maybe even hours. Results like this are earned usually with the amount of effort, work and time put into learning about trading. The most prominent benefit of on-line trading, I would say is definitely the prospect of approaching some extra cash, possibly a lot of cash (depending upon the person trading, their skill level, the amount of risk and investment that they put in, the hours worked, and many more factors that can contribute). Forex trading would make for an easy and almost passive way to make money online.

Source by Stephen Gilligan

Read a Forex Company Review Before Getting Started

If you've been thinking about opening up a account, then you probably know that you can do so online. In fact, there are many programs and systems online that make trading easy to do. If you're a beginner, though, you'll need to make sure you sign up with a reliable and legitimate company.

Not all companies are equal; in fact, some turn out to be nothing more than scams! Good companies will be there for you whenever you need them. They will provide you with training software and will help you with every step of your journey. If you do not work with a good online company, it will be very hard for you to succeed with your trades-especially if you're a beginner to the market.

Thankfully, there are many company reviews online. You can read reviews about different brokerage companies, training companies, software companies, consultant companies, and more. You will be able to find a company overview of any online organization you're thinking about working with. No matter what your goals are concerning the foreign exchange market, you need to work with an online company that will help you understand how the market works.

It's especially important for you to read company reviews if you're new to the market. You'll find out which online companies offer the best beginner's guides and training software. You may even be able to open up a 'practice' account so that you'll get an idea about how foreign exchange market works. …

Source by Nadav Snir

The Five (5) Minute Trading System

My main objective for filling this report is to expose to all our readers FX solution, key philosophies, principles and psychology required not just to survive, but win the Forex Trading Battle. In all my efforts to come up with better strategies for trading news events more profitably, I think this one has given me so much leverage over most strategies I have used in the past. The fun thing here is not necessarily the profit but the time and efforts required to make such returns with well calculated and minimized risks giving just a fraction of my time.

Anyone familiar with the Forex market will tell you it can often be time consuming, so heart breaking and too risky. There is no doubt the market is very risky, but the 5 minutes News Trading Strategy exposures how all these can be taken care of with relative ease.

Introduction to the 5 minutes News trading Strategy

The 5 minutes News Trading Strategy belongs to the 5 minutes trader. Here is a trader that who organizes himself so well that he does not allow his trading result pose a problem to him; whether he is winning or losing. One thing I have enjoyed with this strategy is the fun of not having to stay in any trade for longer that 5 minutes. Could you imagine this: You have reviewed your economic calendar and found out that a news event is coming out from say, Australia at 2:30 am (Nigeria time), you set your alarm clock to wake you up at 2:22 am. At 2:22 am your alarm clock rings and you are awake. …


What is the Perfect Forex Position Sizing Formula?

Using a fixed stop loss is one way traders try to control their potential losses for a given trade. The other way to do that is position sizing – the decision of how large or small a position is taken. Trading forex market at a higher time frames will require that a forex trader set a greater stop loss level.

However a greater stop loss level will mean that the trader take on a greater amount of risk. With proper position sizing, the forex trader will be able to trade on higher time frame like he used to do in smaller time frames.

Position sizing helps a trader to limit the amount of losses made in trading. It forms part of an investment strategy which helps the trader decide how much contract size to enter in each trade.

Use of this forex investment concept is what differentiates the professional forex traders from average traders. This article will explain position sizing in simple terms, the benefits and the ways in which to incorporate into your forex trading.

Getting the right position size to enter a trade is not as complicated as you would imagine. You will first need to decide how much money as a percentage of the account you are willing to lose on a single trade.

The amount varies for every trader, depending on the amount of risk the trader is willing to take on, but generally speaking, 2 to 5 percent is a typical number. The more money you risk on each trade, the faster your account will be damaged if you lose more than one trade…

Source by Warren Seah

Investing In The ebook Business, They Dont Want Your Money!

Investing in the eBook business is a funny thing. The industry is a strange animal to begin with. But what is most unusual, is that if you approached a vendor with capital to offer them, they would decline your offer and simply refer you to their affiliate program. In this article we explore why this is so, and how the ebook business works.

In the traditional investment model, we apply our capital to a business in the form of shares. In this way we own part of the business and passively collect a dividend and any capital gains from the shares value. But due to the digital nature of an ebook, the costs to deliver and manufacture the product is very low indeed. People pay for the knowledge and information contained in the e book, and the creators of these product's do not need shareholders.

The reason for this is that most traditional businesses have overheads and cash flow is a constant challenge to keep the business running. However in the e book business, this type of challenge is very minimal. E book vendors actually do have a "type" of investment model and its called their affiliate program.

However, the marked difference is that this type of investment model is not about applying funds. They do not want your funds, they want your time and effort. You see many e book vendors offer agreements on their quality product's up to 75% This is open to anyone. There is often little paper work or qualifying. If you have an interest they will take you. In…