FAP Turbo Review – Is FAP Turbo Expert Advisor Software Fake?

Do you know if FAP Turbo software is a scam or not? Has FAP-Turbo been used on a live account or was it just tested on a demo account? Ignore these questions and you will end up losing lots of money. I can guarantee you just that.

Most Forex has been sold on the internet today will eventually fail you when you start using them to trade on a live account. So you have to be very careful before choosing one, FAP Turbo is no exemption to this rule this review of FAP Turbo.

Forex are mainly programmed to imitate past successes of trading experts, but the reason why most people buy them is because of the elimination of emotional factors that can arise during Forex trading.

What Is FAP Turbo?

FAP Stands for Forex Auto Pilot and FAP Turbo was developed by a team of professional Forex traders and programmers under the permission of Marcus B. Leary and his team. The FAP software is also one of the world's highest selling Forex products with over 50,000 members.

It is automated Forex software that is aimed at both beginner and experienced Forex traders: Forex Auto Pilot-Turbo is targeted at beginners who do not know or care to know about the complex details of Forex trading. The only requirement to use the software is a computer and an internet connection and the ability to follow simple instructions.

You also have the option of not using your computer at all: If you do not have a personal computer or steady internet connection,…

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Forex Expert Advisor – Find the Best One Now!

If you want to join those people who tested that Forex trading is the best means to get your most long for cash then you must probably hear about 'Forex expert advisor'. No please do not think that you'll actually hire the service of a real person since this is an actual piece of software that will do the task of trading Forex market for your personal needs. In view of this, it will save you the trouble of not having any knowledge or experience about the issue since the robot is specifically programmed to do everything that you are actually expected to do. The task would even consist of opening and closing trades and it may even decide if the trade is actually making you money.

If you are thinking how the process can be possible then you will be obliged to run a metatrader platform otherwise (MT4) since this is what most brokers would support though you still need to check the data for verification. After that, you can now begin to affix the software while you try to leave your computer on power mode while raising your eyes to see money coming into your way. Fine, the last part would not always work the same way since it will highly depend on what Forex expert advisor you chose. Be extra wary about scams given there are plenty of these in the internet that would do nothing but drain your account before you actually know what the real deal is.

With this, what are the considerations that we have to take in looking for a good Forex expert advisor? First of all,…

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Citi Launches CitiFX Pro Trading Platform in UK | Business Wire

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Citi has launched CitiFX Pro, its online foreign exchange trading

platform for experienced individual and small institutional traders, in

the United Kingdom. Following successful launches in the US, Hong Kong

and elsewhere in Asia, CitiFX Pro is now available to UK traders who

qualify as “professional clients,” as defined by the rules of the

Financial Services Authority.

Sasha Serebrinsky, Citi’s Manager of Margin Foreign Exchange for Europe

and the Middle East said, “The UK launch of CitiFX Pro offers UK-based

clients all of the advantages of trading FX through a global leader,

including excellent liquidity and access to its highly regarded research

and market commentary. We offer experienced individuals and small

institutions a flexible product with tight pricing, which could make a

difference to our clients’ bottom line.”

CitiFX Pro offers highly competitive pricing to UK clients – as low as

1.2 pips in the EUR/USD. The CitiFX Pro platform provides liquidity in

over 130 currencies and research from local sources in key markets.

Clients can access accounts and trade on a real-time basis on four

platforms: CitiFX Pro Desktop,



and MetaTrader


Sanjay Madgavkar, Global Head of Margin Foreign Exchange trading at

Citi, said, “The UK launch of CitiFX Pro is an important step for our

global business. We are pleased to bring our value proposition of

cost-effective trading and great technology and liquidity to clients in

a key global FX market. We look forward to launching CitiFX Pro in other

markets in Europe and Asia in 2011.”

About CitiFX Pro


Pro is Citi’s online forex

trading platform for experienced individual and small institutional

clients including commodity trading advisors, broker-dealers, money

managers, and hedge funds. Additional information may be found at www.citifxpro.com.

About Citi

Citi, the leading global financial services company, has approximately

200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 160

countries and jurisdictions. Through Citicorp and Citi Holdings, Citi

provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a

broad range of financial products and services, including consumer

banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities

brokerage, transaction services, and wealth management. Additional

information may be found at www.citigroup.com

or www.citi.com.

Forex Expert Advisors – 3 Myths Traders Believe That See Them Lose

If you see a system calling itself a Forex Expert Advisor it's likely to lose money quickly though merchants buy them because they believe 3 myths enclosed. If you fall for these myths, you will lose too – let's take a look at them.

Cheap Forex Expert Advisors and Robots claim better track records than the world's best traders and these super traders get paid millions in salaries, so why have these traders not been replaced by robots? Their employers could save millions in wages but no serious trader would use a cheap Forex Expert Advisor, because it's obvious they do not work.

The myths that traders believe which see them buy these systems are:

1. The track Records Presented will Repeat

They take the track records as real evidence of future gains but of course no Expert Advisor ever has a real track record of gains in the market which has been independently audited.

All you get are simulations going backwards (knowing the closing prices) or figures from the vendor direct which are not independently checked. The claim is financial freedom for the cost of a night out, it looks to good to be true and it is.

2. They Believe they Can Trade with Low Drawdown

I have seen systems claim 300% annual gains or more, with less than 1% drawdown which is laughable and any experienced Forex trader will tell you this is not true.

If you trade on leverage, you will have drawdown – Period.

No trader has ever made 300% annually and had less than 1% drawdown in the…


ZuluTrade Expands in Japan Through the Acquisition of Market Crew Investment Advisor Co., Ltd., and Launches Its Collaboration with Japan FX Brokers | Business Wire

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ZuluTrade, a world leader in online and mobile Forex autotrading

platforms, announced today expansion in the Japanese market through the

acquisition of Market Crew Investment Advisor Co., Ltd. The Tokyo based

subsidiary has been renamed to ZuluTrade Japan Co Ltd and will operate

the Japanese website of ZuluTrade under zulutrade.co.jp.

Leon Yohai, Founder and CEO of ZuluTrade comments, “We are very excited

to introduce ZuluTrade in Japan by collaborating with Japan regulated

brokers.” He continued: “Japan is a strategic market for ZuluTrade and

we are investing in key relationships that will benefit collaborating

broker customers as well as support our long-term growth goals. Japan

will enable us to increase our global presence.”

The first brokerage firm to launch ZuluTrade in Japan is Arena FX Co.,

Ltd. The collaboration started on the 5th of September and is

expected to be very popular with Forex investors.

Manabu Kato, is the CEO of ZuluTrade Japan Co Ltd. Kato has worked in

securities company and founded Market Crew Investment Advisor Co., Ltd.

in 2006. Kato has a wealth of experience in finance business, as well as

in developing trading systems by himself.

“ZuluTrade’s autotrading platform represents an attractive alternative

for Forex investors in Japan,” said Kato. “I am delighted to launch

ZuluTrade in Japan, as the platform’s advanced algorithmic signals

autotrading technology is expected to be greatly beneficial to everyone.”

ZuluTrade Japan Co Ltd. is registered with the Kanto Financial Bureau

(“KFB”) as an Investment Advisor.

About ZuluTrade:

Founded in 2007 by Leon Yohai, ZuluTrade is headquartered in Athens,

Greece, and has a young and progressive team of 120 people and growing.

ZuluTrade’s online network lists over half a million registered users

from 192 countries, and has an executed trading volume record of over

700 billion USD globally. For additional information, visit www.zulutrade.com.


ZuluTrade Japan Co Ltd. Tel +81-42-725-8230 mail@zulutrade.co.jp

Financial Instruments Business Kanto Local Finance Bureau No.1058

Member of / Japan Investment Advisers Association

Trust Expert Advisor Reviews?

We hear a lot about the advantages of reading expert advisor reviews before you invest in one, but can you actually trust them? There are so many different types of robots and different types of Forex traders, that even if an EA or expert advisor has the best reviews in the world, it still might not work for every individual.

That may be a surprising statement. You can probably imagine that trading system, which depends on the trader to put it into practice successfully each time, could have very different results for different people. The assumption is often that robots either work or they do not, and that they will work in the same way for everyone, so that all users make the same profit at all times. But in fact this is not true.

In broad terms of course most traders' results will follow peaks and downturns at approximately the same time if they are using the same software, but surprisingly, the actual results can be quite different. In fact in some of the expert advisor forums you can find two people using the same EA and one is making a profit while the other is making a loss. So why is this?

There are several factors that contribute to the discrepancy. First, there is the question of currency pairs. Most expert advisers have the potential to work with several currency pairs and they will not always perform equally well with all of them. You can often get better results by concentrating only on the pair or pairs that are the most successful. Expert…

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Best Forex Expert Advisor – How Do You Know What is the Best Forex Bot?

There are many EAs available to forex traders. It’s not just a matter of money but also one of your limited time which means that you need to select the best to try out for yourself. So how do you know where to start? In this article I’ll show you the important criteria that you every good forex bot needs to measure up against and then you’ll be able to determine what is the best forex expert advisor for yourself.

Currency Support

The vast majority of bots are only good for EURUSD. Now given that this is the currency pair that has the most volume and liquidity then this is no bad thing. You may not even be looking for opportunities elsewhere.

A few EAs (some of which are excellent) feature support for multiple currencies. Usually it is EURUSD plus one or two other majors.


When a bot has a “low drawdown”, it means that you are making many small but profitable trades that all add up to a nicer, bigger profit.

The opposite of this would be an EA that makes widely swinging results, some profits and some losses, both big and small. This is way too risky and is no way to trade so avoid robots with high drawdowns.

Backtest Profits

Any robot worth its salt will show some level of backtesting data. Normally these backtests are run through Metatrader and a nice report is made showing you various data.

A few bots these days are now starting to offer live data as proof of how good they are. This is superior to backtest results because a bot can be tweaked many times until it shows a…

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MT4 Trend Indicator | Custom Indicators for MetaTrader 4 platform

Product Name: MT4 Trend Indicator | Custom Indicators for MetaTrader 4 platform

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

MT4 Trend Indicator | Custom Indicators for MetaTrader 4 platform is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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iForex Launches TraderBase.com to Provide Key Forex Trading News and Analysis | Business Wire

BUDAPEST–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Currency exchange platform iFOREX has expanded its services with the

launch of http://traderbase.iforex.com

The site provides up-to-the-minute foreign exchange news, commentary and

daily Forex analysis, while providing an array of tools for its

visitors. TraderBase.com can act as an important source of Forex news

for both day trading newcomers and professional traders to keep updated

with key market events that can affect their daily trades. In addition,

for easy access, iFOREX’s global audience and client base can enter

their professional trading platform or find additional information in

languages, such as Turkish, at http://www.iforex.com.tr

Articles and analysis reports within Traderbase are collected and

written by external market specialists, located around the world, to

give a global and unbiased perspective of the market and the factors

that can influence currency fluctuations. TraderBase also provides

valuable tools for traders, including an Economic Calendar which details

scheduled financial events and announcements on the horizon. Investors

can use tools such as this in order to read into potential market

movements based on impending statements, which is a vital component in a

trader’s arsenal.

With a rapidly growing number of investors using their platform on a

daily basis, iFOREX (http://www.iforex.com)

believes that providing traders with important and relevant information

is of great benefit. A senior member of the dealing room team was quoted

as saying “Obtaining essential Forex trading news is essential and we

want to be able to provide this service not only to our members, but

also to anyone interested in the currency exchange market.”

For direct access to the latest financial news headlines and daily

analysis, visit http://www.traderbase.com

* Territorial restrictions may apply.

What Every Forex Trader Ought To Know About Expert Advisors

An expert advisor is simply a piece of code written in the MQL4 programming language which, once installed on your MetaTrader 4 Forex trading platform, has the ability to automate the opening and closing of trades on your behalf. It is a piece of code that includes a set of rules based on what, how and when to trade. It also allows you to adjust stop loss, take profit and trailing stop levels according to pre-defined parameters.

Every expert advisor is different. Every EA – its own animal. But they all serve the same purpose: to eliminate inconsistency – a fault that characterizes most traders.

How An Expert Advisor Works

Once installed and enabled to run, an EA will usually first check if there is enough equity in your account to open a trade. If there isn’t, it won’t run.

If there is enough equity in your account, the EA will on each tick of the currency pair(s) that it is assigned to trade on, run through it’s rules and codes and verify that the trade entry criteria have been met. Alternatively, if open trades already exist, it will check that an exit (stop-loss or take-profit) criteria has occurred. If it has, it will automatically exit the trade for you.

To work, the computer that is running your expert advisor (and trading platform) must be kept running all the time while the forex market is open. If you ensure that your computer is running 24×5 – all you have to do is sit back, relax and let it do its thing!

Programming a Strategy Into The Expert Advisor

An expert advisor

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