An EA Collection That Can Trade Oil, Gold, Forex and a Host of Other Contracts

Many forex trader simply don’t know this fact that they can trade other instruments and contracts from their metatrader platform that they use to trade forex. You can trade oil, gold,silver, stock indices, and even stocks from most of these metatrader platforms.

Just right click on the Market Watch window where the currency pairs are displayed and it will show you the list of other contracts that can be traded from the MT4 Platform. As a trader, you should know this that opportunity keeps on shifting from one market to another.

This shift in opportunity gives you the chance for market timining. Market timing means that you spot a trend developing in the market. You position yourself for taking advantage from that trend. You ride the trend to get as much profit as possible and get out before it become late.

Now, gold is in an unprecedented bull market. Gold prices are at their historical high. Gold prices are being driven hgh by the abuse and debasement of the fiat currency that has been going on. People are afraid that fiat currency is going to lose value. After all it is just a piece of paper only backed with your own confidence on it’s purchasing power.

So, these are the factors that are driving gold prices higher and higher. Some expert are predicting gold prices to double from $1,200 per ounce to around $2,500 per ounce in the next six months. This is a historic opportunity. You should think about trading gold along with forex.

Gold is also known as Anti Dollar. Both have…

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How to Copy-Duplicate Trades on My Metatrader Account Using Investor Password

When you open demo or real account on Metatrader you will be given account number and 2 passwords. The first password is used to login as a regular user for trading. The second password is called investor password. It is read-only password used to login for observation purposes. You can not close, modify or start any trades, but you can see the real and genuine trading history and even save the trading statement to your computer. Investor passwords are often used by Forex signal services, account managers.

When you have investor password you can copy/duplicate the trades to your account. You need to install and open 2 Metatrader accounts on your computer. Account #1 with investor password will act as the server and account #2 will be the client account. Now you need to run a special software called Local Trade Copier on both platforms and all trades from account #1 will be copied to the account #2.

LTC software has many features, you can select different lot size on the client side, choose what currency pairs to trade or not to trade. The software is compatible with any broker.

LTC software is compatible with VPS. It can be used to copy few Metatrader accounts on 1 VPS or on several VPS. This can be used for account management too. You can run copier on many accounts and trade just 1 account – server/master account. Copier can and will copy the trades opened manually or by another Expert Advisor.

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MT4 Forex Trading Platform The Best Software Package You Could Think Of

Irrespective of whether you are an experienced forex trader or a novice you could use MT4 forex trading platform in order to do your forex trading with ease. It provides you with all the necessary tools for you to know when to put your money in and when to stop trading. In addition to that you also will be able to do the trading on automatic mode without making any contribution from your part.

When you download and install this free software package you could convert your computer into a forex trading terminal with all the necessary tools. You will have charts that show details on the movement of the currency with its price. It is the expert advisors that are available with this software that enables you to do all these highly useful tasks of placing trade orders, adjusting them when necessary and to set alerts. In addition to the already available expert advisors you have the option to create ones of your own in case you want to use them for specialized tasks.

Availability of back test facility is one of the most important tools with MT4 forex trading platform. This will enable you to look at the success or failure of the strategies you have used in the past as you could view past data with it. With its use you have the possibility to adjust your trading strategies in order to suit the prevailing trading environment.

MT4 software allows you to create your own charts to get your signals and you have the ability to save them as templates for use later on. You could load them…

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Forex Strategy Secrets – A Guide to Getting Rich With Forex Robots

Guide to Getting Rich With Forex Robots has now been converted into Metatrader Backtesting and Optimization Course by the developers of this guide. This is a very useful guide for those traders who are interested in trading with an . Many new traders are told that you just need to install a Forex robot on their MT4 chart and that’s it. It will start trading for them. Just installing the EA and making it trade won’t work!

If you are serious about trading with a Forex robot then you need to learn how to backtest it, forward test it and then optimize it’s settings. Without learning how to back test an EA and how to forward test it, you won’t be able to make the robot work. In this Guide to Getting Rich with Forex Robots, you will learn how you can back test any EA with 99% modelling quality.

Now, most of the backtests that are provided as proof on the vendor sites show a modelling quality of 90%. When you do a 99% modelling quality backtest, you are going to learn a lot more about the potential strengths and weaknesses of any EA.

In the same manner, you need to learn how to optimize the settings of an EA. Without optimizing the settings, you won’t get the optimal return with the lowest risk. When trading with an EA, always remember the performance of that EA depends on the setting used. If you use wrong settings, the EA will in most cases give you a large drawdown. So, before you start trading live with an EA, you need to learn how to optimize the EA and find the…

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A Forex Trading System That Really Works

Over the years Forex trading robots have flooded the market with mixed results. Of course there is always the good few that work but unfortunately the majority will eventually fail. In this article we are going to look at the possibilities with Trading robots, also known as expert advisors and find out if it is possible to have a Forex trading system that really works.

The Possibilities of Trading Systems Their Limitations

The coding of expert advisors is always advancing and there is now even software that can read news alerts and adapt that information into a trade. This new wave of programming is the forefront of using fundamental analysis in trading algorithms; there are issues with this that a fundamental trader could point out but that is a conversation for another article. The limitations of a trading system come down to the programmer. There are hundreds of indicators on the market that give direction to the markets and they will be correct a percentage of the time. The problem is making sure they are correct enough of the time to ensure an overall profit at the end of the week, month or year.

It is common place for a Forex robot to work for a period of time then go through bad patches that have the potential to eat up all your profit and even blow your account. Although these Expert Advisors are sold in good intention there is no way of knowing how to accurately predict the market and a trading system based on rules might not fit the market next year as it did the…

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Five Effective Ways of Boosting Sales – Tips From Expert Sales Advisors

Have you ever listened to a renowned professional speaker who has mastered the art of boosting sales like never before? The energy level and the enthusiasm they put in making their presentation a huge success is commendable. These motivational speakers bring freshness to the content by engaging their audience with appropriate content, motivation and direction that will help them to master the expertise over the sales job. They entertain, they make their audience laugh over gags, they make their audience feel uncomfortable by asking them some straight forward questions and most importantly they will challenge their audience with new idea and concept related to practical problems. These extra efforts that they put in make them special and unique.

Among the sales tips that they share using theoretical examples, five are discussed in this article which will help novice sales executives to learn and master the trade.

Lead generation

Achieving sales target begins with the first step that is lead generation. There are plenty of theoretical tips related to lead generation by using lead magnets and extensive campaigning. But sales experts always suggest practical ways of lead generation and that is reaching out to existing customers and convincing them with solutions that solves their problems sooner. This way they can do a trust building activity and also learn how many customers are interested in trying the new product.

Effective campaigning

There are plenty of campaigning techniques…


Alfa Scalper

Product Name: Alfa Scalper

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Alfa Scalper is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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Forex Megadroid – Automated Forex Trading Tool

A large number of Forex traders depend on the Forex robots, as they are efficient, accurate and profitable. Many are available in the market these days, you can choose according to your budget and requirements. One of such automated currency robots is Forex Megadroid.

Forex Megadroid is created by two trading experts with the purpose of making a robot, which can trade in any market condition. Its high winning percentage is the proof of its good prediction ability. It has inbuilt technology called RCPTA or Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis, this it the latest technology which enables the robot to analyze the past market data before entering in next trade. It artificial intelligence system enables it to record the experience of all previous trades which it can use for the future trades. It can work 24 hours a day, untiringly. If one is planning to start a side business he can invest his money in Forex market and Forex Megadroid will mange all the trades for him and he can take care of his original business. Megadroid acts like an efficient assistant for the expert traders and can help like an for the new comers in Forex market.

This economical robot is very easy to understand. Every trader having a little knowledge of computer can easily use it as it has very few settings to adjust. One can use default settings or tune them according to his trading style. Megadroid does not like to lose a trade, it enters in a trade when there are high…

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Top 3 Reasons Why NFP Payout EA Works

The first reason why the NFP Payout EA works is because this has the following features compared to other EAs:

Back tested results, 100% hands free trading, has higher liquidity, has a automated stop loss setup for you, calculates the right risk to reward ratio, has a built in profit protection strategy, only trades major currency pairs to guarantee you the smallest spreads. All these features had been proven by professional beta testers.

The second reason why the NFP EA works is because the NFP Payout strategy by Kishore M has had a proven track record of winnings over the past few years of manual trading. This strategy has been programmed into an only just recently. The NPF payout takes advantage of the NFP trades that happens every first friday of the month and it is at these times that the market is most volatile to give huge profits when the strategy is applied.

The 3rd reason why the NFP Payout EA works is because it comes with a 60 Days Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee. If it doesn’t work, Kishore would pay your back with no questions asked. The guarantee gives you total confidence that the company is no just selling you something for nothing. Powerup Capital has been around for more than 9 years and if they were cheating, they would be closed down much earlier already.

There has been a lot of testimonials about the NFP Payout EA and its about time more people should give it a try.

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Why Trading As a Home Business Is the Best Option

At one point or another, we all dreamed of leaving our 9-5 job to have our own business. I had 2 very successful business in my lifetime. One as a college student selling handbags and women’s accessories, which led me to leave college because I was making more doing that business than I would graduating from college. The second business was owning and distributing coin-operated video games. I started that business after a very successful US Federal Government career that took me all the way to Washington DC. Even with all the success that I had as a Budget Director at the Secretary’s level, I still believe that nothing compares to running your own business.

Both my businesses relied on customer acquisition. Without customers, there was no business. That is true with any business that relies on selling services or products.

Online businesses are no different. Whether you run a blog or have a Shopify account or sell through Amazon or eBay, you will need customers. You may read about SEO rankings, Pay Per Cick ads, or Google AdSense among others. You may also want to try to acquire customers through YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or any other of the many social media outlets available today. Whichever way you decide to promote your business, you will need customers not only to “follow” you, but, more importantly, to buy your product(s).

Hence, enter trading as a home business. With trading, all you need is to do is learn and master a set of skills. You don’t need to…