Why You Need Forex Trade Copier Software

As trading in Forex becomes more popular so the market develops, and the latest Forex trade copier software packages are now something of an essential tool rather than a mere gimmick. With many companies providing software packages it is essential that all the options are covered, and while some features are standard and can be found on all such software, others may be unique to a particular package. The key to an effective trade copier software package is, of course, automation, but there is much more besides that needs to be considered.

As a fast moving and volatile market the Forex world can be difficult to keep on top of, and the major benefit of an automated copier software package lies in its ability to respond very quickly; instant copying of trades to or from master accounts to slave accounts is the name of the game, and with easy to operate software and simple installation and set up routines traders or account managers can be on the ball in no time at all. Let’s have a closer look at what you should look for when considering trade copier software, and why you need it.

Choosing a Trade Copier Software Package

As the most popular trading platform all software will undoubtedly utilize MetaTrader 4, and any that do not should be avoided. It should be made sure, also, that the software runs on older versions of MT4, and that it comes with guarantees of upgrades to newer versions as they appear. This basic necessity aside, we shall move on to some more detailed…

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Using the RSI Paint Indicator As a Standalone Trading Signal System

RSI is the Relative Strength Index. It measures momentum and price on a chart. Momentum is the key to trading. If there is no momentum, there is no trade. Momentum on the RSI creates 4 kinds of signals. They may be thought of as “signs” or “clues”. Each signal tells a story and the signals together can tell a story.

Traders who understand these signals are aware when the market is retracing or continuing with the existing trend. Knowing these things when you view a trading chart makes reading it and understanding it much simpler as well as knowing how and where to act on the information in front of you.

If you trade 4 major pairs and you trade the hourly chart you would need to manually check every hour to see if one of the 4 signals occurred. This only takes a few moments manually. However, there is an RSI that actually checks for you. It is called the RSI Paint Indicator.

The RSI Paint Indicator “paints” a new line each time a new price is formed; a positive divergence, negative divergence, positive reversal or negative reversal. These signals help the trader read two kinds of momentum on the trading chart. By understanding this momentum traders are able to make wise decisions about when to enter and when to exit the market.

The RSI Paint Indicator allows the trader do other things while the RSI Paint Indicator watches price on as many currency pairs as required and any time frame. When a new signal occurs the trader sees a small box on the screen with the currency pair, the…

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Top 5 Benefits of MetaTrader 4 (MT4) in the Forex Market

MetaTrader 4 or MT4 is a robust Forex trading platform that offers several useful functionalities, such as advanced charting functions, technical analysis options and indicators. User-friendly and customizable, MT4 also boasts high precision and accuracy. It also allows back-testing, hedging, real-time data export and many other ways of trading. Beside, it also supports add-on Forex software such as "Expert Advisors", which enable round-the-clock automation of trading. MT4 also offers mobile trading systems for smartphones and price alerts and signals.

Benefits of MetaTrader 4 in the Forex Market

The perfect Forex trading system for experienced and novice traders, MT4 offers the following benefits:

  • Technical indicators and charting: MT4 allows access to several high-quality technical indicators, such as Stochastics, Ichimoku clouds and Bollinger Bands. It also offers sophisticated, customizable and in-depth charting capabilities, direct trading from the charts and customization of analysis. These enable traders to analyze technical aspects of the market while they are still trading, thus enhancing their trading opportunities.
  • Advanced trading execution: During real-time trading, MT4 functions like an advanced trading execution system with highly intuitive and user-friendly interface. This allows novice traders to trade comfortably in the complicated and volatile Forex market. The MT4 platform is also customizable; hence, traders can set their priorities…

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FAP Turbo Review – Some Technical Details About the FAP Turbo

About this Review:

After roughly two months using the FAP Turbo, I considered important to share in this review not only details about the performance I have experienced so far, but also some technical information that might tell you a bit more about this forex software.

A look at the FAP Turbo Claims:

The creators of the FAP Turbo launched the product with a basic claim consisting of three different real money accounts that basically tripled their equity over a three month period.

They focused on showing live statements of these accounts, instead of throwing bold claims about people becoming instant millionaires with FAP Turbo. This approach makes this software stand out from the crowd, and was one of the reasons I had better expectations about the FAP Turbo when I first got it.

What is in the box?

* You will get the FAP Turbo which is small file that will work as an expert advisor in a Metatrader4 trading platform. Within this file you will find what some consider a refined version of the FAPS which trades only in EUR/USD and scalper that trades on several currency pairs.

* The FAP Turbo manual.

* Access to the FAP Turbo members forum.

* Monthly updates of the software, which are critical for you to have.

About the FAP Turbo creators:

Although I cannot 100% confirm this, the word is that Ulrich is an open source programmer, Mike is a some sort of complex number wizard, and Steve Carletti is the lead developer of the FAP Turbo, and some say that this software is based on the FAPS…

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Iesa and Jesus in the Pyramid

The Sun god, Mithras, was the most widely worshipped deity in the Roman Empire in the first century when Christianity was first forming. Mithras was called the Son of God, the light of the world, he was a redeemer and savior and his birthday was celebrated on December twenty-fifth. He eventually died and was buried in a cave and was resurrected three days later. Sound familiar? Constantine is said to have converted to Christianity but that is pure ‘Spin’ from the editor of the Bible. He was a Mithras worshipper and they are Heliopolitans or Luciferians just like Hitler and his ‘torch-bearer’ crap. IESA is in Iesoos of the fish symbol and IXOYE as well as many other pre-Christian things they appropriated; which the Father of Biblical Archaeology says shows the Bible is a ‘Phoenician literary legacy’. It is not the first time you have heard about it.

Iesa also can be shown in Zeus and Hijaz or even Giza or Gizeh when you understand the aspirant ‘H’ which still allows people to pronounce Jesus as Hey-soos or Julio as Who-lio. The lack of ‘J’ in most pre-Christian alphabets is important and we can learn a lot about words when we take out the vowels and look for doubling or reversing consonants. I think doubling shows a removal from the original so we see Bible and Babel and Byblos are all from BL or Bel and Ba’al whose city or ‘bek’ is very ancient indeed.’

So a Jew includes all those noble arch-tectons (see Septuagint) who built the Pyramid – that means all elites. And elites…

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Forex Trading – Getting Started With Trading Forex Online

I never thought in my wildest dreams that forex trading in the financial markets was going to be a game, but it is. It is a game played on a daily basis by two teams, or two types of investors on opposite sides of a trade. The bulls want the forex market to go up. The bears want the forex market to go down. The two sides are fighting for control of the trading territory. Some make millions while others keep hoping the market will turn in their favour as they continue to root for their team – the bulls or the bears.

It sounds crazy when you hear that a trillion dollar financial market works this way, but it does. Like any game in our lives, there are objectives, rules and penalties. Each side is trying to get ahead by scoring points, following the rules of the game. You must obey the rules if you are planning to success in trading. If you break them, you are more than penalized-you fail.

Here is how it works. Bulls and bears fight aggressively to make the market go their way. For the forex market to trade, there must be someone buying and someone selling simultaneously. In other words, one trader must be a bull going long and one must be a bear going short. Both traders are adamant about their positions, despite the fact that they rely on extremely accurate information, often from the same sources. What is amazing is they are adamant about the market going in opposite directions. In the market, the bulls and bears have different characteristics, yet they want the same thing…

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Retire Early Using Forex

How would you like to go on a romantic cruise with your spouse in Europe? What about skiing the Alps with the entire family? I hope you also could find time to play golf with your colleagues next week after your fishing trip with your buddies. Oh, and not to forget – your son is expecting you at his soccer game this Friday. Now, that is what we all can call living life to its fullest! That is what retiring early is all about.

If you’re still stuck in the office with a desk full of paper work for the day while imagining what was written above this, then you must start taking some actions to improve your life. Maybe you could also start to look into other options that can give you what your mind is creatively spawning.

There are ways to earn money aside from your day job. You can keep the job if you want to but do check out the possibilities outside that are just waiting to be discovered by you. If you will let yourself be stuck where you are now, you will never come to that stage where you are retiring early. Go outside your cubicle and see what else is out there for you. Like foreign exchange trading for example.

International currencies fluctuate their values time and again based on a lot of economic, political, and social factors. This fluctuation in value is what makes exchanging these currencies one big momma for profits. The forex market is so huge that so many people from around the world can earn so much if they know how to play it well. There is also room for losses,…

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What Are Expert Advisors? – Learn About Automated Trading and Which Trading Platform

If you are new and use meta trader platform for your charting software, you probably heard about EA's or expert advisers. These are imported into a chart to help the trader confirm a trade or even do it automatically for them. EA's are all over the internet now a days, some free some you have to pay. You can load and save expert advisers, and use them at any time. They place indicators over the current chart to let you know when to enter a trade, this is very useful and a lot of people have them on their charts these days.

Meta trader is the most popular Forex trading platform out there. Its universal meaning it can be used with any popular Forex broker, its also one of the most advanced charting software out there and its FREE. So when someone mentions expert advisors you know they are using MT (Meta trader). EA's can be customize to a persons like it is fully programmable also, like making your own software (its not as complicated as a programming language).

A lot of expert advisors are being sold now, most of them are automated which means they do all the trading even while you sleep. They call these mostly robots which are completely legal, Forex has been around a very long time and we have come along way and as the market evolves so do we. Autopilot EA's sometimes require a large balance in your account or you can simple lower the trade size if you have a small account. They normally enter up to 10 trades at any time, so you have to use money…

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Trading Foreign Exchange Using Software

The business of trading foreign exchange has benefited greatly from the explosion in the use of personal computers and the internet. The proliferation of technology has made trading faster and more effective. Perhaps the most dynamic technological development has been in the area of software. If you are accustomed to trading manually, you may be in for a pleasant surprise to find out that automating your trading can save you considerable time and frustration.

If, for example, your style of trading depends on the sudden volatility caused by the release of certain economic news reports, you may have experienced the anxiety and stress of trying to get your order manually set up and executed within a very narrow time frame prior to the expected release. If the market starts to react significantly before your trade is properly set up, you might lose out on a potentially lucrative trading opportunity. Assuming you were able to get in the trade before the spike in price, you may still have trouble getting out timely in order to realize your desired profits.

Software can provide a valuable solution for the trader. Having software do the work in setting up and exiting the trade tends to take the personal emotion out of the process. Arguably, one might even feel less guilty about a losing trade if one could blame the software. Some software packages make it possible to enter many consecutive trades in a matter of split seconds. This would be impossible for a trader manually setting…

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Common Mistakes That Beginner Forex Traders Make

Even though there are many people interested in trading for the first time, this does not mean that it is an activity for everyone. Even after learning the Forex trading basics, a great deal of dedication and commitment to continuing to learn and practice is required in order to get the best results in the immediate and long term.

Every beginner will make some mistakes, and here are some of the most common ones that are important to try and avoid when starting out with Forex trading.

Firstly, one of the most common mistakes that beginners make is not studying enough before they get started. In fact, in their enthusiasm to start earning money through trading, beginners can often overlook the Forex trading basics that they need to learn. This results in losing money and a great knock to morale which can lead to giving up the activity altogether.

Instead, it is absolutely imperative to find a software option that provides training in Forex trading basics and even a practice program in order to have sufficient knowledge before getting started with trading. There are many reputable companies offering this online, so there is no reason why beginners cannot avoid this common mistake.

The next error that newcomers to the discipline can make is not being aware of the news and events that will have an impact on the markets. An important part of any trader’s strategy is being aware of what is going on and how developments can change their fortunes in a matter of hours.

Many of the best…

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