Forex Derivative Review – Learn the Truth About Forex Derivative

Forex Derivative was created about two years ago by Zack Kolundzic and an unnamed person at a top U.S. technical university. The individual contacted Kolundzic wanting to make simulation software based on one of his successful trading strategies. As a result, the two teamed up to create Forex Derivative, EA software that encompassed all of the knowledge Kolundzic acquired over the years and all of his trading strategies.

After spending time researching all of the Forex robots on the market, I have determined the top three factors for deciding whether or not a robot will be ineffective, a scam, or a sound purchase.

o Can the robot be tailored to fit your needs?

With the volatility of the foreign market, it seems imperative that your EA robot be able to keep up with the times. To keep you from erring and from making emotional decisions, Forex Derivative is not customizable; it is self-adapting to market volatility to give you the best results.

o Is there anyone to help your before and/or after your purchase?

While Forex Derivative does not have a phone number available for current or future users, they do list a support email address on their web page. Something is better than nothing. I would try to send them a test e-mail before you make your purchase to see if how long it takes them to respond and whether not your response is personal to your question or a general system-generated one. If you want a personal response, it sometimes takes 48-72 hours.

o Can you get your money…

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Are Forex Robots More Accurate and Reliable Than Manual Trading?

Trading the Forex market can be very profitable by trading manually or by using automated software known as a Forex robot or Forex expert advisor.

When trading manually a trader would typically use what is known as a Forex system. These systems or methods as they are sometimes called rely on indicators that help to read price action. When day trading the Forex market it is important to use a profitable Forex trading system that is useful in the short term. Short term trading in Forex is also known as scalping. Scalping can be very profitable if done correctly which is why trading manually requires a high level of skill. There are Forex robots that can scalp and day trade which is good for those traders who do not have time to trade or lack the discipline and emotion needed to be a successful Forex trader.

The main thing to consider when choosing an automated Forex robot over a manual Forex method is how accurate they are. Forex software is a good option and Forex robots do work but you should always check for back tests and forward tests before using them live. There are many place where you can look for the best Forex ea and I recommend Forex forums. Users share robots that they have used in their live accounts so you have evidence that a certain robot works.

It is nice to make money on autopilot. Like I mentioned before, there are many Forex forums on the net where profitable expert advisors are discussed. I would take the majority of these reviews with a pinch of salt as…

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Forex Bling and Scalp Trading

First, what is “Scalp Trading?” In its simplest form, it is making lots of small trades looking to make just a few pips here and there. A pure scalp trader is not concerned with trends and does not stay in any trade for very long. A scalp trader only stays in any trade long enough just to make a few pips or whatever dollar amount they are looking for and then they are out.

The upsides to this form of trading are:

  • limited risk due to diminished exposure to sudden market movements
  • easier to make a profit since small moves are easier to capture
  • small moves occur all the time so trading opportunities are many

The downsides to scalp trading are:

  • they pay a lot of “commission” pips
  • they must account for the pip spread on every trade
  • one bad trade left too long can wipe out all earnings
  • must be in front of the computer all the time to execute trades

As you can see, being a scalp trader is A LOT of work! Here’s where Forex Bling can help and actually thrive. One of the EA’s or robots that are part of the system is optimized for scalp trading. See that last part where a scalp trader must stay in front of the computer to trade?

Not with Forex Bling! This EA (robot) will constantly monitor the markets scanning them all the time for the right conditions for scalp trading to be successful. Usually this is when markets are not trending but are moving sideways in a range. As forex traders know, markets are moving sideways most of the time. In fact, almost 60% of the time,…

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How to Lose $25,759 in Five Weeks! The Dangers of Commercial Forex Robots and Expert Advisors

We’ve all seen the hype – automated trading robots and expert advisors promising astronomical returns and quick profits. You may have wondered whether these claims could possibly be true. Maybe you’ve even spent your hard-earned money on one or more of these products, only to be disappointed in the results.

I can’t tell you whether the latest offer to double your money in 5 weeks is real or not. (Though it probably isn’t). But I can tell you what to look for when evaluating any forex robot or expert advisor.

The Folly of Backtesting

Most people who sell expert advisors and robots back up their claims with an impressive historical backtest that shows a perfect linear equity curve and huge profits. Now, we’ve all seen EAs that look great after optimization, but perform poorly in real-time trading. Why is this? The answer is called “curve-fitting.”

When you optimize a trading strategy, the greater the number of settings optimized, the more likely that the results will be fitted to the historical data. An EA that has had all of its settings optimized at once can produce very impressive backtesting results that will trade poorly going forward.

Another consideration is how often the robot trades. Does it only trade at the close of the bar, or does it place trades intra-bar using a very short timeframe? Tick data during backtesting is extrapolated, and not 100% accurate. Therefore a short-term “scalping” EA will perform much differently than its backtested results.

In a nutshell, you…

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Best Automated Forex Robot



Forex Robots are automated systems that trade the forex market for you. They are also known as expert advisors (EA’s) and can be referred to as automated trading software.



They are useful if you don’t have time to trade the currency market on a daily basis. This is referred to as day trading and in some cases scalping. The automated software will can trade for you and make you profit provided you choose a good forex robot. There are reviews all over the net on the different robots available. Forex forums are a good place to look for information. The also reduce the stress day trading can cause and help aspiring traders who have discipline and emotion problems. These can both have a negative affect on trading. Fear and greed are eliminated when automated software trades on your behalf.



Some people claim that forex robots do not work. Of course not all work but there are a few that can produce profit provided they are used correctly. Factors that have to be considered are: Does the forex robot use a stop loss? You should never use a martingale system as this can blow your account in a single trade. It is also important to choose a broker who has a competitive spread on the pair that the forex robot trades on. Many systems look good in back testing due to slippage, spread and execution delays not being taking into consideration. It is a good idea to forward test the expert advisor before using it on…

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FOREX Expert Advisers – Choosing the Right EA

Since there are a number of applications on the Internet nowadays, choosing the right FOREX expert advisors (EA) may be a difficult task. This is especially true in cases where you do not have a guide or a review to show you certain differences between the products. It is also quite a difficult predicament to try every one of them before settling down with a certain product.

Without any external help, the first logical thing to do would be to look for quality in the system that you are choosing. Try to look for reviews on the FOREX expert advisors you have fared with over the years, and try to see the accuracy results on their trading based on particular currency pairs they are matched with.

One thing you should watch out for are FOREX expert advisors that make you believe that there is a single solution or a certain mathematical formula that would work for all currency pairs. Reality is that there are some trader systems that are good for certain currency pairs, but do not work best for all. That is why the first thing you do when you pick particular software is to let it remain with the chosen pair that it works well with. Then the next thing to do is to take a look at the performance it has done in the last five years. If it has achieved well with sustained profits in succeeding months and with minimal drawdown, then you can partly consider that robot already.

Try then to check its money management system. A good gauge would be an amount that had less than 30% draw down…

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Forex Boomerang EA Review

Forex Boomerang is a fully automated Forex robot that will help a stock market trader to choose the right trade and also make profits. This is what the maker of the software claims. But let us delve into the depths of the software and try to analyze whether it really does what it tells.

In this era of global recession and diminishing reserves people who are into stock trading are at a big risk of losing their money. The world market is very volatile and trading in such a scenario is like sailing your ship in a rough sea; you never know when you will sink. People are in constant need of advisors and analysts who can give them the right tips at the right time to shield them from the rough effects of the market and also make some profit (if not more).

After the use of software in the trading markets became a regular thing, companies started coming up with software that are capable of helping a trader to analyze various trades and help in trading stocks. After the initial developments, suddenly all the research got stuck at one point. Though companies started to come up with new software, but they all followed the same algorithm and research work to develop the trading software. There were also some software development firms who just changed the label while the software was the same old one. So, the traders who bought these could never get the benefits they were promised with.

Now, a software firm has come up with Forex Boomerang which promises to wipe away…

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GPS Forex Robot Review

The forex exchange market also known as forex, FX, or the currency market is a globally decentralized over the counter market for the trading of currencies and is the world's largest trading market with over three trillion in daily volume and growing everyday. This is a market that is open twenty four hours a day and five days a week and currencies are traded all over the world in the principal financial centers.

With such increased trading levels, everyone has the opportunity to enter into the forex trading market and make some profits. However, a very dependable trading system is required by any trader in order to make good profits. It is with this in mind that the developer of the GPS Forex Robot Mark Larsen came up with this trading system. He is a trader too and has created the GPS Forex Robot for the purpose of assisting fellow traders to make trading viable. He created this forex product along with Antony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk.

But is the GPS Forex Robot one of the best forex trading robots as it is claimed to be? Many automated forex trading systems are available and yet most are not really what their creators claim they are and do not do what they are claimed to be doing. So what about the GPS Forex Robot? The GPS Forex Robot is an automated EA bulletproof forex system and this makes it able to keep up with any market condition. It is uncomplicated forex software that has been created with the intention of assisting any trader in profitable…

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Stop Scratching, Start Scalping! Learn How to Yield Forex Trade Profits

Sick and tired of not earning any yield? Or are you just stuck at a loss plateau? Maybe your so called 'best Forex robot' is not the best after all. You may have never considered that you are using the wrong scalping ea for your Forex trade.

Forex & Automated Trading

Forex is the global foreign exchange market that has gained huge popularity in the recent years. The market involves buying, selling & exchange of major world currencies at specified rates. The popularity of automated trading software has also increased greatly in the recent times because scalping can be very challenging & time-consuming and it is very natural that most of us are not able to dedicate ourselves full-time for trading. These automated systems enter orders and generate returns according to their design mathematics placed by their creators. They clearly possess advantages over a human operation where the human emotional response does not interfere with market changes. This means, you don't need to worry about human error, corruption, or any middle-men misguidance. But it all comes to the creators who are designing them. The financial market is a very chaotic process where technical methods are required to make sure that you can yield some profit. If your automated trading software creators are not experts in Forex trades, then it will yield lower returns and losses.

What to Look For In a Forex Robot?

So if you are planning to a trading robot, what are you really looking for? …

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What You Ought to Know About Forex EAs – They're Bunk!

Everybody knows that forex EAs are the new "hot" thing in forex trading. For those that don't know what a Forex EA is, it stands for Forex Expert Advisor. It's essentially a trading robot. The developer of the EA sets up a trading system with lagging indicators such as stochastics and moving averages, and creates a code that your trading platform uses to trade for you when you're not around. So, basically it can trade for you while you're asleep, at work, taking a shower, etc … Sounds incredible doesn't it? Well there is one tiny thing you should know about them. The majority fail miserably.

Don't believe me? That's fine. Just browse through almost every single forex forum on the internet today. You'll get your fill of forex EAs. They are all over the place. After you have spent 4 or 5 months demoing and crashing your account with them, you might have wished you'd spend your time a little bit more carefully.

A successful Forex EA is a lot like the holy grail of trading. You hear about it a lot, but you never get to see it, do you? There is a good reason for it: A robot cannot trade for you.

I learned this the hard way (as I'm sure many have). We all want the easy way out. But simple logic tells you that a robot cannot intuitively react to market news. It's not like the robot can hear what the Federal government is saying about the state of inflation. Even more so, a robot does not know how to trade the rhetoric.

The irony is if I took that…

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