Forex Auto Pilot Vs Fap Winner

Forex Auto Pilot is a renowned automatic forex trading program which is enjoying surging popularity. Fap Winner is a membership club of traders who use FAP (short for Forex Auto Pilot) or who wish to use it. Fap Winner provides it’s members with a revised FAP program with special settings which, according to FapWinner founder, Charles Floyd, will optimize the results you can get with this software.

Which should you choose? Choose the regular Forex Auto Pilot which costs $97 or go with Fap Winner, which has 3 levels of memberships which cost: $197, $397, or $597?

This is a difficult question to answer, and I’ll try to do so by telling you what FapWinner provides so you can decide for yourself whether the increase in price is worth it.

Let me start by saying that, in my opinion, you need to pick the Gold membership of FapWinner, if any. This is the mid range membership which costs a one time fee of $397. I believe that the low priced membership gives too little and the $597 membership gives too much. I have a gold membership myself.

That being said, let’s see what the Gold membership provides you with.

1. You get the FAPTS robot which is the improved and optimized Forex Auto Pilot software. This has shown excellent results and it appears to do better than the regular version in certain market conditions. You see, you don’t have to own FAP before joining Fap Winner. You get the robot as part of your membership.

2. You get access to a user forum which is full of other traders like…

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Problems With Automated Trading Systems

Every day increasingly more newbies and experienced forex traders are getting to find out and like just how Forex robots are able to work on their behalf. Expert advisors can work as an excellent Foreign exchange investor, the difference is EAs are automated and may be programmed. This remarkable technology can really give you the results you want twenty-four hours a day and 5 days a week.

If traders depend on these Expert Advisors for their trades, is it really all that there actually is to it?

EA software programs have complex algorithms that allow them to carry out mathematical calculations based mostly on the precise information that they get from the Fx market. These software programs may analyze tens of millions of information in less than a second. Some specialists would declare that these software programs do away with the human error element. Judgments with regards to entering or exiting a particular trade, buying or selling, depends upon these computations and trade signals.

Forex trading is a very volatile, liquid and unpredictable market. These facts make forex trading, even for individuals who are experienced, really demanding. This explains why, most newcomers, would rather have Forex trading programs and other automated trading devices to help them with their first trades. When you have decided to buy a Forex trading software for yourself, there are a couple of issues that you would need to understand first.

You need to at least have a PC,…

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Advanced Forex Autoresponder Strategies

Forex is a hyper-competitive market that requires sophisticated marketing strategies to stay ahead of the pack. One of the best marketing tools for a Forex Marketer is a well planned and executed autoresponder program.

Email autoresponders allow you to easily collect subscribers and send them a series of emails over a period of time. Essentially, an autoresponder is a set-and-forget follow-up marketing program that will bring sales over time.

This article will highlight specific tactics that the Forex marketer can use to create a successful autoresponder program.

Create Sublists for Profit

Most autoresponder services make it easy for you to create sublists. The service will automatically unsubscribe a lead from one list and add it to another based on a trigger – like a purchase.

In marketing circles you will hear the rule of thumb “The money is in the list” which is absolutely correct. Even more profitable is the money that is in sublists. Sublists are smaller lists taken from your larger list. For example, a list made up of buyers taken from your prospect list is a sublist. Or, a list of buyers of a specific product extracted from your buyers list would be a sublist.

Use these sublists for targeted marketing campaigns that promote a specific product based on your leads past behavior. These campaigns routinely perform dramatically better than other general email campaigns because they are targeting specific subscribers.

Monetize the List with Affiliate Offers

Once you have…

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Why More and More People Are Interested in Forex Trading

There are many forex trading solutions online now which help make it easier that ever before to carry out this activity. These can include automated robots, as well as free advice that is dispensed on trading sites, along with training courses run both on and offline to help people make a profit on the currency market.

It should also be noted that there are many people who are not successful at this activity, so it is therefore an exceptionally wise idea to consider things before you jump in headfirst. As mentioned above, there are plenty of forex trading solutions and advice freely available, and this is definitely worth investigating to make the most of the practice.

One of the main reasons that more and more people are becoming interested in forex trading is the fact that it is very accessible. Unlike other forms of trading which require an especially technological knowledge or skill, forex trading is something that comparatively appears easier to learn and to therefore benefit from.

All the training programmes and automated robots online also make it possible for the beginner to learn very quickly and easily compared with what was previously possible. Now, when people think they would like to start trading, they can simply go online to learn about forex with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Indeed, another draw of such an activity is that automated robots make it very easy to get started, even though learning actual skills to manually trade can be a great deal more…

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The Goldminer Indicator Review

The Goldminor Indicator is an indicator for the Metatrader Forex platform that provides very clear entry and exit signals. In this article I give you a quick review and some initial thoughts about this indicator.

The only way to acquire the Goldminer Indicator is by purchasing the Forex Funnel automated Forex trading system. According to the creators of Forex Funnel, the Goldminer Indicator is so accurate in identifying the trend, that they initially intended to launch it as a separate Forex product, but finally decided to offer it as a bonus to their Forex Funnel product.

The Goldminer Indicator consists of 2 indicators working in conjunction to form a complete trading system with very clear entry and exit positions. At the bottom of the chart are colored bars that are either blue or red and on the graph itself are purple and yellow arrows.The trading rules are simple –

  • Purple Arrow + Red Bar = Sell
  • Yellow Arrow + Blue Bar = Buy

I haven’t had much time to test this system yet, but what I’ve seen so far looks quite promising. The indicator seems to read the trend very accurately and generates around 2 trading opportunities per day. The indicator works on the 1 Hour time frame, but the documentation does not specify if it works best with a specific currency pair, so this needs to be tested. I just used the USDJPY in my tests, because this is the pair that Forex Funnel itself trades on.

One interesting thing that I noticed in the Goldminer Inidicator manual is that the…

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Finding Forex Brokers That Do not Requote

It is important when choosing a forex broker, to decide upon your preferred trading strategy. What do I mean by this? I get forex related questions asked all the time and the top forex question has to be "What trading software / bot / auto trader will make me the most money?".

Curiously enough this question generally comes from would-be forex traders who have never traded before … novice traders!

This is trading suit, if you have the perception that you can just plug-in an expert advisor / ea into MT4 (Metatrader 4) or even MT5 (Metatrader 5) and overnight you will be a forex millionaire. My advice to these kind of questions is try manual forex trading first.

It's easy and you do not have to be a broker, a financial whiz kid or financially knowledgeable. Go and choose a forex broker and trade manually for a while, just watch the charts and when the currency pairs charts are at their lowest point, open a "buy" trade, when the chart raises up, your "buy" trade will create profit . Once the chart is at the top open a new forex trade as a "sell" and yes, you have guessed it, when the chart falls, you will receive profit on your forex trade.

Do not forget to close your trades when you have enough profit and my top tip is do not be greedy! It is better to trade multiple forex lots and make small amounts of profit, than hold out for a large profit trade which could turn the other way and wipe you out.

Also, if you have a position or trade that is in the minus…

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Why Forex Megadroid Is A Top Producing Forex Robot

After 8 years of testing the creators of Forex Megadroid saw that this system was extremely profitable and trading with an average of 95 percent trading accuracy. Satisfied with the results they decided to launch Forex Megadroid back in 2009 and since then it’s been a top producing Forex robot that many traders use today to enhance their profits.

Unlike many other Forex robots, this system was tested for eight years and tweaked consistently on the EUR/USD currency pair. Having created the RCPTA technology, a technology that analyzes current market conditions and utilizes various algorithms it automatically selects the right formula and applies it to the current market conditions for extreme accuracy. Megadroid was the first to develop this technology and it’s one of the main reasons this system has been so successful.

Forex Megadroid is extremely easy to install and compatible with the majority of brokers. The download and install takes just 5 minutes and there’s no need to adjust the EA. The EA is completely plug-in play right out of the box. The system makes it easy for anyone to install then stand back and watch it go to work and earn profits.

Most systems show only back tested data; FX Megadroid offers a free live performance demonstration that allows you to test the system before having to make a purchase. This test allows you to test in real live market conditions to get a true feel for how this program will perform. A highly sought after trading system indeed, yet it’s…

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What Are the Advantages of Using Forex Robots?

For those who would like the financial benefits of Forex trading but do not necessarily have the time to take full advantage of it, there are now online automated Forex robots which can do all the hard work for you. There are several online providers delivering this kind of service, and here are some of the top reasons that you might consider this option for yourself.

Firstly, it should be explained what exactly automated Forex robots are. These are basically computer programs that scan the market and make calculations about when is the best time to trade and in what currency. They basically do all the hard work and everything for you so that you do not have to.

This leads to the first advantage, and that is that they can make better decisions as they have much more information available to them, and they can make trades according to their completely objective digital analysis of the currency markets.

The alternative is doing all the legwork by yourself, which can be very time consuming. Without a robot, you will be required to monitor the currency markets frequently, carefulness the data that is presented to you and having to come to a decision based on your own interpretation of the events.

Often, many people find that the ‘cold’ and objective analysis of such robots is an extremely valuable tool for making the best decisions, rather than relying on fallible human judgement. This can be one very good reason to continue investing this kind of service.

The next point to bring…

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Forex Robot Systems – Must Have Software For Forex Trading

Forex robot systems came to existence a few years back. Most individuals have tried this system and few of them are very happy and satisfied with their financial success. In fact, there have been cases where the success has been beyond their expectations. However, the tragic part is that few others have even lost their hard-earned money.

In actuality, loss or gain depends on understanding the actual process of these forex trading systems and people must know how they work before they start up using it.

Forex robot systems of trading are based on computer programs, which are also known as expert advisor (EA). This EA mimics the action of the human and it is the outline of the actual process of this system.

Every bit of forex market data is monitored by the EA program that too within the predetermined time frame; it compares the previous time frame that in turn can help the users to get profit in various ways.

Forex robot systems completely replaces the decision of the human observer that means human intervention is not required in forex trading systems. Just by pushing the button in the keyboard, the users can accomplish their work.

These forex trading software help the users to make money without hiring the employees, buying any inventory or doing any advertising. If the users still have no confidence in this system, then they can join paid discussion groups or free discussion groups during the trail period that will help them to learn how other people are making profit with…

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What You Ought to Know About Forex EAs – They're Bunk!

Everybody knows that forex EAs are the new "hot" thing in forex trading. For those that do not know what a Forex EA is, it stands for Forex Expert Advisor. It's essentially a trading robot. The developer of the EA sets up a trading system with lagging indicators such as stochastics and moving rates, and creates a code that your trading platform uses to trade for you when you're not around. So, basically it can trade for you while you're sleep, at work, taking a shower, etc … Sounds incredible does not it? Well there is one tiny thing you should know about them. The majority fail miserably.

Do not believe me? That's fine. Just browse through almost every single forex forum on the internet today. You'll get your fill of forex EAs. They are all over the place. After you have spent 4 or 5 months demoing and crashing your account with them, you might have wished you'd spend your time a little bit more carefully.

A successful Forex EA is a lot like the holy grail of trading. You hear about it a lot, but you never get to see it, do you? There is a good reason for it: A robot can not trade for you.

I learned this the hard way (as I'm sure many have). We all want the easy way out. But simple logic tells you that a robot can not intuitively react to market news. It's not like the robot can hear what the Federal government is saying about the state of inflation. Even more so, a robot does not know how to trade the rhetoric.

The irony is if I took that…

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