Advantages of a Fast Execution Forex Broker: True ECN Forex Broker

There are numerous advantages for a trader able to execute fast trades… At least, that it what we are told by so many brokers. Why do Forex Brokers advertise their fast execution speeds so rigorously? And are there actually advantages to fast trade executions? This article hopes to provide some insight into what benefits a fast execution broker can provide, when a trader might need such execution and when fast execution is actually a factor to consider when selecting a Forex broker.

The main advantage that fast execution provides is decreasing the risk of slippage. The time it takes for the order to be opened by a trader is known as latency. Within this time volatile price movements might occur due to market conditions. As such, a trade meant to be opened or closed at a certain price level, is unlikely to be processed at that price since some time has passed between the initial ordering of the trade and it finally being processed. Usually latency speeds are within seconds, some brokers offer latency speeds below one second (calculated in milliseconds), regardless of this, the risk of slippage is impossible to completely eradicate. Nevertheless, the lower the latency, the less time for slippage to occur and therefore the less risk involved. Slippage can be potentially quite costly, good brokers will spend time and effort trying to reduce this risk by investing in the technological infrastructure.

It’s worth noting that fast execution speeds are mostly an advantage when…

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GoMega Trader FX Expert Advisor – What’s the Buzz About?

GoMega Trader Fx is an expert advisor by Quantum research. In other words, it is an automated forex trading software that you plug into your trading platform (Metatrader 4) and it trades your account automatically, without any intervention needed. Forex Expert Advisors are not new, however, investing on the forex market plus in a trading robot involves doubts for the trader’s mind.

The Quantum Research products are not cheap, but they won recognition with their latest releases that have been highly profitable. The last buzz around the company is about the GoMega GBP/JPY autotrading solution. Indeed the original software has doubled live accounts in only 6 months, trading the Great Britain Pound and Japanese Yen pair, thus could potentially turn $5,000 into $1,280,000 in 4 years.

These figures are impressive, but the results have been real for clients who paid about $4,997 for the original software 8 months ago.

GoMega Trader Fx is now released again, on a specific “GBPJPY designed version” but at only $1,997. Why? Well, Quantum Research say this can only trade one pair, and I wouldn’t risk trading another one, really. However, clients who doubled their account in 6 months, using the “old” version paid more than this, but still used it on the GBPJPY pair.

So isn’t it actually just the same software ? I don’t know, but they guarantee you will double your account in at least 12 month or your money back. No maintenance fees, no monthly fees, free upgrades, free personal support…

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Forex Autopilot – Forex Killer – Leading Automated Forex Trading Systems Compared

ForexAutoPilot and ForexKiller are probably the biggest brand names in the automated forex trading system market. Both products are meant to help you make a profit out of the huge, lucrative market of currency trading, even without the knowledge a professional forex expert has. In this article I will compare some key points between the two products, in order to help you determine which of them suits you better.

  • Mode of operation

Forex AutoPilot is a fully automatic forex trading robot. Not only does it decide what to trade – it can automatically issue the buy or sell order to your forex broker. In that respect, it can do the entire process for you, whether you’re out to lunch or asleep in bed.

Forex Killer does not issue automatic orders to forex brokers. It simply provides quick, ongoing analysis of the forex market and gives you recommendations. It is up to you to issue the orders to your forex broker. So you have some control over the process, and you give the final go – but it requires your intervention.

  • Ease of installation

Forex AutoPilot has been getting some complaints about its installations process. Although the process s well covered in its users’ manual, it seems to be a consistent complaint and apparently the installation process is not straight-forward and smooth for some.

Forex Killer, to the best of my knowledge, does not get as many complaints about that.

  • Credentials of creators

The creators of both Forex Autopilot and Forex Killer have extensive forex

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GoMega Trader Fx – What Exactly Does it Do?

A Forex expert advisor is a trading robot, a piece of software that automates your trades so you don’t have to do anything. Of course, this is the dream of many traders to be able to do anything else and leave the computer screen and let the expert advisor do the work for them. The truth is that no trading robot or system is perfect, and loss always occur. The autotrading software should then include a money management strategy, that limit loss while still being profitable in the long run. However, does such a thing exist ? Well, the GoMega Trader Fx Autotrader developed by Quantum Research is certainly at this time the closest thing to it and even more, considering the results it gives on real live trading accounts.

First, it is important to state that GoMega Trader Fx is a 100% fully automated forex trading solution. It’s not just entering and exiting trades. It also automatically size the positions, and trades with stop loss and profit targets, meaning there is a ral strategy to limit losing trades and maximizing the pips earnings. The integrated money and risk management is already proven, no more than 1.5% of your account is risked on the trading. When a trend is not well defined, thus producing sideways movement and showing that the market is not really deciding on a direction, loss may happen, but GoMega Trader Fx can also filter out most of these movements.

In short, you just set it and forget it. When enabled, the forex expert advisor analyzes the market and then…

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FAP Turbo Review – Is FAP Turbo Expert Advisor Software Fake?

Do you know if FAP Turbo software is a scam or not? Has FAP-Turbo been used on a live account or was it just tested on a demo account? Ignore these questions and you will end up losing lots of money. I can guarantee you just that.

Most Forex trading software been sold on the internet today will eventually fail you when you start using them to trade on a live account. So you have to be very careful before choosing one, FAP Turbo is no exemption to this rule hence this review of FAP Turbo.

Forex trading software are mainly programmed to imitate past successes of trading experts, but the reason why most people buy them is because of the elimination of emotional factors that can arise during Forex trading.

What Is FAP Turbo?

FAP Stands for Forex Auto Pilot and FAP Turbo was developed by a team of professional Forex traders and programmers under the permission of Marcus B. Leary and his team. The FAP software is also one of the world’s highest selling Forex products with over 50,000 members.

It is automated Forex software that is aimed at both beginner and experienced Forex traders: Forex Auto Pilot-Turbo is targeted at beginners who do not know or care to know about the complex details of Forex trading. The only requirement to use the software is a computer and an internet connection and the ability to follow simple instructions.

You also have the option of not using your computer at all: If you do not have a personal computer or steady internet connection, then you can use a…

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Forex Trading Course – FX Market Course System

Many people are looking to profit using Forex trading systems and FX courses. What system works best and who are the real experts? Confusing sometimes… but education is the key because as a forex trader – you are competing with other international FX traders and investors. Many of those with course education, Mentor Traders and more.

What is the Forex Market?

The Forex or FX market is basically an over the counter trading exchange of currencies that effectively runs 24 hours a day. Any exchange like the Forex that does run “round the clock” will have auto trading systems, courses and trading mechanisms that can allow a trader to profit literally while he sleeps… if the person knows the system and the exchange.

Individual traders and larger institutional investors trade on the FX market. For many single traders, learning how to profit using an auto system is a way they can compete with larger traders. These bigger investors include:


Investment Bankers

Futures Trading Firms

and much more

Trading international currency can also be fun!… if you know what you are doing. Most people who take a course or buy a Forex trade system seem to find their profit results increase greatly.

FX Systems

Yes there are many “experts” in the Forex market and promote numerous FX trading systems and courses. Some of these course systems are online and produced by actual Forex traders. The main thing investors and traders should look for before buying these courses and auto robot systems is…

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Forex Megadroid – An in Depth Analysis of the RCTPA Technology and Artificial Intelligence

When you are doing some research on the Forex Megadroid, the one thing that is always mentioned in connection to it is its Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis component. Let us examine this artificial intelligence that makes up a big part of this robot closely.

In a nutshell, this technology is the built in artificial intelligence of this forex trading robot. First of all, it makes the robot equipped to do forecasting on the market movements in the next few hours. As we all know, the forex marketplace can have volatile periods aside from moments of regular movements and stability.

Doing this without the Forex Megadroid can be a hard task for a trader to do. It could take hours and a lot of effort on the part of the trader. But with this robot, the RCTPA will make it examine the information from the trades that it has made in the past as well as the market conditions during that time in order to make forecasts on what the immediate future will be like.

If there are patterns in the past, the robot can notice this and make the necessary calculations so that it can formulate a strategy that you can use now. Making calculations, accurate forecasts, and sound strategies can be really hard. With the robot, it will be faster and easier, especially if you are not very good with numbers.

The RCTPA is also the one that drives the auto forex trading capabilities of this robot. Because of this technology, you are confident that the decisions that the robot will make on whether to…

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Trading Foreign Exchange Using Software

The business of trading foreign exchange has benefited greatly from the explosion in the use of personal computers and the internet. The proliferation of technology has made trading faster and more effective. Perhaps the most dynamic technological development has been in the area of software. If you are accustomed to trading manually, you may be in for a pleasant surprise to find out that automating your trading can save you considerable time and frustration.

If, for example, your style of trading depends on the sudden volatility caused by the release of certain economic news reports, you may have experienced the anxiety and stress of trying to get your order manually set up and executed within a very narrow time frame prior to the expected release. If the market starts to react significantly before your trade is properly set up, you might lose out on a potentially lucrative trading opportunity. Assuming you were able to get in the trade before the spike in price, you may still have trouble getting out timely in order to realize your desired profits.

Software can provide a valuable solution for the trader. Having software do the work in setting up and exiting the trade tends to take the personal emotion out of the process. Arguably, one might even feel less guilty about a losing trade if one could blame the software. Some software packages make it possible to enter many consecutive trades in a matter of split seconds. This would be impossible for a trader manually setting…

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Forex Trading – Getting Started With Trading Forex Online

I never thought in my wildest dreams that forex trading in the financial markets was going to be a game, but it is. It is a game played on a daily basis by two teams, or two types of investors on opposite sides of a trade. The bulls want the forex market to go up. The bears want the forex market to go down. The two sides are fighting for control of the trading territory. Some make millions while others keep hoping the market will turn in their favour as they continue to root for their team – the bulls or the bears.

It sounds crazy when you hear that a trillion dollar financial market works this way, but it does. Like any game in our lives, there are objectives, rules and penalties. Each side is trying to get ahead by scoring points, following the rules of the game. You must obey the rules if you are planning to success in trading. If you break them, you are more than penalized-you fail.

Here is how it works. Bulls and bears fight aggressively to make the market go their way. For the forex market to trade, there must be someone buying and someone selling simultaneously. In other words, one trader must be a bull going long and one must be a bear going short. Both traders are adamant about their positions, despite the fact that they rely on extremely accurate information, often from the same sources. What is amazing is they are adamant about the market going in opposite directions. In the market, the bulls and bears have different characteristics, yet they want the same thing…

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Is Bogie-nn-v8 the Holy Grail? – Forex Expert Advisor Review

So you are a full time Forex trader?? = you got no life..

Sorry to be blunt and rude,but I have to tell you that there are great solutions that can automate online Forex trading and allows you to do something else, like buying your wife flowers, or giving your daughter a kiss she deserves.

Studies shows that 90% of even the most experienced Forex traders lose all their money because of:


You want to get rich overnight, you don’t close trade, wanting it to reach more points and gain more money. You buy more lots than you can afford.



Never ever trades with feelings or emotions, NEVER trades like a fortune teller, foretelling that you are going to close in USD5000,- if you waited an hour more, because you “feel” it coming.

3.Not having rules

THIS IS BIG! the word here is discipline,always set a rule that is profitable.

Always make a smart rule like fix stop loss, fix lot, exit strategy and stick to it.

4.Always believing the news

You have to repeat after me: “News are created so that you behave according to their plan.”

The trick here is to be educated by reading the news and looking for information on how the event will affect the currencies, and not trying to find articles written to tell you their prediction on how low or high the currency pairs will go.


You are not Robocop, superman or God, your eyes will be weary, your stomach will grumble for pizzas, burgers or whatever a dieter will call “sins”,and you will have to go to the…

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