The Shifting Financial state, twelve Measures, and Three Pillars of Economic Survival

Preserve in intellect that most of these stats exclude hundreds of thousands of jobless who have provided up looking for function or are utilized only component time. It also does not consist of the homeless and people no more time on advantages.

The real unemployment in the US on your own is very likely involving seventeen-twenty%. The unemployment in California on your own is believed to be a real 22%.

Most of these people today are possibly bankrupt or reeling in financial debt, quickly to be bankrupt, and have no way out.

Numerous will be dealing with even larger fiscal problems.

You might be wondering that this will not come about to you. But, never you feel it is really time you protect on your own and your family from the probability of encountering these hardships?

There is a way out but it wants a assorted and realistic solution.

Most people today never notice this but there are flourishing sectors of the economic climate although some sectors collapse.

For illustration, take the online.

There are about two BILLION active buyers with A person MILLION NEW buyers log on to the internet every working day. That suggests three hundred million new buyers joined the online revolution in the very last 10 months.

Amazon compensated out four Billion in commissions to its affiliate marketers.

Google compensated out 8 Billion.

ClickBank has a hundred and ten,000 affiliate marketers and as of this writing has compensated out more than 1.six billion USD to its consumers. This is not counting a likewise huge sum compensated to its affiliate marketers. Then there is ClickBank’s revenue. I estimate that CB will have to have done more than three billion in income to have been capable to shell out this sum to their consumers.

Affiliate marketers are not just generating a couple of hundred extra a thirty day period. Some are generating incredible incomes. I know of one particular super affiliate who designed two.four million very last calendar year offering other people’s eBooks and products and solutions. He did not even have to have his personal website. I know people today generating $3000 a working day. I also know of people today generating far more humble incomes in the neighbourhood of a $a thousand a week. Regardless, there are people today generating superior incomes on the internet and their incomes are obtaining improved not worse.

There is an additional 26 calendar year associate who in about four yrs has topped more than 7 million in profits.

These are the new millionaires and they are developing in variety by the working day.

On the other hand, just before any of this becomes doable people today will have to study how to ‘mind their money’. Income designed on the internet can evaporate as rapidly as it comes in if you never fully grasp some basic ideas of dollars management.

As a MoneyMinding advisor I educate people today to get their basic fiscal home in order by next a uncomplicated twelve action plan of motion.

Phase A person: Take observe of your existing blessings. Be grateful for what you have. forty% of the globe lives on much less than $two a working day. If you looking at this you are very likely not in that category. That is one particular thing to be grateful for. There are a lot of far more. Checklist them.

Phase Two: Comprehend where by you want to go in one particular calendar year, three yrs, five yrs, and 10 yrs down the road. Be certain in describing to on your own your objectives. Rather than ‘I want a house’ write down on paper that ‘I want a 3000 sq. foot straw bale rancher on 5 acres inside of 5 miles of downtown Santa Cruz’.

Phase Three: Explain where by you are now. Be certain. What are your liabilities and property. What is your profits and charges. Lay it out.

Phase 4: Put into practice the units that will fill the hole involving where by you are now and where by you want to be in the foreseeable future. You will begin by obtaining a handle on your credit score, knowing credit score use and how to leverage it for prosperity constructing. You will also study how to control your credit score for charge efficiency. You have to have to study what your liabilities are and the charge of carrying them.

Phase 5: Establish saving and supplying behavior. This starts with defining WHY you are searching for fiscal independence in the to start with location. What does fiscal independence seriously imply to you? What are your life’s wishes? What is your ideal ‘budget’ maintaining in intellect that a price range does NOT imply chopping back on what you want in lifestyle. It is about expansion not contraction.

Phase Six: Do the job on your Income. Most advisors get you targeted on striving to make a million bucks to retire. Well, I am sorry to notify you but even a million bucks in the bank now at existing interest fees will not offer you with much profits. $forty,000 a calendar year is about what you may possibly see from that sitting in the bank. If blessed you could see up to $one hundred,000 a calendar year. On the other hand, in twenty yrs this might not get you much.

Phase Seven: Ask questions and build associations with bankers, lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, expenditure advisors, wealthy mentors, fiscal planners, insurance brokers, real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, and so on. This will enable you build your ‘dream team’.

Phase 8: Assure sufficient insurance and unexpected emergency resources and make guaranteed you have up to date wills and powers of lawyer set up. This is be certain that all the things is taken care of in your passing. This is for youthful people today as nicely. Numerous youthful individuals feel that this is a little something to feel about when they are previous and grey. Well, it is seriously a little something to consider when you are youthful simply because no one particular understands when the lights will go out.

Phase Nine: Apparent the muddle, build supportive associations, get your time management less than control, and crystal clear absent obstacles. A person of the obstacles might be your attitudes around financial debt. In this action you will study to build smart credit score behavior and fully grasp the big difference involving superior credit score and terrible financial debt. Employing credit score can be your buddy. The wealthy are quite superior at using credit score but phone it OPM (Other People’s Income). You have to have to fully grasp the big difference involving extreme financial debt for doodads and toys, even though they might give you much enjoyment, and credit score that can build hard cash stream to take pleasure in your doodads without having the burden of uncontrolled financial debt.

Phase 10: With your financial debt less than control you can then move on to Phase 10 where by you begin to commit in property that can make for you a optimistic hard cash stream. This can be from real estate, profits manufacturing stocks, enterprises, FOR.EX, and so on. Part of this approach is knowing the language of investing, knowing your expenditure individuality and threat profile, and remaining capable to assess pitfalls and upside likely.

Phase Eleven: Start off to commit for lengthy time period development and fiscal independence. Right after developing a optimistic hard cash stream you now have a little something to build an expenditure portfolio with. This is where by you begin to function with your advisors on picking out lengthy time period good investments that will build and expand into a little something substantial more than time.

Phase Twelve: This action all about diversifying into shorter time period, diversified, and far more unstable, or imaginative investments. For the reason that you have designed, or are constructing, a powerful fiscal basis you can now afford to pay for to action out of the box a minimal. At this stage you can explore investments that can convert something from 30% a calendar year to 6000% in a calendar year (if you strike it blessed!)

Some of these types of investments may possibly consist of:

1. The Foreign exchange sector (trading, managed accounts, personal Foreign exchange clubs)

two. World-wide-web dependent business or investing

three. Venture Money investments

four. Options trading

5. Penny Inventory trading (will have to have a process!)

six. True Estate ventures

7. Presold Commodities Contracts

Then I target them on Three main pillars of results:

1. Maximize Passive Funds Circulation by expanding their property (hard cash stream manufacturing property that is)

two. Manage Debt Intelligently (using it to produce property not liabilities)

three. Making Small business Funds Circulation by using strong promotion on the internet to bring business to their on the web or offline business. Every business wants customers. Anyone ought to also have a business for improved tax preparing and simply because enterprises offer a much improved return on your dollars than leaving it in the bank. There are a lot of low threat business investments on the web and offline to reach this quite rapidly.

It is crucial to fully grasp that this is a time when the economic climate is not dying but relatively reworking. There is one particular of the biggest transfers of prosperity going on right now and your fiscal literacy will be the important problem as to which aspect of that transfer you are on.

When 63% of households are tossing their Yellow Internet pages in the trash and ‘Googling it’ as an alternative, we have to rethink.

When newspapers and radio stations are going belly up, we have to rethink.

When far more people today are on the internet at key time than the Television, we have to rethink.

When different engineering and green engineering are generating traders hundreds of thousands although oil stocks and rates plunge, we have to rethink.

There are sinking ships and golden ships. We have to have to disembark from the Titanics and board the new ships which are primary the way to the New Financial state.

All this boils down to remaining capable to see the tendencies and be financially literate adequate to navigate the stormy waters that will prevail right until about 2015 when the financial ‘Spring’ in will appear.


Currency Trading Strategies

This write-up forms a part of a comprehensive series on forex that aims to gradually broaden the vision of the reader. It would behoove the readers to refer to the following article that provides an introduction to Forex trading. The aforementioned article is a synoptic overview of forex trading without going into the specifics. Understanding the strategies of currency trading hereafter would not pose to be a challenge for comprehension.

Currency Trading Strategies

Fundamental or Technical Analysis

Fundamental and technical analysis are indispensable for making profitable forex trades. Although currency trading hinges on the ability of the trader to determine the price of the currency by evaluating factors that have a direct bearing on its value, this alone will not suffice. It’s imperative for the trader to be conversant with charts and graphs since actual price may be a reflection of market information being impounded into the price of the currency pair. Identifying patterns is also important since there is a high probability of patterns repeating on a consistent basis. In other words, one cannot ignore forex chart patterns and rely solely on fundamental analysis.

Technical Analysis: Understanding Chart Indicators

Charts form the basis for currency trading strategies. Candlestick charts give the opening, closing, highest, and lowest price with the help of a vertical bar positioned on a shaft. They depict the range of values for a currency pair for a given time period. One needs to be able to interpret charts to decide on the appropriate strategy, viz. buying or selling.

If the candlestick chart is colored it means that the closing price is below the opening market price. If the opening price is less than the closing price, the candlestick is hollow (not colored). The colored/hollow portion of the forex candlestick is called the body of the chart while the lines above and below the body are known as shadows.

A candlestick with a long body indicates strong activity while one with a short body indicates less activity. The upper and the lower shadows signify that forex trading pushed prices well beyond the opening and the closing price. A long upper shadow means that buying activity pushed the prices up, but selling outweighed buying and resulted in the price settling at a level pretty much near its opening price.

If the upper and the lower shadows are long, it indicates a market wherein buyers and sellers are uncertain. If the opening and the closing price are the same, the body of the candlestick becomes extremely short and the candlestick starts looking like a cross, an inverted cross, or a plus. This pattern is known as a doji. A doji signifies a change or a reversal, especially if it occurs after a series of candlesticks with colored or hollow bodies, since it indicates the resumption of buying or selling activity respectively. Hammer (hanging man) indicates that the prices are beginning to bottom out (or have peaked).

When prices start increasing, the lowest point that is reached by the market before it moves up, is known as support level. When prices start falling, the highest price that is attained before the market pulls back, is known as the resistance level. A support is like the bottom of the valley while resistance is like the peak of the mountain. A line that joins the bottom of the valleys is known as the uptrend line while one that joins the peaks is known as the downtrend line. A pair of downtrend and uptrend lines create a channel that is basically a technical range between support and resistance levels.

Moving averages are used to smoothen out fluctuations in price or volume. They may be simple or exponential, and are used to measure momentum and identify support and resistance. A downward momentum is identified when the short-term moving average crosses below a long-term average, and vice-versa for an upward trend.

Using Forex Trading Robots

It’s evident from the above discussion that technical analysis is not easy. In fact, forex training is far from over since one needs to understand measures of volatility, Fibonacci extension and retraction levels, oscillators and momentum indicators. Moreover, one should know how to calculate pivot points and be proficient with a number of chart patterns before commencing trading.

Considering that manual trading is not everybody’s cup of tea, a number of people have started relying heavily on automated trading robots. Hopefully, the above article would have provided pointers on choosing appropriate currency trading strategies. Since a forex trader is highly leveraged, making a small mistake in interpreting the direction of the market can have disastrous consequences.

Forex Trading Forecast: US Dollar to Weaken Before Further Rallies.

Summary: Forex traders continue to buy euros, and our forex

positioning data gives us forecasts to expect further EURUSD losses

through the medium term. Yet we…

Forex traders continue to buy euros, and our forex positioning data

gives us forecasts to expect further EURUSD losses through the medium

term. Yet we see that the number of currency traders long the EURUSD

fell precipitously following the forex pair’s noteworthy breakdown

earlier this month, and we have since been arguing that we may see a

short term EURUSD rally before further losses.• EURUSD – Forex

Traders Forecast EURUSD Rallies Before Further Declines •

GBPUSD – British Pound Trading Forecast Further Short-term Bounce Likely

• USDJPY – Currency Traders Accurately Signal Japanese Yen Gains • USDCHF – Forex Traders Remain Bearish, Signal Rallies

• USDCAD – Canadian Dollar Forecast to Rally Against US Dollar

While the SSI is available once a week on, you can receive

SSI readings twice a day in DailyFX Plus Forex Intraday Analysis The SSI

sought a EURUSD rally since 1.26 and was signaling a reversal around

1.60. Find our more in the DailyFX Forex Forum * Negative ratio

indicates net short Historical Charts of Speculative Positioning EURUSD

– Forex traders continue to buy euros, and our forex positioning data

gives us forecasts to expect further EURUSD losses through the medium

term. Yet we see that the number of currency traders long the EURUSD

fell precipitously following the forex pair’s noteworthy breakdown

earlier this month, and we have since been arguing that we may see a

short term EURUSD rally before further losses. The SSI ratio currently

stands at 1.17, as only 54 percent of forex traders are currently long

the euro. Typically we wait for much more extreme readings, such as SSI

ratios beyond 2.0 or below -2.0 to give clear signal to go long or short

the currency. This is precisely what happened prior to the EURUSD’s

break below 1.50, and we have since seen the SSI ratio become much less

extreme. Our Senior Strategist forecasts that the euro will rally

further through short term trade; tell us what you believe in our forex

forum EURUSD thread. GBPUSD – The ratio of long to short positions in

the GBPUSD stands at 1.29 as nearly 56% of traders are long. British

Pound traders have shown little conviction in buying or selling, and

this effectively gives us unclear forecasts of what to expect for the

GBP. It is subsequently unsurprising to note that the Pound has remained

Rangebound since its previous tumbles, and we predict that the GBPUSD

will continue to range trade through the short-term. We will wait for

more extreme readings in the GBPUSD SSI ratio before stating a firmly

directional bias in the British Pound, but the currently positive ratio

suggests we may expect further medium term declines in the British

currency. Yet our technical specialist predicts that the GBPUSD has

actually set a short-term bottom through recent forex trading. USDJPY –

Our forex positioning data shows that USDJPY traders flipped to net-long

territory for the first time in over a month-accurately signaling a

USDJPY breakdown. The USDJPY SSI Ratio currently stands at 1.15 as 54

percent of currency traders are long, but yesterday morning the ratio

actually stood at -1.37. Long positions in the USDJPY jumped 41 percent

overnight, and a continuation in buying in the USDJPY would clearly

suggest that we may see further weakness in the US dollar against the

Japanese Yen. Indeed, if we see the USDJPY SSI ratio creep back towards

+2.0, it would be a strong signal to sell the forex pair and would

forecast further losses. Discuss your own forecasts for the USDJPY in

our forex forum. USDCHF – Forex positioning in the USDCHF is broadly

unchanged on the week, as the ratio of long to short currency trader

positions in the forex pair currently stands at -1.51. Yesterday, the

ratio was at -1.29 as 56% of open positions were short. In detail, long

positions are 0.8% lower than yesterday and 24.3% weaker since last

week. Short positions are 14.6% higher than yesterday and 4.0% stronger

since last week. Typically when we see that forex traders are short the

USDCHF and continue selling, this gives signal that the US dollar may

rally against the Swiss Franc through short term trading. Keep up to

date on the Swiss Franc in our currency rooms. USDCAD – Since accurately

predicting a sharp breakout in the USDCAD, our forex positioning data

has since flipped its bias and continues to signal short-term losses in

the US dollar against the Canadian dollar. The ratio of long to short

positions in the USDCAD stands at 1.42 as nearly 59% of traders are

long. Yesterday, the ratio was at 1.50 as 60% of open positions were

long. In detail, long positions are 4.3% lower than yesterday and 33.4%

weaker since last week. Short positions are 1.3% higher than yesterday

and 13.6% stronger since last week. Typically when we see that forex

traders are long the USDCAD but have stopped buying, it gives us a

modestly bearish forecast for the USDCAD. A Canadian dollar calendar and

forex technical updates can be seen in our USDCAD currency room. How to

Interpret the SSI? The FXCM SSI is based on proprietary customer flow

information and is designed to recognize price trend breaks and

reversals in the four most popularly traded currency pairs. The absolute

number of the ratio itself represents the amount by which longs exceed

shorts or vice versa. For example if the EURUSD ratio is 2.55, long

customer orders exceed short orders by a ratio of 2.55 to 1.

Conceptually similar to contrarian analyses using the CFTC IMM open

position data or COT Report, the SSI provides an alternative approach

that is both more timely and accurate in forecasting currency price

movement. The SSI is a contrarian indicator that tells you how the

market is weighted and where the trend may head. More long positions

don’t necessary suggest more confidence in the direction of the

current trend. In general, when traders start having adverse movements

against their position, many tend to increase the size of their position

with the purpose to average down their entry price in one last attempt

to recover from previous losses. However, the higher the number of short

orders in a bull market the more dangerous is to take additional shorts

because many of those traders who just entered the markets are also

leaving their protective stop losses just above the current price

action. Have any further questions about the SSI and forex positioning

data? Ask the author David Rodriguez on our forex forum. We love getting

feedback on our reports. Tell us how we’re doing: E-mail the author

of this report at For information on an FXCM

Managed Account that takes advantage of the SSI, please review our

Sentiment Program at: or call +1


A[umlaut] 2008 Al Bawaba (

Provided by an company

Naked Fx: Higher-Probability Tactics for Investing Without having Indicators

Cost: [selling price_with_price cut]

[selling price_with_price cut]

A streamlined and extremely efficient tactic to trading without the need of indicators

Most traders rely on technological assessment guides penned for stock, futures, and choice traders. However, very long right before computer systems and calculators, traders were being trading naked. Naked trading is the simplest (and oldest) trading process. It can be basically trading without the need of technological indicators, and that is accurately what this guide is about.

Traders who use typical technological indicators target on the indicators. Traders employing naked trading strategies target on the selling price chart. Naked trading is a uncomplicated and exceptional way to trade and is suited to people traders hunting to speedily accomplish expertise with a trading process.

  • Presents a easier way for traders to make efficient selections employing the selling price chart
  • Based on coauthor Walter Peters process of trading and managing cash pretty much completely without the need of indicators
  • Coauthor Alexander Nekritin is the CEO and President of TradersChoiceFX, a single of the greatest Fx introducing brokers in the earth

Naked Fx teaches traders how to profit the uncomplicated naked way! | Currency trading Education, Assessment & Workshops

Item Name: | Currency trading Education, Assessment & Workshops

All orders are secured by SSL encryption – the maximum field normal for on line protection from trusted vendors. | Currency trading Education, Assessment & Workshops is backed with a sixty Day No Inquiries Questioned Cash Again Warranty. If in the initially sixty days of receipt you are not glad with Wake Up Lean™, you can ask for a refund by sending an email to the deal with supplied within the solution and we will straight away refund your entire order price, with no thoughts requested.

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Automated Forex Program Trading–make More Cash With Forex

Yes is simple, With the forex trading system it can be easy to make thousand of Big Bucks a day even you know nothing about trading.. With this system you can basically making cash by clicking

Do you want to make big bucks? Do you know how to make big bucks with forex easily?

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You can be newbie to use this system – a newbie can even make cash with this method.

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Automated Forex Trading System – Most Lose Money Check This Key Point To Find The Winners!

Enclosed you will find a simple point to check which will help you avoid the vast majority of automated Forex trading systems which lose money. Most traders don’t look at this key point and end up losing their money, let’s take a look at it…

The key point to look for with automated Forex trading systems is:

Is the track record real money or just a simulated back test on paper?

Now you would have thought that if you see a record claiming profits it would be real money in the market but go to the bottom of most of the systems sold online and you will see the words “simulated in Hindsight” and “hypothetical” in the disclaimer.

Now it’s pretty obvious anyone can make a track record look good, when they have all the facts to hand, anyone can make money if they have tomorrows closing price today but that’s not real life. Many of the Forex trading systems have track records that are better than the world’s top fund managers and you can buy them for $100 or so!

If it looks to good to be true it is and you don’t get financial freedom for $100.00.

Most vendors simply bend there system rules to the data to show a profit backwards and of course, when the user trades forwards it’s a lot harder and you cant bend the rules and the trader swiftly loses his money.

If you want to use a Forex trading system make sure it has a track record of real gains.

When you do find a trading system you then need to check the following

1. Check the logic and make sue you agree with it and have confidence in it so you can follow your system with discipline.

2. Check the track record and assume you started trading on the worst day and see how big the peak to valley drawdown is and how long it takes to make new peak in equity. Ask yourself can I stand that loss?

3. How long does the system take to operate? Make sure you have the time and you can execute the trading signals as the vendor recommends

4. Look for unlimited support and a good way to check how good it is – is simply to ask some question before you buy and see how quick the response is and how detailed.

Buying automated Forex trading systems is really common sense and you need to cut through the hype, to get rid of the junk ones.

There are some good solid trading systems out there though with real track records and if find the right one and incorporate it in your Forex trading strategy you will enhance your long term profitability.

Apiary Fund Evaluate – Is It For True?

With the financial commitment potential clients projected by the Apiary Investment decision Fund seeming much too sweet to be true, there can only be one dilemma, “Is there an Apiary Fund Evaluate that can objectively outline why this fund is not a fraud?” It is a common reality the funds markets have been the worst strike by fraudulent frauds and unsustainable pyramid techniques. A significant share of the financial commitment resources building rounds on-line are not only suspect but intentionally fraudulent. This poses the dilemma, is the Apiary Fund an exception?

As will be outlined in this Evaluate, it is only a genuine financial commitment fund that supplies resources to its traders at no cost irrespective of any losses incurred. Effectively, the Apiary financial commitment Fund is centered on a extremely noble financial commitment model which supplies understanding and investing platform for all interested parties in spite of their educational or skilled history. This model is a replica of an global Chinese agency that would practice men and women from all backgrounds to control their funds, relatively than all those just with fiscal educational skills.

Why Invest in the Apiary Fund?

This fund, moreover providing education to trade professionally, also gives are living funded accounts for trading. It is certainly a contemporary financial commitment setup, new but tested! The significant dilemma that everyone would certainly be wanting for an reply from any Apiary Fund Evaluate would be how sustainable the fund is. It really is as simple as this: it is really a gain-gain problem. On one hand, the trader learns a new skill to incorporate a new source of profits even though the Apiary fund on the other hand gains a new trader to diversify the fund’s risk and mature steadily.

Get Paid to Trade

It really is normally a word that has been misused by on-line con masters who are out to swindle unsuspecting clients off their earnings. The Apiary fund, right after getting you by means of a requisite three month education system, is all set to have you enjoy the fruits of your persistence. The required Apiary Trade Development System features the learner key expertise in funds administration and trading at a expense of $997. It is well worth mentioning in this Apiary Fund Evaluate that once you satisfy the goals of your virtual account, you will have the chance to trade a are living funded account. You will start off off with an account well worth $2,five hundred and enjoy 60% of any revenue you deliver. Don’t forget, you will not be needed to deposit any risk fund.

How Uncomplicated is it to Make Profits?

Any goal review will outline the reality that the Apiary Fund, currently being a proprietary trading fund, includes taking care of the many trading threats by adopting a diversified method to financial commitment. The neighborhood of traders functions with each other with each and every trader employing their exceptional method to mature their account. The fund then shares a substantial part of the revenue with its traders making certain that both equally the fund and the trader’s incentives are in total alignment. By way of apply with your virtual account you really should have attained sufficient awareness to know to management your halt losses.

by Amaechi Ekufu

ION Pips Has FOREX Traders Buzzing

Even with such large competition in the FOREX Market, the ION Pips automation exceeds all previous standards and expectations. Although it has only recently been released it has FOREX traders buzzing with its unique functions and simplistic layout. It has been said by traders of all levels and backgrounds that it is without doubt the best they have ever been in contact with boasting substantial profits with little ease in a short time frame.

The ION Pips automatic trader was developed by traders within ION Innovations using complex and widely ranging algorithms. These algorithms offer traders the opportunity of not only foreseeing price movements in the next 2-3 hours and days but it will actually take advantage of each of these trades. Imagine what traders could do with the opportunity of seeing price movements in the FOREX Market before they happen. The question traders must ask themselves is what returns would be possible from having this type of information?

The added bonus with the ION Pips program is that it is has the option to be web based so if the platform has opened a trade it will remain open until it reaches the preset profit amount or loss amount without interruption. The ION Pips platform has the ability to remain in trades even when the computer is shut down.

The most exciting aspect of the ION Pips platform is the Risk Meter that is preset but can be edited which gives traders the liberty to adjust the level of risk at which they want their funds to be traded. As all traders know FOREX is connected with high risks if we do not protect ourselves accordingly. So this meter allows you to minimize risk and helps maximize your profit.

The above features are only some of the helpful tools available to traders of the ION Innovations platform. These features combined together allow traders to trade with a lower level of risk and ultimately will maximize trader's profits.

Forex Investing – The 10 am Rule and How It Works

Sometimes it`s wise not to be the early bird when investing in forex, instead wait and see what the day will bring before you take action. The 10 A.M. rule is a great example of this concept, and is an example that protects your capital. Let`s say you want to buy a forex stock, for whatever reason; a trend play, or a market rally that you think a currently hot sector will participate in. You know that a great time to buy would be on a gap down, but the market is in rally mode and instead of gapping down, the forex stock gaps up. But buying the gap up is a bad trade. Now what do you do?

You use the 10 A.M. rule, and wait until after 10 A.M. for the right forex stock investing time to buy the stock. If the forex stock makes a new high for the day after 10 A.M., then, and only then, should you trade the stock. Of course, you will use stops to protect yourself, like you would on any trade.

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