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Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 18, 2013

Forex Combo System is the latest system to offer forex trading strategies that help users increase their profits in the forex market. The new system covers 4 forex trading strategies, which are helpful for people to boost their profits. In other words, people may get some secrets that successful forex traders have used to grow their earnings every day. The system also comes with step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand and follow. After the authors launched this new system, they received a lot of comments from customers regarding their success with the new method. As a result, the site tested the system and has given a complete review.

The full review of Forex Combo System on the site figures out that this is a useful and effective system that can help users understand their forex market tracking, calculate when to enter and exit the market, and more. The most recent version of this system is the Forex Combo System 5.0, which is developed from previous versions with advanced features. The system will offer 4 successful trading strategies, which are scalping, trend-detection, market corrections, and range detection. With such powerful forex trading strategies, users may get predictable, accurate, and growing profits. Additionally, the system provides users with other functions such as: rigorous testing, volatile market protection, money management, stop-loss protection, and market scan, which not only help users manage their risks effectively, but also maximize their profits. Moreover, users have 2 payment options to choose at their convenience, which are single license and full license.

Gaby Solide from the site says that: “Forex Combo System is a new and effective system, which supplies users with all of the things they need to learn about forex trading. This program is easy to install and utilize because it offers users step-by-step instructions as well as detailed explanations. One more thing, users will get a policy of 60-day money back guarantee if they are not happy with the results.”

If people wish to read the advantages and disadvantages from Forex Combo System, they could visit the website:

To access a comprehensive Forex Combo System review, visit the official site.


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Currency trading: From Nothing to Everything in 30 Times

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Forex trading Quickly Program

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Renko Charts – Which Currency trading Indicators Get the job done Greatest With Renko Charts?

A usually asked issue regarding Renko Charting is “do I will need any further indicators, and if so, which ones perform finest with Renko Charts?” The goal of this write-up is to establish and look at people indicators which finest enhance the Renko Charts.

Renko charts are strictly price tag centered charts, which means price tag must transfer a sure quantity of pips (which you determine for you when you load the indicator) prior to a new candle (bullish or bearish) will open up up. Due to the fact present-day price tag action is the finest indicator of potential price tag motion, you could only trade with practically nothing on your charts except Renko Candles (Containers) and you could trade profitably in the long operate.

For instance, I have performed my personal research stretching again about the last four yrs of charts for the EUR/USD, and I made a startling discovery. I identified that if you established your Renko Chart Box Dimension to ten (that means every single Candle/Box is ten pips in length) you have around a 78% probability that price tag will transfer an further ten pips in the direction of the former candle.

Rounding up, this means that when you see a ten pip bullish candle shut, there is about a four-one probability price tag will transfer up an further ten pips and shut as another bullish candle.

Breaking it down into pips/revenue, this means if all you ever do is open up a trade in the similar direction as the former candle closed (and assuming your entry price tag the similar as the Bid price tag) four situations out of 5 you are heading to see ten pips income. The fifth time you are heading to see a drawdown of 20 pips, as price tag must transfer down the whole length of the former candle Additionally an further ten pips for a new bearish candle to shut.

But four situations you win ten pips (forty pips full) and one particular time you eliminate 20 pips (20 pips full) means forty – 20 = +20 pips income for just about every 5 trades you consider.

And all this with no a one MACD, RSI or Transferring Common on your screen.

However, this type of “investing bare” is much more than some traders can bear, and if for no other cause than to have a safety blanket on their charts, they will include an indicator or two.

Around the yrs I have identified a several indicators that look to perform effectively at serving to Renko Chart traders find entries. The Heiken Ashii indicator (with an Input location of one,5,2,one) tends to forecast the start out of some first rate traits when utilizing ten pip candles/containers. The Slope Course Line (Input options of 34,2,) also does a quite superior work of highlighting the start out of a new pattern of ten pip candles/containers.

Not long ago my team examined out a new indicator called the BBand (with options at 12,one for the initial two Inputs) and employed with 5 pip candles/containers. This indicator worked effectively not only with recognizing superior entries, but also tended to precisely gauge the conclude of some of the for a longer time price tag runs, so that when the BBand changed instructions, it was time to exit the trade and seem to enter in the opposite direction.

Even though we are on a summer season split by the conclude of August, we are nevertheless screening a new combination of indicators along with a three pip box location that is showing wonderful guarantee. Far more screening is wanted, but early success have made a whole lot of exhilaration with my team. We’ll be releasing all the particulars as soon as we are certain that this new approach holds up about time (and various investing situations).

So to sum up, you don’t truly will need any indicators to trade the Renko Charts profitably, but there is a several that perform effectively with this charting technique, and my team and I can advise them with no hesitation.

Resource by Jeffrey Glenellis

Euro Key Level Economic News Release Trading Strategy

Cheyenne, WY (PRWEB) July 10, 2006

Forex traders know the importance of economic news releases and how that effects the exchange rate. A positive or negative news announcement in the US

morning session can send the EUR/USD rate up or down extremely fast. One way to capture these large moves is to use Entry Stop Orders.

Entry stop orders are an excellent way to get into a trade long or short automatically. Often if the market is moving extremely fast (due to an economic news release or geopolitical event) and you want to get into a trade, it is extremely difficult to get the price you click (live market order) because the exchange rate is moving up or down so fast. It is like trying to jump on a train that is moving at full speed.

An entry stop buy or sell order places an order with the dealing desk of your Forex clearing house to execute your order when the exchange rate touches the level you set the order at. The CMS VT platform guarantees that these types of orders will be filled.

The following link outlines the economic news releases for the week. I find it very helpful because it rates every release in terms of importance on a grading scale of A-D. A denotes very important down to D with little significance to the markets. It even lists what the market expects to happen with the forecast.

Click Here for the Yahoo Finance Economic Calendar:

1. Check the economic Calendar

2. Set your entry stop buy or sell at a key level 15-30 minutes before the announcement is released. Set your stop and limit on your order by right clicking the order when it appears on your VT platform.

3. You can also “straddle” the price movement by placing a long and short entry stop or sell order (and subsequent stops) if you aren't sure which direction the news release will send the price.

This report was taken from the Euro Fractal Trading system, written by Erol Bortucene of the Day Trade Forex Team.

This unique approach to day trading the EUR/USD involves using financial Fractals and no other technical indicators, as outlined in the Euro Fractal Trading System.


Erol Bortucene and Cynthia Macy are co-authors of 'The Day Trade Forex System: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide To Online Currency Trading'.


for examples of actual trades using the Euro Fractal Trading System. Learn how easy it is to learn to trade the lucrative forex market from your home pc.

For more comprehensive trading information, visit their other websites at:

Complex Analysis of the Economic Marketplaces: A Detailed Tutorial to Trading Procedures and Purposes (New York Institute of Finance)

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John J. Murphy has now up-to-date his landmark bestseller Complex Analysis of the Futures Marketplaces, to incorporate all of the economical markets.

This remarkable reference has previously taught countless numbers of traders the concepts of technological analysis and their software in the futures and stock markets. Covering the hottest developments in laptop or computer know-how, technological resources, and indicators, the second version features new content on candlestick charting, intermarket relationships, stocks and stock rotation, furthermore point out-of-the-artwork examples and figures. From how to examine charts to knowledge indicators and the very important purpose technological analysis plays in investing, viewers get a comprehensive and available overview of the subject of technological analysis, with a distinctive emphasis on futures markets. Revised and expanded for the calls for of present-day economical environment, this reserve is vital examining for any individual fascinated in monitoring and examining market actions.

How To Flip Your Losing Forex Trades to Gains?

Merchandise Identify: How To Flip Your Losing Forex Trades to Gains?

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Gold And Silver Trading Robotic

Aged is gold. Throughtout human background, gold has been viewed as to be a valuable issue. Kings and Queens would hoard this valuable metals. Nations around the world would measure their prosperity in phrases of the gold bullions they experienced. In the 19th century, planet was on a gold standard. It is deserted in the 20th century. But we may be once again heading towards an unoffical gold standard now as US Dollar status as an worldwide reserve currency arrives into risk. Gold selling prices are mounting as never ever seen in advance of. Correct now these selling prices are constant all around $1,000 per ounce. But professionals are predicting that these selling prices may go as superior as $two,000 per ounce.

The causes for this unprecendented bull sector in gold and silver is the point that traders are concerned about the lengthy phrase strength of US Dollar. A lot of wealthy traders are hedging into gold. When US Dollar receives weak, gold selling prices climb superior as most of the investor taken refuge in this protected haven final currency.

Most of the nations around the world retain US Dollar as their worldwide reserve currency for worldwide trade and commerce. Now nations around the world like China, Brazil, India and Russia have enormous US Dollar reserves. These nations around the world are converting these Dollar reserves into gold bullion in the worldwide sector. The provide of gold is limited. So this enormous demand from customers is driving the selling prices up in the sector.

If you have been buying and selling fx than the fantastic news is that you can trade gold as effectively as silver on fx with the same broker. A lot of fx brokers enable you to trade these valuable metals from the same buying and selling system.

In the final decade, groundbreaking developments took spot in the retail fx industry. The most groundbreaking was the possibility of automated buying and selling. This grew to become achievable with the improvement of the Meta Trader four Platform. This MT4 system allowed the use of computer system programs to trade quickly. These computer system programs or software program is also called an Professional Advisor or a Currency trading Robotic. This Robotic trades round the clock compared with a human that can get fatigued or fatigued.

What this signifies is that now you can trade fx on autopilot even when you are sleeping. In the final several decades, numerous fantastic robots have been released in the sector. Some are providing regularly fantastic outcomes. These automated buying and selling techniques are obtaining much better and much better. Each thirty day period you will uncover, new robots hitting the sector.

Now, numerous folks you should not know this that location buying and selling gold and silver can be considerably more rewarding than location buying and selling fx. Silver is one more valuable metallic that can rocket ten periods quicker than gold in the coming several decades. A lot of fx brokers enable you to trade silver as effectively alongside with currencies, gold and oil. With these valuable metals sector in an unparalleled bull sector, this the best time to trade these metals. Pattern buying and selling is what makes a fortune and you have a historic development establishing in these valuable metals sector proper in entrance of you!

But numerous folks you should not know this point that now you can location trade gold and silver with a robotic also just like fx. If you have been buying and selling fx with a robotic than you require to consider these gold robots also!

Resource by Ahmad Hassam

Renko Charts – Which Box Dimensions Is Very best for Investing Fx?

The most commonly asked problem I area about Renko Charts is: what box sizing need to I use? In this article I am going to reveal why the only trustworthy respond to I can give is “it depends.”

But initially, just to make certain this article will make sense, permit me briefly reveal how Renko charts do the job. Renko charts use a “adaptable” candle or box sizing, which you ascertain when you load the indicator onto your charts.

As price moves up your designated number of pips, a new blue (bullish) candle will type. Having said that, if a new candle opens (let’s say the Box sizing is 10 pips) and then price falls 20 pips, a new red (bearish) candle will near. This is because price have to move 10 pips either higher than the very last near or beneath the very last opening in order for a new box to appear and near on your charts.

This is what will make Renko charting so beautiful to so many traders…the deficiency of wicks and the deficiency of numerous candles that are unsuccessful to go any place but which result in your many indicators to give off a mixed range of Acquire and Promote alerts, none of which have any validity.

Comprehension how Renko candles type and near then provides rise to our FAQ: which box sizing is effective very best when investing the Renko charts?

As described higher than, the only trustworthy respond to is “it depends” and what it depends upon is what type of trader is using Renko charting.

Some traders are very best suited to be extensive-term traders. They are likely to concentration on hourly or four hour charts and enjoy for new traits to create, jumping in once said craze is noticed and hanging in as extensive as they can to bank a utmost number of pips.

These types of traders need to use larger sized box options, this kind of as 25 or thirty pips. If price moves up 25 pips and varieties a new box, it have to move DOWN by fifty pips in order to open a new box in the reverse route. If you are common with investing pairs like the EUR/USD or the GBP/USD, you realize that substantial price reversals this kind of as these you should not take put all that typically. Once a craze is set up in 1 route, that craze will normally keep on for one hundred-200 pips. Utilizing a substantial box placing like 25 or thirty will reduce people counter alerts you may get using a one hour or four hour chart (people alerts that result in you to exit a trade early, before a further major move in your route).

Other traders are a lot more attracted to scalping and the type of speedy income you can make on a five-20 pip move. By using a three or four pip box sizing placing, these traders are in prime placement to see each and every mini-craze as it varieties and are ready to get and market numerous periods in any supplied hour during the London and NY investing classes, banking five-20 pips in gain each individual time.

When I answer to the problem “which box sizing need to I use?” my reaction will constantly check with the trader to carry out a minimal self-examination and ascertain no matter whether they are a extensive-term trader or a scalper. Once I know the respond to to that problem, I can give them a a lot more particular respond to than “it depends.”

by Jeffrey Glenellis

Forex Technologies, Inc. Launches FTPrime – a Long-awaited Turn-key Liquidity Solution for Small and Mid-size Forex Market Players

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 07, 2014

Forex industry veterans launch FTPrime, a brand-new gateway directly into the inter-bank FX market for individuals and small to mid-size trading firms.

FTPrime is an ultimate suite of services that combines technology, liquidity, and prime brokerage, to offer Forex traders both large and small unprecedented access to the inter-bank market. This new product aims to eliminate the current discriminatory situation that exists in the Forex market, in which smaller market participants are unable to access inter-bank grade liquidity due to low capitalization, and are over-charged for liquidity via wide spreads or high transaction fees.

Most existing STP liquidity providers do not provide prime brokerage / credit services, and most existing prime brokers do not offer execution platforms. FTPrime levels the playing field for small and mid-sized Forex market participants, and gives them never-before seen access to the inter-bank liquidity and prices thus far reserved for much larger, highly capitalized entities.

FTPrime has created technology that achieves direct cross-connect integration with major liquidity providers, without the high trade costs and high capitalization requirements currently maintained by prime brokers and liquidity providers. Small and mid-size Forex traders, brokers, and CTAs now have a new option for straight-through access to inter-bank liquidity and spreads, complete with a choice of various affiliated retail FX platforms, at a transaction cost of around $6 per USD 1 million traded.

How it works:

FTPrime aggregates prices from major banks such as UBS, Citi, and Deutsche Bank, and adds liquidity from providers such as Currenex, HotSpot, Integral, FastMatch, and others. At the same time, FTPrime aggregates the trading accounts of smaller market players into large trading accounts open with regulated second and third tier prime brokers such as Advanced Markets, FCStone, FXCM Prime, Forexlitas, etc. Accounts have a secure and fully independent back office and access control provided directly by FTPrime, and may use an array of retail execution platforms, accommodating trading tools /strategies via FIX and Java APIs.

Who benefits:

INSTITUTIONAL TRADERS AND CTAs can expect vastly improved spreads, easy application of proprietary trading tools through FTPrime’s FIX and Java APIs, and the ability to trade Forex without even a broker-dealer. By depositing directly with one of FTPrime’s partner prime brokers, Forex traders and money managers can use one of the many retail platforms FTPrime offers to trade directly on the inter-bank market.

BROKER-DEALERS can offer their clients better spreads, and can increase volumes by offering clients true direct market access without a B-book. Risk can be better managed by offloading toxic flow to the liquidity provider.

INTRODUCING BROKERS can approach prospects from a stronger position, offering direct interbank market access through better-known, regulated prime brokers, instead of having to promote Forex brokers to act as middlemen between the trader and the market.

FOREX TRADING PLATFORM VENDORS can offer their broker-dealer clients an STP solution without the revenue uncertainties of working with conventional liquidity providers. By referring their respective broker-dealer clients to FTPrime, platform vendors can confidently offer them true access to interbank prices and spreads. FTPrime’s aggregated incoming spreads are near zero, and any markups would be shared with the referring platform provider. Vendors can even offer their platforms directly to individual traders, referring them to FTPrime for accounts, expanding their market audience far beyond the customer base of just one broker-dealer.

SOCIAL TRADING COMMUNITIES such as Tradency or myFXbook and the strategy providers who use them can continue earning revenue on the future trades of community members by referring them to FTPrime, instead of earning revenue solely from renting or selling a strategy.

FTPrime is the newest product venture of Forex Technologies, Inc., a team of experts in Forex risk management, business development, and trading technology. Forex Technologies was founded in 2011 by veterans of Forex risk management, trading platform development, and software design. The Forex Technologies team has provided software to Forex broker-dealers since the 1990s.