Automated Forex Trading Systems – How to Choose the Best One

Automated Forex Trading Systems - How To Choose The Best One

There is a huge market for automated Forex Trading Systems these days and there are new systems popping up all over the place almost every week. Unfortunately most of those so called automated trading systems out there are no more than just another scam; they are released by those sly internet marketing gurus, who are desperately trying to sell the hell out of you and in the process attempting to steal your hard earned money. Finding a legitimate Forex expert advisor is a fairly daunting task and if you are a beginner it is fairly easy to get confused and scammed out of your money. Therefore if you are in need of a good automated trading system to simplify your trading decisions, and do not wish to fall prey to the endless list of scammers out there, then continue reading this article as I will show you the secret tips and tricks on how to choose the best Forex expert advisor.

The Golden Rule To Follow when looking for a profitable automated Forex Trading System is to avoid any vendor that doesn’t provide live forward test statements. Any vendor that claims his system is making big gains and only provides you with backtest results (which are usually simulated and forged) is 99% a scam, and should be evaded at all costs. It just doesn’t make sense, if you believe your system is making you such immense profits, then why not trade it live and cash in on the profits for yourself? Hence any legitimate Forex expert advisor will have live forward test statements published on…

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