Beating the Forex – Why Forex Robot Martingale Traders Beat Most Humans

Robot trading programs are a great asset to professional forex traders and the only realistic way that most new traders will ever make a profit but why's that? Forex trading robots are unlike any other trading systems because the markets they operate in are so different from others.

Stock prices can go up and stay up, Interest rates are the same way, ditto for bonds. Most other investments are linear. Their direction of movement usually dictates what the larger trend will be. That's why Martingale strategy –. Where you double up after each loss fails miserably with other investments but works almost magically with Forex.

Currency prices as a normal course of business ratchet up and down fairly regularly. So double up, cashout, double up, double up, cashout works fairly regularly in Forex. Professionals don't have to play the Forex markets in this manner because they're often privy to information and data feeds that you'll never see. They can make long term bets on the strength or weakness of a currency because they often have a view of the 'Big Picture'. you'll not.

A pro trader will easily out trade any robot. They've technology, experience and exclusive inside information on their side but there is an equalizer. It's technology. A robot trader programmed with proper strategy can almost Brute-Force their way to profits because it's constantly in the market 100% of the time lurking and waiting to pounce.

Forex is 5.5 days per week, 24 hours…

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