What About the Hype of Forex Robots – Are They Worth It?

As the currency exchange market gets increased attention with the decline of the USD looming, so are the EA robots that attract the more sophisticated traders to the Forex game.

An Expert Advisor (EA) is a "robot" in the loose sense of the word. Robots beat humans at chess and other games, and they can also beat humans at trading. With an EA there is absolutely no emotion in effect – the most likely downfall of the human trader. An EA will observe the charts for you, implementing trades under optimal conditions and utilizing sophisticated strategies transparent to the user. This avoids the fear and greed factor, as well as lack of confidence, and inconsistency which are characteristics of most currency (and stock, option, futures) traders.

It is self-evident – over ninety percent of traders realize a net loss}. Traders are emotional humans, and like all humans, we suffer from greed, fear of loss and even fear of what other think. This impairs any traders ability no matter how experienced they are. As with all humans, in critical moments or key market conditions we lack surety, we have fear of what might happen and most importantly, we are typically inconsistent over 90% of the time.

The concept is similar to automobile manufacturing, where automotive companies use computerized robots to spray paint on new cars – a highly boring and repetitive task requiring a high degree of consistency. A human operator may spray too much paint here and too little…

by Chris J. Guli

Forex Trading – 5 Essential Facts You Need to Understand to Win

Here we are going to give you some forex facts you will need to know, before you start to trade. These facts you should understand before trading, if you don’t you will lose…

Here are your forex facts that if you understand them can lead you to forex trading success.

1. Expert Advisors are Not Experts!

In most instances the vendors selling forex robots, systems and trading signals are not experts at all and by expert I mean proven traders. They use hyped copy to sell meaningless paper simulations and traders buy them and lose. Be very wary of anyone claiming to be an expert.

2. Markets are an Odds Game Only!

You get a lot of people who will tell you can predict with scientific accuracy but this is simply not true.

If of course you could, we would all know the answer in advance and there would be no market. There an odds games and that means you will take losses along the way.

3. Simplicity Is Better than Complex

50 years ago before powerful computers and forecasting methods 95% of traders lost and they still do today. So all the advances in the period haven’t improved the number of winners.

Success relies on a simple system which you understand and can apply with confidence. If you can do this, you will have the next key point covered.

4. A Good Method will NOT Ensure Success

Because you have to keep your emotions in check and apply it with discipline.

Discipline is the key! You have to keep executing your trading signals through periods of losses until you hit a home run. If you…

Source by Kelly Price

Forex Trading & Expert Advisors – Forex Killer Trading System

90% of the people who trade forex will eventually loose their money, they will consistently give their money to the other 10%, and those 10% are just loving it. With the introduction of forex trading software the market is getting easier to profit from because it cuts out all of the fat, and all you get is a lean mean money making machine. The forex killer system is just THAT.

If you found out that there was a way to automate everything? That there was a way to get the benefits of trading like a pro, but without the sleepless nights and migraines? Would that be of any interest? Everyone I talk to about forex has the wrong idea about it because they “know someone who knows someone whos the cousin of their best friend” and they lost all their money in forex. Truth is, people get into forex thinking they can become a millionaire overnight, and then end up losing it all. That’s where the forex killer trading system comes in. The forex killer trading system is as close to fully automated as it gets, and as with any other software, you need to read it in-and-out and then apply it.

The forex killer trading system has been used by Deustche Bank, so if its good enough for the Bank why wouldn’t it be good enough for you? Catch my drift? The money making strategies involved here are astounding to say the least. The formula for the forex killer trading system is relatively simple since its very name employs that it can destroy all other forex systems, with the right tools I might…

Source by Luis Aguirre

Automated Forex Trading – A System That Uses NASA Technology to Beat the Markets!

A while ago I bought a Forex trading system developed by a man who had worked for NASA. He was a genius at programming and developed a Forex Expert Advisor. Let’s look at my experience with it in more detail…

Today, more people than ever look for success via automated Forex trading systems and my experience will give you an idea of how most perform.

The system itself was based on artificial intelligence and adapted itself to changing market conditions, by switching between complex algorithms as market conditions changed. The system on the computer screen looked like mission control Houston, with lots going on all over the screen. I tried the system starting with $25,000 and within two weeks had $7,000 left and quickly stopped trading it.

In hindsight its obvious why this system lost and so do most Forex Expert Advisors and the reason is:

– You cannot beat markets with mathematics because they don’t move to a mathematical formula

– You cannot predict the markets in advance

– Complex Systems break easily, as markets move to the odds not certainties

If you want to win with a Forex trading system, you need to keep it simple and robust and also, make sure you trade the reality of price change and don’t try and predict anything.

To give you an example of how this can leads to success, I will give you a one rule system which beats most of the complicated automated Forex trading systems easily and you don’t even need a computer to run it.

Here is the rule:

Buy a new 4 week high and hold…


Forex Robots Vs Forex Signal Service

I have noticed that there is a lot of confusion around when it comes to Forex robots ( ) and Forex signal services. The two methods of automating your Forex trading are not the same because they do have the same attribute of taking the decision making process away from you. Many traders struggle with the emotional aspect of Forex trading; by that I mean the overwhelming desire to change ones' mind when a trade is underway due to the fear of losing and making money.

Forex robots, also known as Expert Advisors, work on a set of programmed rules which can have different degrees of automation. The EA might just automate the stop loss movement once a trade is basically triggered or it might completely automate the trading process; from the entry, stop loss and take profit levels. The Expert Advisor will use technical indicators to pin point an entry level and generally have nothing to do with the fundamentals that drive the market.

A Forex Signal service can come in many forms; from email or SMS alerts to you what to trade and when, to a completely automated trade copier service. A trade copier service is done through the MT4 platform where a subscriber can copy trades directly from another traders account. Both these services do not require any knowledge of the Forex market and can be partially or completely hands free. Forex signal services generally come from professional traders that have a proven track record in the market, however trading…

by Adam Woods

Forex Expert Advisors Eliminate Human Error From Trading Equation

With increasing popularity, Forex Expert Advisors have become a must have for traders. There are two ways in which to trade the foreign exchange, the first is basically, but this has become an outdated and old school way with the creation of specialized robots and software like Forex Expert Advisors. Some Forex traders are diehard believers that the only right way to trade is to trade manually. Traders with this mind believe that by trading manually that this is the only way to learn every aspect of the vast foreign currency indications, dealings, and decisions. Although there is a vast amount of traders who are employing the aid of Forex expert advisors which may lead to the most probable Forex scenarios, price trends and much more with the least possibility for error.

Forex Expert Advisors are trading software that provide the user with automatic facilitation of Forex trading by dealing with the most frequent tasks of backend data testing, Forex data trend analysis, and also the provisions of trading signals and indicators that would suggest to the investor to go forth or hold the selling or buying of the given currency pair that is being traded. One of the most effective trading strategies has been founded by the use of Forex Expert Advisors. The use and integration of these advisors has worked perfectly within the parameters of MetaTrader 4. For individuals who are unaware, MetaTrader is the most commonly used trading platform for foreign exchange…

Source by Thomas Henley

Ace Forex Signals

Product Name: Ace Forex Signals

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Ace Forex Signals is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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Forex Expert Advisors – Claim Automated Profits But Give Users Losses, Here's Why

You will see lots of cheap Forex Robots and the laughably named Forex Expert Advisor's sold online and they all claim, to make better profits than the world's best fund managers but the reality is they all lose, for one simple reason which is enclosed.

If you think about it, they are offering you a life of financial freedom for paying just a couple of hundred dollars or less; it looks to good to be true and of course it is. They all lose, because none of them have ever made any long term profits.

How can you call yourself an expert at making money, if you have never made any?

If you look at the track records these automated software packages present, all you get are simulations going backwards, knowing the closing prices and that's easy anyone could be a billionaire, if they know tomorrows price today but that's not the real world of trading! Sure you get some that claim their figures are real but when do you ever see an audit by a third party? Never and you have to rely on figures, from the person selling the system.

If you really could get rich, with no effort and for spending just a few hundred dollars, the whole world would be trading and no one would bother to work.

Forex trading can be learned by anyone but you need to make an effort and learn the basics and the skills needed to succeed; This is what all successful traders do and you need to do too.

If you do make an effort and learn the right skills, no other business can reward you so highly as…


Is Bogie-nn-v8 the Holy Grail? – Forex Expert Advisor Review

So you are a full time forex trader ?? = you got no life ..

Sorry to be blunt and rude, but I have to tell you that there are great solutions that can automate online Forex trading and allows you to do something else, like buying your wife flowers, or giving your daughter a kiss she describes.

Studies shows that 90% of even the most experienced Forex traders lose all their money because of:


You want to get rich overnight, you do not close trade, wanting it to reach more points and gain more money. You buy more lots than you can afford.

greed = disaster


Never ever trades with feelings or emotions, NEVER trades like a fortune teller, foretelling that you are going to close in USD5000, – if you waited an hour more, because you "feel" it coming.

3.Not having rules

THIS IS BIG! the word here is discipline, always set a rule that is profitable.
Always make a smart rule like fix stop loss, fix lot, exit strategy and stick to it.

4.Always believing the news

You have to repeat after me: "News are created so that you have to agree according to their plan."
The trick here is to be educated by reading the news and looking for information on how the event will affect the treaties, and not trying to find articles written to tell you their prediction on how low or high the currency pairs will go.


You are not Robocop, superman or God, your eyes will be weary, your stomach will grumble for pizzas, burgers or whatever…

Source by Anton Goodman

Does Forex Expert Advisor Trading Really Work?

If you are wondering if forex expert advisor trading really works then you may have seen many of the ads promoting expert Advisors making some pretty wild claims about the returns they are getting. You may be asking yourself are these results for real or is this just a bunch of sales hype to get you to buy their products?

I was asking the same questions so I did some research and found the most highly rated forex expert advisor trading program I could find and put it to the test. With the way it was being advertised I was expecting to find some catch but since it did not cost much and had a 60 day guarantee I decided it was worth a try.

After I got it set up it started making trades that afternoon and did make some winning trades and came out ahead. The next week it produced about 80% winning trades. Since then I have not recalculated but it's done even better in the past month and is probably closer to 90% winning trades now. It typically makes 2-5 trades every day and almost always makes a profit every day.

I see it advertising that it can double accounts every month and from what I have seen that could have been possible but that would have been trading larger than sizes I have it set to trade. Being a conservative trader I am keeping my lot size down to a level that I feel is safe but still high enough that I have been able to make a nice income.

Besides consistent profits one of the major advantages to forex expert advisor trading is I do not have to…

Source by M Wilson