Naked Fx: Higher-Probability Tactics for Investing Without having Indicators

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A streamlined and extremely efficient tactic to trading without the need of indicators

Most traders rely on technological assessment guides penned for stock, futures, and choice traders. However, very long right before computer systems and calculators, traders were being trading naked. Naked trading is the simplest (and oldest) trading process. It can be basically trading without the need of technological indicators, and that is accurately what this guide is about.

Traders who use typical technological indicators target on the indicators. Traders employing naked trading strategies target on the selling price chart. Naked trading is a uncomplicated and exceptional way to trade and is suited to people traders hunting to speedily accomplish expertise with a trading process.

  • Presents a easier way for traders to make efficient selections employing the selling price chart
  • Based on coauthor Walter Peters process of trading and managing cash pretty much completely without the need of indicators
  • Coauthor Alexander Nekritin is the CEO and President of TradersChoiceFX, a single of the greatest Fx introducing brokers in the earth

Naked Fx teaches traders how to profit the uncomplicated naked way! | Currency trading Education, Assessment & Workshops

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Automated Forex Program Trading–make More Cash With Forex

Yes is simple, With the forex trading system it can be easy to make thousand of Big Bucks a day even you know nothing about trading.. With this system you can basically making cash by clicking

Do you want to make big bucks? Do you know how to make big bucks with forex easily?

there’s lots of books that teach you how to make cash with forex but they are complicated.

You can be newbie to use this system – a newbie can even make cash with this method.

With this simple system you are no longer confuse

you are about to find our the hidden truth of why 98% of the traders are losing cash While only 2 % of the traders are making big bucks

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Automated Forex Trading System – Most Lose Money Check This Key Point To Find The Winners!

Enclosed you will find a simple point to check which will help you avoid the vast majority of automated Forex trading systems which lose money. Most traders don’t look at this key point and end up losing their money, let’s take a look at it…

The key point to look for with automated Forex trading systems is:

Is the track record real money or just a simulated back test on paper?

Now you would have thought that if you see a record claiming profits it would be real money in the market but go to the bottom of most of the systems sold online and you will see the words “simulated in Hindsight” and “hypothetical” in the disclaimer.

Now it’s pretty obvious anyone can make a track record look good, when they have all the facts to hand, anyone can make money if they have tomorrows closing price today but that’s not real life. Many of the Forex trading systems have track records that are better than the world’s top fund managers and you can buy them for $100 or so!

If it looks to good to be true it is and you don’t get financial freedom for $100.00.

Most vendors simply bend there system rules to the data to show a profit backwards and of course, when the user trades forwards it’s a lot harder and you cant bend the rules and the trader swiftly loses his money.

If you want to use a Forex trading system make sure it has a track record of real gains.

When you do find a trading system you then need to check the following

1. Check the logic and make sue you agree with it and have confidence in it so you can follow your system with discipline.

2. Check the track record and assume you started trading on the worst day and see how big the peak to valley drawdown is and how long it takes to make new peak in equity. Ask yourself can I stand that loss?

3. How long does the system take to operate? Make sure you have the time and you can execute the trading signals as the vendor recommends

4. Look for unlimited support and a good way to check how good it is – is simply to ask some question before you buy and see how quick the response is and how detailed.

Buying automated Forex trading systems is really common sense and you need to cut through the hype, to get rid of the junk ones.

There are some good solid trading systems out there though with real track records and if find the right one and incorporate it in your Forex trading strategy you will enhance your long term profitability.

Apiary Fund Evaluate – Is It For True?

With the financial commitment potential clients projected by the Apiary Investment decision Fund seeming much too sweet to be true, there can only be one dilemma, “Is there an Apiary Fund Evaluate that can objectively outline why this fund is not a fraud?” It is a common reality the funds markets have been the worst strike by fraudulent frauds and unsustainable pyramid techniques. A significant share of the financial commitment resources building rounds on-line are not only suspect but intentionally fraudulent. This poses the dilemma, is the Apiary Fund an exception?

As will be outlined in this Evaluate, it is only a genuine financial commitment fund that supplies resources to its traders at no cost irrespective of any losses incurred. Effectively, the Apiary financial commitment Fund is centered on a extremely noble financial commitment model which supplies understanding and investing platform for all interested parties in spite of their educational or skilled history. This model is a replica of an global Chinese agency that would practice men and women from all backgrounds to control their funds, relatively than all those just with fiscal educational skills.

Why Invest in the Apiary Fund?

This fund, moreover providing education to trade professionally, also gives are living funded accounts for trading. It is certainly a contemporary financial commitment setup, new but tested! The significant dilemma that everyone would certainly be wanting for an reply from any Apiary Fund Evaluate would be how sustainable the fund is. It really is as simple as this: it is really a gain-gain problem. On one hand, the trader learns a new skill to incorporate a new source of profits even though the Apiary fund on the other hand gains a new trader to diversify the fund’s risk and mature steadily.

Get Paid to Trade

It really is normally a word that has been misused by on-line con masters who are out to swindle unsuspecting clients off their earnings. The Apiary fund, right after getting you by means of a requisite three month education system, is all set to have you enjoy the fruits of your persistence. The required Apiary Trade Development System features the learner key expertise in funds administration and trading at a expense of $997. It is well worth mentioning in this Apiary Fund Evaluate that once you satisfy the goals of your virtual account, you will have the chance to trade a are living funded account. You will start off off with an account well worth $2,five hundred and enjoy 60% of any revenue you deliver. Don’t forget, you will not be needed to deposit any risk fund.

How Uncomplicated is it to Make Profits?

Any goal review will outline the reality that the Apiary Fund, currently being a proprietary trading fund, includes taking care of the many trading threats by adopting a diversified method to financial commitment. The neighborhood of traders functions with each other with each and every trader employing their exceptional method to mature their account. The fund then shares a substantial part of the revenue with its traders making certain that both equally the fund and the trader’s incentives are in total alignment. By way of apply with your virtual account you really should have attained sufficient awareness to know to management your halt losses.

by Amaechi Ekufu

ION Pips Has FOREX Traders Buzzing

Even with such large competition in the FOREX Market, the ION Pips automation exceeds all previous standards and expectations. Although it has only recently been released it has FOREX traders buzzing with its unique functions and simplistic layout. It has been said by traders of all levels and backgrounds that it is without doubt the best they have ever been in contact with boasting substantial profits with little ease in a short time frame.

The ION Pips automatic trader was developed by traders within ION Innovations using complex and widely ranging algorithms. These algorithms offer traders the opportunity of not only foreseeing price movements in the next 2-3 hours and days but it will actually take advantage of each of these trades. Imagine what traders could do with the opportunity of seeing price movements in the FOREX Market before they happen. The question traders must ask themselves is what returns would be possible from having this type of information?

The added bonus with the ION Pips program is that it is has the option to be web based so if the platform has opened a trade it will remain open until it reaches the preset profit amount or loss amount without interruption. The ION Pips platform has the ability to remain in trades even when the computer is shut down.

The most exciting aspect of the ION Pips platform is the Risk Meter that is preset but can be edited which gives traders the liberty to adjust the level of risk at which they want their funds to be traded. As all traders know FOREX is connected with high risks if we do not protect ourselves accordingly. So this meter allows you to minimize risk and helps maximize your profit.

The above features are only some of the helpful tools available to traders of the ION Innovations platform. These features combined together allow traders to trade with a lower level of risk and ultimately will maximize trader's profits.

Forex Investing – The 10 am Rule and How It Works

Sometimes it`s wise not to be the early bird when investing in forex, instead wait and see what the day will bring before you take action. The 10 A.M. rule is a great example of this concept, and is an example that protects your capital. Let`s say you want to buy a forex stock, for whatever reason; a trend play, or a market rally that you think a currently hot sector will participate in. You know that a great time to buy would be on a gap down, but the market is in rally mode and instead of gapping down, the forex stock gaps up. But buying the gap up is a bad trade. Now what do you do?

You use the 10 A.M. rule, and wait until after 10 A.M. for the right forex stock investing time to buy the stock. If the forex stock makes a new high for the day after 10 A.M., then, and only then, should you trade the stock. Of course, you will use stops to protect yourself, like you would on any trade.

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Fap Turbo: Review Reveals The Truth About Forex Trading Robot

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

“Fap Turbo has quickly become one of the most popular Forex trading robots on the market,” reports Tiffany Hendricks of “We wanted to do a Fap Turbo review to see if there was any validity to the stories that have been popping up about how much money people are making using this software.”

The idea behind Fap Turbo was to create a reliable trading robot which would allow those interested in trading the Forex market to completely automate the trading process. After downloading the software, Fap Turbo runs in the background on a user computer allowing them to enjoy other activities.

Hendricks explains how customers utilize the Fap Turbo software:

“Fap Turbo comes with a series of video tutorials explaining the entire set up process,” says Hendricks. “The program was created to be 'newbie friendly' so even those with no prior experience with Forex trading can use it. Once installed, the robotic trading system kicks into gear and begins perform trades for the user on autopilot.”

Steve Carletti a professional I.T. programmer and the head developer for Fap Turbo points out that there are a number of attractive advantages to automated Forex trading including low start up costs, a huge market ($3 Trillion is traded around the world each day), and the fact that Forex is the most volatile market in the world which allows for unprecedented opportunities.

“You have to be blind not to see the incredible potential,” says Carletti. “And truth be told, my real success as a Forex trader and robot designer only came after I completely understood the significance of these elements…”

While skeptics remain wary about using automated solutions, many who have tried Fap Turbo are pleased with the results they have gotten using the system (To read 224 comments from Fap Turbo users click here)

“Obviously anytime you are trading there is a risk of loss,” says Hendricks. “But that being said, Fap Turbo clearly is working for some, and the fact that it provides an automation solution certainly makes it an attractive option.”

Those seeking more information about Fap Turbo can watch a video explaining the program and get instant access to the software at the official Fap Turbo website here.

SA dwarfs rest of Africa.

South Africa’s banking sector stands like a towering giant on

the African continent. The country’s leading banks have also been

great innovators, for example, introducing the first ATMs that can read

thumbprints. However, as MOIN SIDDIQI reports, competition has

intensified with the influx of a large number of foreign banks.

South Africa enjoys a unique position among emerging markets because

of its first-world service industry in banking, insurance, capital

markets, and information technology. The country’s banking strength

is reflected by its domination of the continent’s banking assets

and capitalisation. About 80% of combined sub-Saharan bank assets and

72% of total capitalisation are concentrated in South Africa. South

Africa constitutes one-third of the GDP of the entire sub-Saharan


The banking sector is highly concentrated with only five out of a

total of 39 registered local banks controlling 80% of aggregate assets.

They have about 3,640 branches and electronic delivery networks. Among

the major banks are Amalgamated Banks of South Africa (ABSA), Standard

Bank (Stanbic), First National Bank (FNB), Nedcor, and Investec Bank, a

comparatively new investment bank, with $15bn under global management.

The banks operate in a regulatory environment that is more

characteristic of OECD economies than those of developing countries. The

South African Reserve Bank’s supervision involves one of the most

up-to-date and sophisticated systems of risk evaluation and risk

management. All banks, including foreign ones must maintain a capital

equivalent of 8% of risk-weighted assets. Last year, the average Basle

ratio, (including both tier 1 and 2 capital) was 12% for top SA banks

and compares favourably with major OECD banks.

Reporting and provisioning requirements are also stringent. High real

prime rates since 1996 have severely hit small businesses, thus leading

to an increase in banks’ bad debt provisions.

Profitability remains reasonably healthy with major banks achieving

average returns on equity and assets of 24.3% and 1.5% respectively.

However, the cost/income ratios of almost 70% are above international

averages, indicating a need for rationalisation and improved efficiency.

Nevertheless, credit-ratings for top-tier SA banks are on a par with

some major OECD banks.

The market has grown dramatically since the lifting of international

sanctions. Competition has reduced margins on interest rates and fees,

whilst similar product offerings have resulted in highly competitive

service costs.

Advanced banking technology

Despite decades of political isolation, SA banks have always been

among pioneers of advanced banking technology, especially in biometrics

and retail banking.

South Africa’s technological superiority over even the developed

countries was reaffirmed when Visa International introduced its first

multifunction smart card in alliance with two SA banks, FNB, and Nedcor.

Both banks are investing R7bn and R5bn respectively in upgrading

technology at retail outlets and ATM terminals for the new card, which

will replace separate debit and credit cards.

In the post-apartheid era, major banks are launching extensive

innovative schemes to serve a potentially large underbanked clientele.

An estimated 10m South Africans or 25% of the total population have no

bank accounts.

In 1996, FNB introduced a brilliant new programme called Cash

Paymaster Services which has completely revolutionised the process of

paying out state pensions to recipients in rural areas. Special security

trucks are fitted with modified ATMs. They arrive at remote rural

communities, the pensioners place their thumbs on a biometric reader and

the ATMs recognise pensioners by their thumbprints. The system has

reduced fraud.

Major banks have also now formed separate institutions, focusing on

delivering low cost and viable services (ranging from savings accounts

to small house mortgages) to the unbanked masses in the townships and

former homelands. ABSA has recently established Nubank, last year Nedcor

launched People Bank, and E Bank was set up by Stanbic.

The government expects the banks to make a tangible contribution

towards the Reconstruction and Development Programme, especially in

housing, export financing, agriculture and small business development.

Stanbic, Investec, and Southern Life have set up investment mechanisms

to help finance a R70bn R&D plan.

Bankers are optimistic about long-term growth. They point to

increasing opportunities within an expanding economy. They look forward

to greater demand for trade and corporate finance and advisory services.

These include cross-company and border transactions, mergers and

acquisitions and black empowerment deals – arising from the unbundling of major corporations. Privatisation, and portfolio management services

for liquidity rich institutional investors (controlling assets of

R600bn) and for 100,000 High Net Worth Individuals are also potential

growth areas.

Bankers estimate privatisation deals to yield R25bn over the next few


The internationalisation of SA markets has led to an increasing

influx of foreign banks which now total 70. Most of these have relocated

since April 1994 but their influence has increased since May 1995

following the Banking Amendment Act of 1994. This permitted [TABULAR

DATA OMITTED] foreign banks to be incorporated and capitalised and to

access the capital of their parent companies. The minimum capital

requirement is R50m.

Among banks which have set up branches are Citibank, ABN-Amro, ING

Bank, Banque Indosuez, Commerzbank, Barclays Bank, Chase, Deutschebank,

Credit Lyonnais, and Societe Generale. Among new arrivals this year are

the Bank of Tokyo, Sumitomo Bank, Banque Nationale de Paris, and Korea

Exchange Bank.

Rich pickings

SA offers rich pickings for foreign banks which include opportunities

to tap businesses from the 30-40 top blue chips, including Anglo

American, De Beers, SA Breweries, Liberty Life Association of Africa, as

well as scope for expanding intra-regional trade and investment into

southern Africa.

Thus the degree of competition has intensified due to the influx of

major foreign banks. Margins in the corporate market are declining;

margins for top SA bluechips are as low as 25 to 50 basis points over


Foreign banks can expect aggressive competition from major local

banks in traditional areas such as money market and forex dealing, local

mergers and acquisitions and structured finance.

The deregulation, in November 1995, of the Johannesburg Stock

Exchange, which permits banks, including foreign ones, to become stock

brokers, has attracted some major investment banks like SBC Warburg,

Morgan Grenfell, Robert Fleming, Natwest Markets, Smith New Court,

Bankers Trust, CS First Boston, JP Morgan, and Merrill Lynch. These

investment banks are becoming active in the fixed income, forex and

derivative markets. They are also involved in international debt, equity

financing, cross-border strategic mergers and acquisition advice.

Foreign banks have about 20%-30% exposure in local corporate and

government bond markets. In January 1996, capital adequacy requirements

for securities trading were established in accordance with the European

Union’s Capital Adequacy Directive.

Small merchant banks, as a result of the gradual capital decontrols,

are expanding their asset management capabilities mainly through

strategic alliances with foreign firms.

Foreign banks are keen to participate in the privatisation programme,

an area in which local banks generally lack international experience. In

1996, for example, HSBC was awarded advisory work on the partial

sell-off of Telkom.

The South African market is overbanked, especially with the influx of

foreign banks. As the market develops, mergers of local small banks

appear likely and the number of foreign banks should dwindle.

Forex Trading Summary

The Forex word consists of two words foreign and exchange, FX or currency trading, is a decentralized global market where all the world's currencies trade. The forex market is the biggest, mainly liquid market in the world with an average daily trading amount exceeding trillion.