Forex Robots That Minimize Risks – Insider Secrets Revealed

If you are looking for Forex robots that minimize risks, then you are probably one among the huge number of traders trying to reduce there exposure to the risks involved in the volatile currency markets, by turning to Forex robots that minimize risks during volatile trading sessions.

Its good to have these type of robots at your disposal but there a few things you should know when you are shopping for these kinds of robots. Very few traders have knowledge of these hidden facts;

1. Forex Robots That Minimize Risks Have Multiple Trading Strategies

Many robots that are famous for minimizing risks during trading sessions have not one, but several trading strategies.

This is important because the currency markets are extremely volatile and one strategy may work at one particular period of time but fail miserably at other times.

A robot that has multiple strategies will know when to best use which strategy. This helps in eliminating unnecessary and sometimes losing trades that would have been carried out when the robot only had one trade strategy.

2. Forex Robots That Minimize Risks Have Good Money Management Systems

Robots that minimize risks have good money management plans in place, this enables them plan on how much they will put in a particular trade.

This results in drastic reduction in risk exposure because if anything goes wrong, then only minimal amounts of money will be lost in the losing trades.

This is in contrast to a Forex robot that doesn’t have a money management plan,…


Top 10 Things To Check Before Buying A Forex Robot

The trading of currencies between those of different countries is termed as Forex trading which is usually carried out by a broker or market maker and this industry has been growing rapidly in the current times. It is also important to understand and use the best Forex robot which will enable each of us to perform Forex trading diligently.

The software application which supports trading in the Forex market without the need of any supervision is known as the Forex Expert Advisor. The purpose of this robot is that it scrutinizes the market operation which occurs on a day-to-day basis and carries out those operations when it identifies an occasion which can be used to your advantage and at last it provides you the right environment which enables you to work in the Forex trading market. If you are able to locate the best Forex robot, then it will be an awesome tool and a fabulous investment which will certainly save you time and stress, but there are certain tips which you must follow before you decide on buying your Forex EA which are:

  1. Make sure that the process of installation of the software is easy and swift and there should be a program which upon download will help in the easy installation of the software.
  2. Always take into extreme consideration the refund and warranty policy of the supplier before you buy your Forex robot. You should make sure that the one which you are planning to buy should have at least two months guarantee and should also provide you with full refund…


Unique Qualities of Forex Megadroid – What Sets it Apart From Other Robots?

You may be wondering what Forex Megadroid has to offer to traders, both newbies and experts, from all over the world. This robot created by trading experts John Grace and Albert Perrie was supposedly infused with their combined decades of experience in trading.

In an industry where Forex robots abound and are jostling for the attention and purchase of customers, it is really tough to compete. Many marketers of programs resort to making hyperbolic claims about their products in the hopes that people will choose theirs over the rest. It is then the burden of the customer to verify which of these are really and truly effective in increasing their income in currency trading.

The makers of the Forex Megadroid enumerate the things that make this product unique and have an edge over the rest. They built it with an artificial intelligence, which is a sophisticated way for it to remember each and every trade that it does so that it will remember if it is successful or not, and thus will be able to choose a more successful strategy in its future trades.

Another trading method used by this robot is its trademarked Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis. This RCTPA, as it is commonly known in the market, is said to be its strongest quality and cannot be found in any other similar product. What this does is that it sifts through all the trading data that it has accumulated and makes its decisions based on it.

Because of the RCTPA Forex Megadroid is able to make sense…

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Breaking the Myth About Forex Software and Robots

“If I could only find the best Forex software out there…I’m sure I’ll be earning a full time income and I could finally quit that boring day job!”

Believe it or not, that’s how many Forex traders – newcomers and veterans in the biz think of fx robots. Unfortunately, that’s NOT the way it works! Forex isn’t about finding and downloading the best programs around, which would clear up the mysteries surrounding the currency you’re focusing on.

True, trading robots are made to help us with our daily Forex trading efforts. After all, it’s impossible for one to keep up with all of the minute-changes and updates going on at the Forex market on his own.

These pieces software are meant to keep up with the latest changes and notify you about it. With the parameters and conditions you give to it, the program will decide whether it should trade for you or not…or see if you’re about to gain or lose money from a transaction and will act accordingly.

And that brings us to an important point – it still needs input from you!

Robots, without the parameters you set, are pretty much like top-tier and high-end cars like a Ferrari. They’re beautiful, jam-packed with features, etc. BUT they’re useless without the driver.

And how are you going to manage your piece of software – adjust the options, set the parameters, deal with the features, etc. if you don’t know even a single thing about Forex or your market?

If you can’t trade successfully and profitably on your own, if you don’t have even the…


Making Money With Robots on the Forex Market

Why is Automated Forex robot receiving so much attention lately ? Simply because you can now find some expert advisor for the popular platform MetaTrader4 that really can make you some substantial money pretty fast. Just like SILICON FOREX, the latest automated robot that just hit the market.

Most of all, it’s easy to install and to operate. First, the step-by-step installation video tutorial gets you running within 5 minutes, even if you have no experience in such thing. After Silicon Forex robot is installed and running on your computer, it operates without human interaction. Yes, it’s a plug-and-play robot that opens (and closes!) trades on autopilot. OK, sounds nice but what about the profits ?

This particular automated robot is designed for the currency pair EUR/USD (Euro against American Dollar). When trading Forex, the number one requirement is a positive trading expectancy that the expert advisor (EA) yields. With the EA Silicon Forex, the win/loss ratio is 75%, that means 3 out of 4 trades end up in profit.

I personally tried over twenty Forex EA since 2007. Now, every time a new Expert Advisor hits the market, I do my homeworks and test it with a free demo account for a month or two. Also, I always analyse in detail the robot system’s track record throughout the last three years. With Silicon Forex, the consecutive winning trades versus losing ones resulted in 7-to-2.

Silicon Forex is the new revolution in automated Forex trading and it’s the result of a…

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You Don’t Have to Be An Investment Genius To Make Serious Money Using Forex Robots

If you go on the net searching for robots to use on an FX trading platform, you won’t want for options.

The vast majority of these don’t deliver the results, are poorly supported and loads are outright ripoffs. A select few – which are not known to many – however, are legacy systems, even turnkey solutions to help new comers and experts alike trade safely and profitably.

No guesses as to which ones you want to be searching for then…

By making use of robots to trade forex, you can easily build a serious fortune. Robots do 97 per cent of the decision making that goes into identifying trades, weighing odds, working out options, opening and selling positions.

They’re automated and allow traders to stay in the market for as long as they choose, be in more markets and most importantly bring in more profit.

Why do I like forex robots so much? Please allow me to expand.

Once you’ve found a superior forex robot (more on how later) that’s flexible, capable and has support provided by the creators, you’ve hit the jackpot. Literally.


With forex robots, simplicity is the functional word. These robots come in software packages that you can download right after buying.

You click to download, click to install, you click to modify the settings to what you want them to be and that’s pretty much it. Really! Naturally, you need a little prep in how forex trading works, but compared to what say a bank-employed specialist FX trader has to know, you’re at play school level.

With a pairing…

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HiRider Forex Robot Vs LMD – Multicurrency – Which is Better?

The Forex Robot World Cup is over after a suspenseful two months. What suspense? You may be asking. After all, the difference between the 1st place winner LMD-Multicurrency and the 2nd place winner HiRider Forex Robot was pretty significant: LMD MultiCurrency earned a return of 145.60% while Hirider earned just an 88.11% profit. No contest, right?

If you just look at the bottom line, and I do not blame you if you do, then it's really no contest. However, allow me to remind one of the basic rules of investment: a return should be judged in relation to the risk involved. The reason is that while a risky investment can yield a tremendous profit some times it can also quickly turn against you and wipe out your profits. The same is true for Forex trading robots. You do not just want a robot that can turn a quick profit. You want a program that's safe to use. After all, this will be trading even when you sleep. You do not want to wake up to a nightmare, do you?

This brings me back to the two top robots of the FRWC. While there is just one winner, it was determined by the profit alone. There was no determination of the risk at all. While this may have been enough for most traders, there are some who took a closer look at how these two bots did.

When you look at the charts of these two robots side by side, you can quickly see how different they are. While the chart of the LMD-Mutilcurrency is all over the place with big ups and downs throughout the…


Forex Robots – How to Select the Best Among the Many Automated Robots Available Today

The Foreign Exchange market is a very competitive place. All traders want the same thing, and that is to be successful in this field. There are a lot of trading strategies and techniques that you can use once you are part of the Forex world. These methods can either make or break you. One of the most common strategies that majority of the Forex traders use is Forex robots. You might wonder how these automated programs work or if they really are effective. It is a fact that not every Forex robot that you see advertised on websites are for real. There are frauds that only want to steal your money. It is necessary that you know how to spot the real ones from the scams.

Forex robots have a lot of things to offer to its users. These systems assist the traders in making their decisions about deals and investments. Many traders expect that once they have a Forex robot on their side, they will automatically become richer. That is not what really happens. Earning huge amounts of profits require more than just a robot program. While it is true that a robot can do the job for you without you having to monitor it 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it is still important that you exert an effort to learn about the twists and turns of the Forex trading market.

To be able to find the best Forex robot available in the market today, you should do some research and check out the features of each product. You can visit Forex blogs and forums to know what your fellow traders have to say about…


Forex Robots Reviews – FAP Turbo Edition

I’ve been testing trading robots and putting together these robots reviews for some time now. Occasionally I’ll take requests on a new or smaller system here or there, but this is one review which everyone has asked for. If you’ve never heard of FAP Turbo, it is one of the newer robot programs out there today which, like all of the others, pledges to trade effectively for whoever uses it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and bring in reliable automated profits without fail. It seems like you can’t do or search anything related online without hearing about it, so I finally decided to put it through the ringer.

Here is the FAP Turbo edition of my robots reviews.

I’ll start this newest of my robots reviews with a short background on FAP Turbo and how it works. This program is of the lineage of Forex Autopilot, one of the first widely successful and popular auto trading robots. When I heard that my curiosity had been peaked as that program performed well for me back in the day, a couple of years ago at least.

How FAP Turbo works is that it makes use of mathematical algorithms designed to determine the potential success of a trade or not. It looks at a trend and decides whether or not it would be a good investment, and once it deems that trend as being a sound investment, it enacts a trade accordingly. From there it follows that trade’s performance in the market, ensuring that it is constantly earning you money. Once the market inevitably fluctuates out of…

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Do Forex Robots Work? How it Can Help You Trade Better

Do forex robots work? Many people are asking this question because they have no idea how these programs can help you trade better. If you are also asking the same question then read on and find out if you really need this software for your currency trading.

Just bear in mind that these programs still need some expertise from your end in order to be fully successful in your trading at the currency exchange; these robots are just tools to help you get better trades and earn more money from your foreign exchange business. They are designed to analyze complex algorithms; and give suggestions based on the analysis. However, all information are based on the data and parameters that you need to input.

Bear in mind that there is no perfect program that can totally determine which among the foreign currencies are very profitable; however, these tools are designed to fully equip and assist you in your analysis. It lessens your tedious tasks of having to set up your own graphs and tables; as well as other variables that you need to consider in order to come up with comprehensive and more accurate data for competent decision making.

Hence, going back to your question on do forex robots work, the answer is yes; they can help you a lot by giving you the necessary tools to fully equip you with your currency trading. However, you do not fully rely on the robot to do the currency exchange trading for you because advanced knowledge on trading is still required in order to be totally successful…

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