Commodity Forex Trading – Pick of the Litter

Trading commodities on the Forex can be a very lucrative business. It takes more than just the desire to make money to succeed, it takes knowledge and the right people to help you.

So you've the money to invest. you've no real idea how to get started in Forex trading. One of the first things most investors recommend is that you spend a little time learning about how the market works. What type of commodities you're interested in.

Learning how to invest your money and make trades isn't as hard as it'd be if you were going into the NYSE, it can take years for a good trader to understand the stock exchange. For trading on the commodities Forex you're going to need to use what's known as a platform, this is a type of software that provides you with access to up to the second data on all of the commodities being traded. It can be either downloaded or accessed via a web site depending on your needs and which company you choose.

Each company offers a different platform, as well as offering a different range of pip spread. Varying leverages as well as other services. You should look for the one that offers the lowest spread with the highest leverage, based on how much you plan to invest. Here are my picks for three of the best platforms available:

Forex Yard offers a great training program that allows you to spend plenty of time practicing before you invest any of your hard earned money on the real Forex. Fixed spread rates of 3 pips on…


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