Day Trading Robot – An Honest Review

The day trading robot is a product which was made possible by 3 men Jason Kelly, Robert Finn and James Holt. Jason Kelly was a chief programmer for a small European hedge fund. Dr Robert Finn was a pioneer in the field of "Artificial Neural Networks" and James Holt is a world class day trader! The 3 of these men combined there knowledge to bring us the day trading robot.

This is a product which tells you when a company's stock is rising or about to rise. This is an automated program which is constantly looking for stock for you to invest your money in and make a profit. Once the robot has found stock in a company that it thinks is on the rise it will inform you of this and you can then go in and buy whatever stock you wish to buy in this company allowing you to then make a profit.

The robot is a straight forward and simple product to use, it is not essential to have any experience in the stock market to use any stock trading robot as I soon found out, of course it is a benefit but as I said not essential. Once you purchase the robot you will receive constant updates on the shares that you have bought in a company and how well they are actually doing for you.

The main reason I actually bought the robot was the in depth video on the sales page of the product in which Jason Kelly shows you his own personal trading account. In the video you see Jason buying shares in a company called TLLE after being notified by the robot that the stock is on the rise. Jason…

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