FAP Turbo Review 2009 – Is FAP Turbo Still Reliable?

This FAP turbo review 2009 will look into the FAP turbo expert advisor. This article will determine if the said expert advisor robot is making money or not. This EA is a Metatrader 4 foreign exchange trader machine. It's automated by the way. You set it onto 15-minute charts and just leave it to do its stuff.

This EA has actually been tested on live markets. The testing started on January 5, 2009 with a starting capital of £ 500. Quite recently, the author of FAP turbo review 2009 experienced a huge loss. It all happened on the 19th of January of this year, just a few days after the start of live trading. The author was using the EURGBP currency pair. It didn't happen to just the author but also to a number or people, specifically traders of the same currency pair. The loss was quite huge since 2 weeks'. Worth of profit all went into smoke. What happened? Is the EA any good at all? How did such a loss happen? These were the questions raised because of this debacle.

This FAP turbo review 2009 closely analyzed the whole scenario and was able to draw a favorable conclusion. This robot still can make money. You may be wondering why FAP turbo review 2009 still cave this expert advisor a favorable review after a very bad loss. In reality, this robot was performing really well before the draw down. The cause of January 19th's draw down was the fact that the banking sector of the UK crashed at that time. The GBP was greatly affected, making it really…


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