FAP Turbo Scam – Forex Trade Review

The FAP Turbo Scam is one common term being voiced around the Forex trading forums as to whether this software really lives up to it’s marketing campaign.

It’s video testimonials purport that it really is a case of just letting it run on auto-pilot, go and grab some lunch and hey “presto” your $140 richer!

Mmmmmm. Well, autopilot software can scalp you profit from lots in a matter of seconds but if your completely new you will need to understand how to set up your margins. This cannot be taught over night.

Seasoned Forex traders describe how over about 3 years you just start to get a feel for certain currency pairs. Of course this could be described as subjective confidence but if you’ve been trading for sometime then you will start to build up a certain affiliation with certain currency pairs.

Unfortunately, if you are completely new to Forex trading then knowing how to set your Stop Loss and Take Profit Margins are essential if you want to succeed in this game.

Is the FAP Turbo a scam? Well scam is putting it a little harsh – but referring to it as an automated money making machine would also be a wee exaggeration.

Look, if you don’t know how to input your margins and want the job done for you then FAP turbo does offer this option. With amounts as little as $50 you can begin trading with FAP.

But – if you value your money more and would rather invest in a system that comes with your own personal meta-traders who are seasoned Forex Pro’s who will set your margins for you and…

Source by Rob R Carmichael

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