FAP Turbo – The Various Advantages and Disadvantages of FAP Turbo Trading Robot

FAP Turbo has been doing a good job ever since its release in 2008. So good, that in fact, it's ranked as one of the top three trading robots. However, although it's done its job properly, there are still some people who are complaining against its disadvantages. This articles aims to show you the different pros and cons of the FAP Turbo in order to help you decide whether it's the right robot for you or not.

The Advantages:

1. Not everyone is good with numbers. Some people are born with the natural talent for numbers while others aren't so lucky. Trading the foreign exchange industry involves using a lot of numbers and figures so you've to be good at it. Luckily, if you're not so good at it, FAP Turbo takes care of that problem. It eliminates all the mathematical errors that you commit giving you higher profits in return.
2. Users claim that it wave back three times in return of their investment. That could mean thousands of dollars produced in just a few days.
3. it's one of those plug and play robots that after installation, it can be left to work on its own 24/7. All that you've to do after purchasing it's install it, configure its settings to match your trading style and just watch it work. All that's left for you to do is to spend all the money that you've earned.

The Disadvantages:

1. Although you can configure it to your prefered trading style, it'll never use it. The robot was developed to have a specific strategy. This…


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