Foreign Currency Trader Nets Big Profits

Foreign Currency Trader Nets Big Profits

Foreign currency traders have netted big profits for "Stocks Turmoil". Global share markets still have not yet recovered from the cataclysm known as the Global Financial Crisis. World economies in the second millennium have been transmogrified – transforming the financial systems of nations through the planet. World bankers, economists and self-professed experts are witless trying to reflate the economic balloon without first plugging and repairing the massive holes. There will not be an economic recovery – but there maybe a new economic order for planet Earth. Does anyone in government, in Goldman Sachs, or in finance colleges realize that the financial world economy has changed dramatically?

There is no getting back to where we came from – the fabled land of milk and money. There is no trail of breadcrumbs to follow. The soon Governments and investors start making decisions based on the reality of the new economic paradigm The sooner people can start to gain employment, buy more goods and services, purchase homes and lead a certain normal civilized life.

Investors need to shun the traditional wisdom promoted by financial gurus – who were certainly found wanting. Buy and hold strategies of the dark ages of investing are useless in turbulent markets. Now it is essential to be a trader and to trade money and real commodities – instead of falsely valued stocks in artificial share markets. There are three ways you can make money in the four trillion dollar a…


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