Forex Autopilot – Forex Killer – Leading Automated Forex Trading Systems Compared

ForexAutoPilot and ForexKiller are probably the biggest brand names in the automated forex trading system market. Both products are meant to help you make a profit out of the huge, lucrative market of currency trading, even without the knowledge a professional forex expert has. In this article I will compare some key points between the two products, in order to help you determine which of them suits you better.

  • Mode of operation

Forex AutoPilot is a fully automatic forex trading robot. Not only does it decide what to trade – it can automatically issue the buy or sell order to your forex broker. In that respect, it can do the entire process for you, whether you’re out to lunch or asleep in bed.

Forex Killer does not issue automatic orders to forex brokers. It simply provides quick, ongoing analysis of the forex market and gives you recommendations. It is up to you to issue the orders to your forex broker. So you have some control over the process, and you give the final go – but it requires your intervention.

  • Ease of installation

Forex AutoPilot has been getting some complaints about its installations process. Although the process s well covered in its users’ manual, it seems to be a consistent complaint and apparently the installation process is not straight-forward and smooth for some.

Forex Killer, to the best of my knowledge, does not get as many complaints about that.

  • Credentials of creators

The creators of both Forex Autopilot and Forex Killer have extensive forex

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