Forex Derivative Review – Learn the Truth About Forex Derivative

Forex Derivative was created about two years ago by Zack Kolundzic and an unnamed person at a top U.S. technical university. The individual contacted Kolundzic wanting to make simulation software based on one of his successful trading strategies. As a result, the two teamed up to create Forex Derivative, EA software that encompassed all of the knowledge Kolundzic acquired over the years and all of his trading strategies.

After spending time researching all of the Forex robots on the market, I have determined the top three factors for deciding whether or not a robot will be ineffective, a scam, or a sound purchase.

o Can the robot be tailored to fit your needs?

With the volatility of the foreign market, it seems imperative that your EA robot be able to keep up with the times. To keep you from erring and from making emotional decisions, Forex Derivative is not customizable; it is self-adapting to market volatility to give you the best results.

o Is there anyone to help your before and/or after your purchase?

While Forex Derivative does not have a phone number available for current or future users, they do list a support email address on their web page. Something is better than nothing. I would try to send them a test e-mail before you make your purchase to see if how long it takes them to respond and whether not your response is personal to your question or a general system-generated one. If you want a personal response, it sometimes takes 48-72 hours.

o Can you get your money…

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