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A very pleasant surprise; the Forex MegaDroid is an outstanding performer with 97.3% profitable trades (proven below on this page). Much better than the vendor's claim of 95.8% success. Fully automated. With live testing of 101 profitable trades out of 103 made since January 1. You must forgive its sleazy looking sales page; this product is much loved by its 18,000 users.

This expert advisor robot is a must have. I am very impressed.

The Forex MegaDroid has been developed by John Grace and Albert Perrie. Both are forex traders with 38 years forex trading experience between them. As close friends, over time they are firmed up their thoughts about developing their own trading robot.

Sadly the Forex MegaDroid has a horrid sales page which was initially a big turn off for me. It's exactly the look and feel you'd expect from a used car salesman with sleazy tactics. It is so tacky that I expected to be reporting here that their product is a disgrace. But during my research of them, I was forced to reconsiderer my first impressions. The proven, ongoing live testing results confirm this.

In all of the live-account testing I have seen, there is no question that it performances exceptionally well. They claim better than a 95% successful trade rate – which I doubted very much – but it's true. I have seen the proof many times.

As an example, my review page there are links to see a guy's live trading accounts that he opened on April 20, 2009;

Live $…

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