Forex Megadroid – Scam – Or Does it Work?

"Is the Forex Megadroid software a scam?"
"Does Forex Megadroid really work?"
"Has anyone made money with it?"

If you're looking for a profitable automated Forex trading system and are considering the Forex Megadroid robot then these are probably some of the questions that are now on your mind. Before you spend your hard earned dollars on this software, you want to know if it's really worth the money. And I do not blame you – retail online Forex trading, lucrative as it may have been to many small traders, has seen it's share of scam-mers and fraudsters so one can never be too careful when analyzing a Forex trading system, especially a new one like Forex Megadroid.

To be honest, the Megadroid software left me really skeptical at first. Its back test results graph simply looked too good to true, on top of that the test included data from the last 10 years (since 1999), all the while showing the same consistent profitability, month after month …

So I asked myslef the same question … is Forex Megadroid a scam?

I decied to start from the beginning: who developed the Forex Megadroid software? What type of analysis system does it use?

The developers of the Forex Megadroid system, Albert Perrie and John Grace describe themselves as professional traders with almost 40 years of combined experience and also as the inventors of RCTPA, the latest Forex trading analysis methodology which relates heavily on AI – Artificial Intelligence. RCTPA is an acronym for…


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