Forex MegaDroid – Why is the MegaDroid Trading Robot's Stealth Mode Feature Important?

In the world of the foreign exchange industry, there are two types of people, we the traders are the ones who, of course, enter trades and the brokers who are the ones that are conducting these trades. Trade brokers are the ones that set the level of earnings of a trader. It is also common knowledge that when we traders win, brokers are the one who lose a lot of money. Trading robots like Forex Megadroid, accurately wins many trades causing brokers to lose a lot more than they normally do. This is one reason why brokers hate trading robots.

Here is the typical broker-trading robot scenario: if a broker detects that a trading robot is being used, they will do everything they can to stop your robot and to decrease your profits making you lose a lot. Luckily, the developers took care of this problem and this is where Megadroid's stealth mode feature comes in.

The stealth mode feature allows the Megadrid robot to legally become invisible and hide itself from the prying eyes of brokers. This will prevent interruptions and interfering of brokers enabling you, or the machine, rather, to do its work more productively. It will use different kinds of trading strategies fooling the broker into thinking that you are the ones doing the trade and not a robot.

You would probably be thinking that brokers are not that stupid not knowing that Megadroid has this feature. Yes it is true that brokers probably know about this unique and useful feature. However, users claim…

Source by Edward J. Woods

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