Forex Price Action – What is It? How Do You Master Price Action? Why is it King in Forex Trading?

A lot of people have this question in mind, what exactly is FOREX PRICE ACTION? And why is it KING IN FOREX?

To answer the above question, I start off with talking about indicators.

There are tons of indicators out there, be it or others eg. stock, options trading, etc. All of them work mostly the same way. And there are new indicators that coming out every other day.

A lot of traders when they first started trading , they have tons on indicators on their charts. Trying different combination of which works best for them. And at the end of the day, they get confused all over as one indicator may be telling you to go long, but the other is telling you to go short. So what will he do ???

Which will result in you making bad decisions and end up blinking your account with a frustrated mind. Why does it happen this way? Indicators are derived from the chart movements. Some indicators react faster, some slower.

However, as they are derived from the chart movements. They are 1 step slower than the chart. Which is in fact Price Action!

FOREX Price Action leads the indicators, and when price reverses it movement from short to long (example). The indicator which you are watching is one step too late. And by the time the indicator confirms it is going short, Price Action has taken the market to go Long.

This happens most of time, if not all of the time. Period.


Source by Ezekiel Chew

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