Forex Robot Truths

Forex Robot Truths

Forex Robot Truths have been a long time coming. Automated Forex trading robots bare no resemblance to the graphic persona of animated androids that can trade currencies making profit day and night while the real traders sleep or play golf. These automated trading machines in fact are not even machines. They are merely a bunch of computer code written by geeks to reside in the Forex trading platform on your computer and also these days also in the virtual space of external hosting computers. The abilities of automated Forex robots are a far cry from the infallible all seeing all knowing cool calculating currency trading machine with a brain.

When the bankrupt State of California elects as Governor an actor whose main claim to fame was portraying an over-sized android exterminator combat machine people clearly believe in dreams and myths rather than the realities of life. The same you could say when the USA elected Ronald Reagan as President and when the Philippines elected Joseph Estrada. Even if Arnie were a real android hulk able to annihilate dastardly villains and machines it would still not qualify him for economics and finance degrees from Princeton. How on Earth could the major state of the union imbue poor old Arnie with an intellect like Keynes? Still people believe what they want to believe no matter how far fetched the plot. Maybe California should call in Dirty Harry? If there were a true alien invasion from outer space people would elect an actor who played a…

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