Forex Solomon Robot By Rita Lasker Review – It Makes 1-2 Trades Per Day Netting 40-100 Pips/Trade!

Rita Lasker is an accomplished forex trader who is in love with forex trading. She has released her latest forex robot that she has named the Forex Solomon Robot. This robot makes 1-2 trades per day netting about 40-100 pips per trade.

Many people think that robots are not good rather they are dangerous. This is generally true if you are dealing with a robot that has been developed unprofessionally. Most of these robots don’t have any mechanism that protects the account from monetary losses. Most of them infact are not safe for trading.

But a professionally developed robot can be a powerful tool in your trading arsenal. Forex Solomon Robot has been developed by a team of professionals led by Rita Lasker. This robot adapts and learns from its mistakes and consistently gets wiser. Rita calls her robot a, ‘Wiseman”. It uses a new technology that Rita calls S.T.T ( Self Training Technology) that constantly learns from the past mistakes.

Suppose, you are trading with a dishonest broker, Now, most of the brokers are pretty dishonest. If you have been trading forex, you must have discovered it by now. They have many tricks up their sleeves that can turn your winning trade into a losing trade. So, let’s suppose the broker is using any one of the following tricks;

1. Quotation filters that don’t display all the market quotes.

2. The broker is randomly expanding spreads.

3. The broker is re-qouting all the time especially during the peak activity so that your trade cannot be…

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