Forex Trading is 70% Psychology, 20% Money Management, and 10% Technique

Students and acquaintances often ask me to teach them Forex trading techniques to profit in the Forex market. Is there such a Holy Grail that can provide guaranteed winning trades? I listen as an acquaintance continues to complain that he is losing too much money, that he is never on the right side of the market, that he keeps making the same mistake repeatedly, and why does he keep getting stopped out? After about 30 minutes of his ranting, I interject and tell him that maybe he should start learning about trading psychology. With a disappointed face, he looks at me dumbfounded.

Many Forex traders give up after one year while some traders continue to jump from system to system, looking for the ever-elusive Holy Grail. It seems that after learning a number of different trading techniques, traders tend to plateau, and are unable to improve, regardless of what they do. Somehow, there is always a new trading course offered by a most successful trading guru or an ultimate indicator claiming unparalleled results that is a must-have.

The Forex industry is so polluted with scammers and marketers that it is impossible to sort out who is telling the truth. It is extremely sad to see so many people losing money in this market; however, it is the greed that continues to recruit more neophytes. It is like a gambler looking for an easy way in life to make a lot of money in the shortest amount of time. There are traders claiming that they are not gamblers and have never stepped into a…

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