Forex Trading Psychology – 3 Ways to Beat Your Emotions in Currency Trading

In forex trading psychology, there are 2 destructive emotions that are always present in the world of trading and that is, greed and fear. I can say that most traders or 99% of the traders are hugely affected by these two emotions and no doubt it’s part of our human’s nature.

Successful forex traders have those emotions too, but the difference that separates the successful traders and those who failed is the technique of controlling the emotions well. We will look at some of the forex trading tips that can help you as a trader to control those emotions well and get consistent profits out from the forex market.

1. Learn to trade forex with a DISCIPLINED plan and not by hindsight. There is a problem with many forex and that is they take shopping more seriously than forex trading, and I’m serious! An average shopper will not spend a $100 on something without much research or if he/she has not done some reviews on it. But I have seen people risking their trades with a few hundred dollars based only on their intuition or ‘feeling’.

So what people need to do here is to have a trading plan at the starting of the day and follow it throughout the whole day. The trading plan should consist of stop loss (it’s a must!) and profit target levels, so that your trade is planned to be taken out early when the market goes against you and yet also there is a profit target to aim for if the market goes in your direction.

2. Make sure you follow the forex trading rules. A forex trading system is…

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