Forex Trading – Where Are the Major Moves?

Forex Trading – Where Are the Major Moves?

If you're still contemplating taking part in forex trading you may just need some more information as to how it works and when the major moves are to take advantage of. Finding out when these moves are for you'll definitely assist you in taking your first steps to understanding currency trading. Some individuals are simply too afraid of losing all of their money with forex trading.

You can prevent that from ever happening though with automated stop losses in place. Others utilize automated forex trading with forex robots. Automatic forex with these robots means that trades and stops losses are placed for you by software and with a forex broker that accepts automated trades. Placing stops properly means once the price gets to a certain point you'll be selling it. Since these stocks are all extremely liquid you'll not have any trouble doing so.

1. Major announcements

Big moves in the forex market during major events in the financial world such as emplyment figures, interest rate announcements and the non-farm pay rolls. When this happens, price movements can be large. You may be wondering if slippage is something you need to concern yourself with in regards to forex system trading. Sometimes slippage will take place if the price you wanted to enter at or exit at is different from what you started with. There are a couple of different scenarios where it can affect you with forex trading including this one. Also, the market is closed on the weekends…

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