FX Market – The Great Money Pit

FX Market – The Great Money Pit

If you've ever invested in the Forex Market, you know that it can be a very expensive proposition. I know, because I've been there. You can easily lose hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

If you're thinking about starting a business as an investor in the Forex Market, know this. To have any chance of success at all, you'll need to begin with a sizable amount of money. You'll also need to learn a lot of technical things, such as. Reading charts and understanding different formats that develop in those charts. You'll need to learn how to place orders, when to place those orders and when to close them out.

Then there's the tools available to an investor:

–. Stochastic Oscillator
–. Moving Average Crossovers
–. Bollinger Bands
–. Relative Strength Index
–. Moving Averages

Just learning what these tools do and how to use them can be a very time consuming ordeal. Use them the wrong way and you can watch your money go right down the drain.

Believe me, to become established in this business can take a long time. As I said before, it can also be very expensive.

So, if you're not the type of person that can handle pressure, then you really don't want to get involved with investing in the Forex Market.

Finally, I saw some statistics on a website the other day. As I show them to you, you can see how difficult it's to be successful in the FX Market:

–. 1% of Forex Traders become millionaire.
–. 4% make a good living trading.
–. 5% are…


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