Introducing – The R2D2-C3PO of Forex Trading, "Forex Megadroid"

Introducing – The R2D2-C3PO of Forex Trading, "Forex Megadroid"

Who does not know of R2D2 and C3PO of Star Wars series, created by George Lucas. These two robots are somewhat assistants of the movies' main protagonist Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. R2D2, a biped robot is a technical expert in machines and C3PO, an expert on all known languages.

Now, given that, who would not want a robot (software) that will be able to assist you in Forex trading. Forex Megadroid, as it is known, is a software expert in trading that is able to deal with different market conditions. It is a robot created by Albert Perrie and John Grace, both experts in Forex trading with a combined experience of 38 years, therefore imbibing their knowledge and know-how in this field.

Accuracy is the key:

Upon all the robots on Forex trading in the market today, none has come close to a consistent performance as Forex Megadroid, reflecting an accuracy of more than 95%. Now, everyone is raising their eyesbrows as to the verity of this information. The high yield being displayed by Forex Megadroid is due to the fact that it deals only with two currencies, the Euro and the Dollar, therefore limiting the market conditions to a more consistent performance. Whereas, other robots in the market which utilizes multiple treaties deal with conditions that are a lot less stable.

At any rate, do not expect to always get a winning yield from this robot as there may be other factors that can affect its performance. Dependence on such programs, software, robot or…

by Aaron Bruce J. Malten

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