Is Bogie-nn-v8 the Holy Grail? – Forex Expert Advisor Review

So you're a full time forex trader ?? = you got no life ..

Sorry to be blunt and rude. I've to tell you that there are great solutions that can automate online Forex trading and allows you to do something else, like buying your wife flowers. Giving your daughter a kiss she describes.

Studies shows that 90% of even the most experienced Forex traders lose all their money because of:


You want to get rich overnight, you don't close trade, wanting it to reach more points and gain more money. You buy more lots than you can afford.

greed = disaster


Never ever trades with feelings or emotions, NEVER trades like a fortune teller, foretelling that you're going to close in USD5000, –. If you waited an hour more, because you "feel". It coming.

3.Not having rules

THIS IS BIG! the word here is discipline, always set a rule that's profitable.
Always make a smart rule like fix stop loss, fix lot, exit strategy and stick to it.

4.Always believing the news

you've to repeat after me: "News are created so that you've to agree according to their plan.".
The trick here is to be educated by reading the news and looking for information on how the event will affect the treaties. Not trying to find articles written to tell you their prediction on how low or high the currency pairs will go.


you're not Robocop, superman or God, your eyes will be weary, your stomach will grumble for pizzas, burgers or whatever…

Source by Anton Goodman

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