Is Forex Megadroid a Farce? – We Have Done Detailed Forex Megadroid Testing on Demo Account

Many traders want a reliable system to trade with. There are a lot of scams in the field of forex trading, trying to exploit the average private individual wanting to generate extra income through currency trading.

There a hundreds of products on the market, making it quite difficult to choose a single product. Forex Megadroid is a forex trading robot, or Expert Advisor (EA) that has been reviewed and tested extensively. The question then is: “Is Forex Megadroid A Scam?”

The following are some facts from our own extensive testing:

  • Over a period of 83 days (less than 3 months) we banked a profit of $1,269-25 on an initial deposit of $3,000-00. This gives a return on investment of 42.3% over this period.
  • Forex Megadroid made 97 trades over this period, with a total of 8 losing trades. This is a winning trade ratio of nearly 92%.
  • The results above include three consecutive losing trades totalling $441-19 in circumstances where we should have disabled Forex Megadroid as FOMC data was released during this period. This was our own trading mistake.
  • If we eliminate these three trades, our results are a return of 57% in less than three months and a winning trade ratio of nearly 95%.

The results above are based on our long-term demo account testing. We continue to see excellent results with the robot on our own live trading accounts as well. So: “Is Forex Megadroid A Scam?”

Our answer is: No. Forex Megadroid is a stable, low-risk trading robot that trades quite frequently,…

Source by Christopher J. Fountain

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