John Chen’s Automated Forex Cash – Scam Or Does It Work?

John Chen's Automated Forex Cash - Scam Or Does It Work?

John Chen’s Automated Forex Cash was made available to the public on April, 2008. Before that it was used by only a handful of people who used the software to make sure it was ready to be released. This followed a long period of more than 3 years in which this system was developed, tested, and retested, tweaked, and evaluated to make sure it was ready to be released.

Of course, since the time of the writing of this article is only April 12, 2008, there are bound to be contrasting views of how good this system works, but already I’ve read several reviews which support the assumption that Automated Forex Cash is no scam.

Why I believe Automated Forex Cash isn’t a scam and may be a massive opportunity for those who are quick to get it up and running?

There are a number of reasons:

1, John Chen is the creator of AutomatedForexCash and he is a well known and renowned forex trader and author. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that his product will be nothing short of the highest quality.

2. This software comes with an 8 week money back guarantee. We all know that the Forex market moves fast, very fast indeed, and that it won’t take anyone with even a small knowledge of the market to see how well it works and whether it is worth it.

3. Since the software has only recently been launched, the price tag is still low in comparison to other forex trading softwares out there. I doubt if this will remain for much longer since that’s the way these things usually go: you start with a low price…

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