List of All Forex Currency Pairs According to Major, Exotic and Precious Metals

This article presents a list of all the Forex currency pairs. The currency pairs are grouped according to major, exotic, precious, and correlated pairs.

Forex currency pairs are the integral instruments being traded in Forex. They are also called securities. In Forex unlike stocks and commodities, the security or trading instruments are paired in a BUY/SELL or SELL/BUY pattern. For example the Forex currency pair EURUSD technically would mean buy the Euro and sell the Dollar or sell the EUR and buy the Dollar. Profits are made when the EUR for example is bought at 1.4500 dollars and later sold at 2.4950 dollars (i.e. buy EURUSD at $1.4500 and later sell when EUR is $2.4950) This is where the slogan “Buy LOW and Sell HIGH” comes in.

A lot of traders often do not know the Forex currency pairs available in Forex. Most traders would have been more successful only if they diversify their strategies to include other currency pairs.

Other details such as swaps, spreads, or currency pip range are not included in the list as they are broker specifics, and they are dynamic in nature.


1. All Forex Currency Pairs (ordered alphabetically)


1. AUDCAD – Australian Dollar/Canadian Dollar

2. AUDCHF – Australian Dollar/Swiss Franc

3. AUDJPY – Australian Dollar/Japanese Yen

4. AUDNZD – Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar

5. AUDUSD – Australian Dollar/US Dollar

6. CADCHF – Canadian Dollar/Swiss Franc

7. CADJPY – Canadian Dollar/Japanese Yen

8. CHFJPY – Swiss…


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