Making Money With Robots on the Forex Market

Why is Automated Forex robot receiving so much attention lately ? Simply because you can now find some expert advisor for the popular platform MetaTrader4 that really can make you some substantial money pretty fast. Just like SILICON FOREX, the latest automated robot that just hit the market.

Most of all, it’s easy to install and to operate. First, the step-by-step installation video tutorial gets you running within 5 minutes, even if you have no experience in such thing. After Silicon Forex robot is installed and running on your computer, it operates without human interaction. Yes, it’s a plug-and-play robot that opens (and closes!) trades on autopilot. OK, sounds nice but what about the profits ?

This particular automated robot is designed for the currency pair EUR/USD (Euro against American Dollar). When trading Forex, the number one requirement is a positive trading expectancy that the expert advisor (EA) yields. With the EA Silicon Forex, the win/loss ratio is 75%, that means 3 out of 4 trades end up in profit.

I personally tried over twenty Forex EA since 2007. Now, every time a new Expert Advisor hits the market, I do my homeworks and test it with a free demo account for a month or two. Also, I always analyse in detail the robot system’s track record throughout the last three years. With Silicon Forex, the consecutive winning trades versus losing ones resulted in 7-to-2.

Silicon Forex is the new revolution in automated Forex trading and it’s the result of a…

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