Stealth Forex Systems Announces the Release of its Early Warning Trade Alert System

Canary Isles, Spain (PRWEB) July 24, 2007

Currency trading system developers http:// [Stealth forex Systems have just launched “The Earlybird”. early warning alert system to compliment their ever popular forex trading system.

The Stealth Forex Trading System has gained much of it's popularity with traders over the past few years due to the simplicity with which the trader simply follows the colour changes of the custom designed trading indicators.

The Earlybird is available with all downloads from 21st July 2007 and will also be made available to all previous customers –. Free of charge, as part of the company's lifetime free update policy.

Its New; Its Ingenious; It’s the Freedomrocks Forex System

(PRWEB) June 13, 2006

FreedomRocks is a new, ingenious Forex System which is arguably the best Forex investment system on the Internet. Its forbearer has been operating in Los Angeles for 3½ years serving the stock market professional. However, out of this, rising like a phoenix, is this phenomenal metamorphosis which has very recently reached the investment market.

Mark Vincellette the CEO and visionary par excellence has now brought us a product which is exciting the experts both in the MLM and the Forex worlds. Because of its investment based product, it’s going to attract an excellent...

The alert system is extremely easy to install and operate. Can be used on all time frames and currency pairs.

The Earlybird gives both an audible alert and a pop up window showing time of alert, currency pair, time frame and direction of potential trade. This means that the trader no longer has to sit in front of their screen all day long searching for high probability trades.

The Earlybird also allows the trader to be aware of the activity of a large number of currency pairs, without the usual high work load normally associated with studying multiple currency pairs. This means that it's much less likely that the trader will miss out on a high probability trade set up.

“I've never been an exponent of trading alerts”. Said Martin Bottomley, one of the system developers. “But since we're asked on a regular basis for such a facility, we felt it only right to respond positively to our customer's requests.

Mr Bottomley went on to add “Since using The Earlybird Alert System myself –. During testing –. I must admit that even I'm impressed with the results. I'll definitely continue to use The Earlybird with my own trading, even though I'd originally believed an alert facility wasn't absolutely necessary “.

Stealth Forex Systems is a driving force in the forex trading aids arena. With a pro-customer attitude such as they exhibit, it's little wonder that the company is going from strength to strength.

The company itself attributes much of their success to a well thought out and developed trading plan, an honest and hype free approach

to trading on the foreign exchange and above all, to a reliable

and effective customer support service.

To find out more about the company and how it's currency trading aids might benefit you, visit their website at http:// [Stealth Forex Systems


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