Automated Forex Trading – A System That Uses NASA Technology to Beat the Markets!

A while ago I bought a Forex trading system developed by a man who had worked for NASA. He was a genius at programming and developed a Forex Expert Advisor. Let’s look at my experience with it in more detail…

Today, more people than ever look for success via automated Forex trading systems and my experience will give you an idea of how most perform.

The system itself was based on artificial intelligence and adapted itself to changing market conditions, by switching between complex algorithms as market conditions changed. The system on the computer screen looked like mission control Houston, with lots going on all over the screen. I tried the system starting with $25,000 and within two weeks had $7,000 left and quickly stopped trading it.

In hindsight its obvious why this system lost and so do most Forex Expert Advisors and the reason is:

– You cannot beat markets with mathematics because they don’t move to a mathematical formula

– You cannot predict the markets in advance

– Complex Systems break easily, as markets move to the odds not certainties

If you want to win with a Forex trading system, you need to keep it simple and robust and also, make sure you trade the reality of price change and don’t try and predict anything.

To give you an example of how this can leads to success, I will give you a one rule system which beats most of the complicated automated Forex trading systems easily and you don’t even need a computer to run it.

Here is the rule:

Buy a new 4 week high and hold…


Automated Forex Trading System – Find the Best Automated Forex Robot, But How?

Currency trading is today really an attractive trading world that appeals so many people with the desires of making money faster. There are plenty of ways of doing effective trade, one of which is automated forex trading system. But it is not advisable that you rush out to purchase any one. An effective system should trade as simply and perfectly as possible. Do research before you get an automated forex robot to work for you to get benefits to your desire.

It is important to select a best automated forex robot that goes well with your trading behaviors. In automatic forex trading, special forex software is used to keep an eye on the foreign exchange rates and be also able to do the trading for you. Most importantly, it has ability of working without frequent maintenance. Certainly, the best forex robots keep working all time without any tiredness and rest.

The automation of forex robots serving your goals of getting huge profits is fascinating. But you need to have really highly reliable software to let it trade with your real money in your real forex account. Several main rules should be followed to choose the right forex robot. You should pay attention to the testing period and the profit trades percent through this period. For example, the testing period for EA Sigma is about 10 years and the profit trades percent through these 10 years is about 82%.

You have seen the example of the really qualitative and profitable forex trading system. EA Sigma…

Source by Feredict Torres

Automated Forex Robot Trading – Which Forex Robot is the Best of All?

Automated Forex is big business and there are numerous ones for sale and the vast majority lose, so let find the minority that win and the best robot…

We will look at our best trading system in a moment but first lets look at the Forex robot industry as a whole.

The phrase Forex robots or Expert Advisors are new phrases, until recently automated software was simply called a trading system – but marketing needs a catchy name, so trading systems are now known as robots or and the fact is any system that carries these names and has hyped advertising copy will lose you money.

The claims are laughable – double your money each month, 90% accuracy and little or no drawdown and you only pay a hundred dollars or so, you know he claims are not true and so do most sensible people. These systems never produce an independent track record of gains – Why? Because these systems have never made any money long term.

The best Forex Robot Trading System

It’s a free one and it doesn’t actually call itself a robot, but it is an automated trading system and it does make money and has for over 25 years. Many of the pro traders use it and even trading legends like Richard Dennis admired it, so if you use it your in good company.

It’s called the 4 Week Rule and was devised by trading legend Richard Donchian.

It only has one rule and here it is:

Buy a new 4 week high – hold it. Wait for new 4 week low to be hit, then close the long and go short. Simply keep keying off new…

Source by Kelly Price

Automated Forex Robot – Read This Before Buying Your First Automated Forex Robot

Engaging in the foreign exchange industry is becoming more famous especially now that more and more automated software are being produced. Even those who barely know how the trading industry works want to venture in this kind of business. People easily get tempted to gamble in different kind of business once they hear enormous profit is involved.

Before getting your very own Automated Forex Robot you must know at least the background of being around the trading business. Even though sellers claim that software robots can do their job on their own without human intervention, it is still vital to know the twist and turns in the currency trading market.

Choose a software robot that can be installed easily in your personal computer and the availability of customer service that comes with it in case you come across with some dilemma in understanding the software. Some even offer hands on tutorial to help consumers get along with the software promptly. For amateur traders, it is advised to use demo account first before switching to live trading. This will help you accumulate the proper strategies to play in the world of currency trading.

Look for Automated Forex Robot that works constantly 24 hours a day. With this, you can keep on earning money without literally sitting in front of computer to monitor live market. Robots with real time approach must be considered as well to keep you synchronized with the live trading market.

Be eager to learn the details of the Automated Forex…


Forex Trading Online With Automated Forex Robots

A Forex is often the best choice for investors, but which one should you choose? Often many of the so called robots promise fabulous results with little time or energy spent in learning the Forex products, often taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers. Some of these so called Robots claim to have mastered the algorithms, so they claim you do not need to learn such.

To start off with, any of the automated Forex "systems" that actually guarantee profits are just ridiculous. As with any product that is traded nobody can guarantee results. A Forex market / software is just like trading in the Stock Market, human intervention (mostly FEAR and GREED) play, the largest part in the trading. Many people claim trading Forex is like printing money, I say its much more different than that. If you are investing only for a few minutes, days, or even weeks, Forex can be like taking your monies to Las Vegas, to bet on the big one, with about the same results.

However this is where a Forex Robot comes in, it systematically does the trading for you without the emotion of FEAR and GREED, which kills most ALL investors. As most investors loose because of FEAR and GREED as they place their trade at exactly the wrong times because of these 2 destructive emotions. With a Forex Robot you can at least give yourself a slight edge by putting at least some probabilities in your favor. This at least gives you an EDGE, the robot then manages it to keep fear and…

by Chas Epp

Million Dollar Pips Review

Forex trading has become quite popular these days, some even quit their day job and have become a full time Forex trader. Everyone wants to make some quick cash but the market isn’t easy to master especially if you are a newcomer. What can you do? For situations like these you need an automated Forex trading system that will execute profitable trades for your need Million Dollar Pips.

It is an automated Forex trading software developed by William Morrison. Million Dollar Pips’ developer William Morrison was a software developer. He was overworked and frustrated with his job so he decided to do something for himself. He tried his hands in the Forex market and ended up buying six Forex bots within 2 years. When it came to testing the bots everyone performed badly. At last he decided to develop his own Forex robot.

It is a NFA compliant automated Forex trading robot with a built in risk management system. This automated system utilizes a safe and innovative way of trading, it doesn’t use any martingale strategies and due to the excellent built in risk management system it keeps losses to a minimum.

A lot of people are skeptical about using automated trading system but believe it or not it is one of the best ways to trade especially if you are a newcomer. Most online trading platforms will provide you with several trading indicators so that you can make an informed decision but at times all this information can become overwhelming and you end up taking the wrong decision….

by Partha Gorai

Forex Auto Trade – 4 Robots Reviewed

Forex Trading is one of the most profitable markets today and a lot of people are looking for automated systems. The so called auto trade is very popular but not all systems are working well. Here are 4 of the top automated systems.

1. Fap Turbo, the most popular auto trade robot. The system works on autopilot and you can profit from this system. There has just been an update being released.

2. Forex Avenger is another fully automated robot. You can leave the software alone and it makes the work for you. This product has a good performance.

3. The Forex Detector is a auto trade software which is one of the best in EUR / US and GBP / US trading.

4. Forex Autopilot FAPS is a fully automated trading software and is well known. The software was developed by an expert trader and helped a lot of people to trade successfully.

These are just 4 of the best auto trade software. The main benefits of automated trading are clear, you do not have to sit in front of your computer and trade by yourself. Just let the software run and work for you. But you have to keep in mind that is a risky business and even the best software can have a "bad" day. Only trade with the money you can afford, the best is to trade first with a demo account. So you can see if it works for you.

Source by Mirko Van Anken

Forex Robots – Looking For Automated Trading Systems

Many people use automated Forex software today to make a great deal of money trading the Forex market. Many full-time Forex traders have been keeping their profitable automated systems a secret to bank all the pips. The real challenge arises on getting your hands on one of these profitable Forex robots. Before we move forward, you may be wondering, if automated Forex systems and robots can make substantial amounts of money why is not everyone succeeding in Forex? Automated Forex trading systems are made up of a set of rules and mathematical formulas to maximize profit potential.

The problem with a lot of new traders is that they do not hold their positions long enough to see profit, or they close them too early due to fear and slight whipsaws. This is not due to a lack of knowledge or understanding, but due to fear and our human emotion. In order to bypass these fears, professional traders have analyzed historic data in order to develop a system that will trade automatically based on patterns and the treaties history. These systems are known as Forex robots or expert advisers that can execute trades automatically based on a set o parameters and rules. With the development of these systems, many more traders are experiencing success.

One thing to look for when seeking out a profitable Forex system is its past performance or hit's historical data. The longer the system has tested, the more profit potential exists. For example, a system that has back tested…


What Are the Advantages of Using Forex Robots?

For those who would like the financial benefits of Forex trading but do not need to have the time to take full advantage of it, there are now online automated Forex robots which can do all the hard work for you. There are several online providers delivering this kind of service, and here are some of the top reasons that you might consider this option for yourself.

Firstly, it should be explained what exactly automated Forex robots are. These are basically computer programs that scan the market and make calculations about when the best time to trade and in what currency. They basically do all the hard work and everything for you so that you do not have to.

This leads to the first advantage, and that is that they can make better decisions as they have much more information available to them, and they can make trades according to their completely objective digital analysis of the currency markets.

The alternative is doing all the legwork by yourself, which can be very time consuming. Without a robot, you will be required to monitor the currency markets frequently, carefulness the data that is presented to you and having to come to a decision based on your own interpretation of the events.

Often, many people find that the 'cold' and objective analysis of such robots is an extremely valuable tool for making the best decisions, rather than relying on fallible human judgment. This can be one very good reason to continue investing this kind of service.

The next…


Automated Forex Trading Systems – The Benefits

Automated forex trading is something anyone interested in forex trading should know about.

Forex trading, or foreign exchange trading, is simply the buying and selling of the world's treaties. You buy when that currency is low, you sell when it is high, and you make a profit.

However, while the concept of forex trading itself is simple enough, the actual process is filled with complexities. The forex market moves at a fast pace, and changes occur from time to time. An automated forex trading system can be just what you need to keep up.

As said by its name, an automated forex system automates the process of currency trading. Probably to some people, a more hands-on, manual approach might seem like the best way to go. However, the benefits of using an automated system are something most players will not pass by.

1. It Never Sleeps

The forex market never sleeps. It is going strong 24 hours a day.

Without you intend to never sleep, and never leave your computer to eat, take a break, go to the store, or pick up your kids from school, there is no way you can monitor everything that happens on the forex market, all hours of the day and night, manually.

An automated forex system does not require breaks, and It can monitor the market changes restlessly. Even while you are sleeping, brushing your teeth, or running errands, your automated system can be making money for you.

2. It is a Multi-Tasker

The forex market moves fast and, sometimes, a lot of…

Source by Jane MacRae