Forex Expert Advisors Vs Automatic Trading Robots – Which is Better?

Two of the ways in which you can trade the currency market without really locating entry points yourself is by using an EA (Expert Advisor) program or an automatic trading robot. These two solutions have become widely popular in recent years with the advent of the Internet and other technological developments.

What is the difference between an Expert Advisor and an automatic Forex robot and which one should you use?

There are many similarities between EAs and trading robots:

1. Both are software programs which were developed to trade the market on your behalf.

2. EAs and robots both take care of the analysis part of the trade. They go over the current market prices and based on their internal algorithms and technical indicators, they discover the entry points for high probability trades.

The second similarity makes using either of these two solutions a low hassle way to take part in the currency market.

However, there is one major difference between EAs and automatic trading robots: EAs don’t really trade on your behalf while robots do.

You see, EAs just provide you with trading signals. They tell you when they believe you should trade but they don’t actually place the trade for you. This does mean that you need to be around to place the trade but it also gives you an additional layer of control, a final “veto” so to speak in which you can decide whether to follow the signal or not.

Automatic trading robots are an entirely different thing. A robot takes care of the entire trading…


Forex Automatic – Two Different Types of Trading Software

Many traders use some type of software in their trading. In Forex trading there are tow kinds of such software. First type is auxiliary software. It’s an indicator that interprets the price action or some more sophisticated program that generates buy-sell signals. The second type of trading software is what I call automatic trading software. This software executes the trades in real time on your broker’s platform. I would like to describe those two types of software in greater detail.

Auxiliary trading software

All traders are familiar with this type of software. The simplest version of it is and indicator of a price action. Some people build programs to generate buy and sell signals based on those indicators. These tools make analyzing the price data much more easy task. Keep in mind though that the most valuable tool in trading is your mindset. If it is in place then any software will make your trading more successful.

Forex automatic trading software

This kind of program is becoming more and more popular among Forex traders lately. It seems like it should be the best way to trade since the machine doesn’t have human emotions such as fear and greed. So it should not be susceptible to trading errors due to those emotions. The reality is much more complex and interesting. If a successful trader uses the automatic trading software he makes profit in a long run. When a beginner tries to use such software he loses money.

What’s the reason for getting different results? The…


Forex Black Panther Review – One of the Best Forex Automatic Trading Robots?

Is Forex Black Panther really one of the best Forex automatic trading robots like what its owners are claiming it is? This product is useful for those who want to start making money on the currency market as well as those who are already doing so but want to reduce the amount of time they spend trading every day.

1. What Else Do You Need To Download Before You Can Start Making Money With Forex Black Panther?

This program works on the MetaTrader 4 platform, therefore you will need to have this platform before you can start working with this product. After you have set up this program and configured all the settings, you can sit back and allow the software to automate all the trading strategies that it has been programmed with. I have found this Expert Advisor to be reliably more accurate in its analysis by looking at its higher percentage of winning trades.

You can choose any broker that you want as long as they support the MetaTrader 4 Platform. As a member of the FX Black Panther, I get regular updates to the software when market conditions change and stand to profit from all opportunities regardless of when they come about.

2. Review of Forex Black Panther Expert Advisor

It is programmed with a set of manual trading rules as algorithms that the software runs automatically with. Therefore, it works very systemically and if you understand the system behind it, you will know what to expect the robot will do in any situation that you analyze. Of course,…


10 Steps to Successful Automatic Forex Trading With Expert Advisors

A Forex Expert Advisor (also know by other names such as Forex Trading Robot, EA, MT4 EA, Automated Forex Trading Software) is a mechanical trading system written in the MQL-4 programming language and designed to automate trading activities on the MetaTrader4 platform.

Hundreds of brokers and system developers are enticing new traders into trading the Forex market with claims of double digit or higher returns in a short space of time by using MetaTrader4 automatic trading systems, called Expert Advisors. The reality is that 95% of new traders lose their trading bank in the first couple of months. How can you ensure that you are part of the successful 5%?

Here are 10 tips that can help you achieve quick success when first starting off as a Forex trader.

  • Get familiar with the Forex market. You can’t possibly hope to successfully trade a market that you do not understand. Don’t listen to all the hype that “newbies” can buy an automatic system and be successful immediately. The Forex is a very exciting market but you need to read and learn about this beast before trying to trade it.
  • Purchase a commercially available Expert Advisor (automatic trading system) that offers a user support forum. There are systems that you can get for free, but if you are just starting out you should consider purchasing a system that provides good customer support and also offers a user forum where you can read about the problems and the solutions encountered by fellow traders.
  • Choose the…


3 Key Points Which Your Automatic Trading Forex Programs Must Have

Automatic trading has revolutionized the market and how those who trade within it approach their trading. Since trading programs first took off and running years ago, the floor has become flooded with lookalikes, knock offs, rip offs, and (thankfully) a number of gems. This article is meant to help you steer through and navigate between the lemons to find one of the winners out there. Whatever program you end up deciding on if you do, make sure that it has these three points.

Know What You Want

I know it's a bit silly, but it definitely bears worth mentioning: make sure the program you go with has what you want. There are a number of different types of automatic trading programs available on the market. There are programs which do just that and trade for you, and there are also programs which are designed to predict for you exactly where the market will go before it happens so that you can trade accordingly. There are even all inclusive programs which combine the two. Identify your needs, and go from there. There are articles out there which delve into this point further, I've written some myself, so find one and educate yourself if you need to before making any decisions.

Customer Service

This one may not seem as obvious at first, but think about it. The automatic trading program which you always decide to go with is unduly meant to make your life a great deal easier and more profitable, but that's not to say that you will not ever have any…

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Best Forex Robots Review

Finding the best Forex robot for you is not an easy thing to do because there are so many programs contending for this title. In this Forex robot review, I'll tell you which 2 programs I believe may indeed be among the finest on the market and together can provide a killer money making combination for any trader.

The 2 Forex systems I refer to are Forex Fantasy and Forex Killer.

Why do I believe that these 2 programs are not only excellent but can also be combined to produce more earnings?

The reason is that these 2 software complement each other. While Forex Fantasy is a fully automated trading program, Forex Killer is a trading signals generator which does not place the trades for you but simply tells you which trades to place. With Forex Killer you need to place the trades yourself, while with Forex Fantasy it is done for you.

I recommend Forex Killer because of its excellent reputation as a high quality signal generator. It is affordable, easy to install, works easily, and is great even for non-experienced traders. Using trading signals is a great way to learn more about how to trade which is important for any trader, even if you're using an automatic trading robot. It also has excellent reviews and testimonials.

I recommend Forex Fantasy because it is automatic trading taken to a whole new lever. It is a new generation of Forex program because it is not based simply on a static algorithm like other robots but has a learning algorithm. This means…


All About Forex trading Robots

Automatic trading is switching the pretty nature of trading. With it truly is black box method, an automatic trading procedure can be utilised by any individual to trade. Forex trading trading is especially suited to the advancement of automatic trading devices. There are only six important currency pairs that account for additional than 90% of the trading quantity in the world-wide currency markets as compared to the stock marketplace that has hundreds upon hundreds of stocks. In the previous number of decades, the advancement of the Meta Trader MT 4 system has revolutionized the advancement of automatic trading procedure also known as Specialist Advisors or Forex trading Robots. Now if you are a trader with a very good mechanical trading procedure, you do not will need to be a substantial course programming specialist to create your own automatic trading procedure!

Any mechanical trading procedure can now be automatic. Automation of trading devices have produced trading uncomplicated for a lot of individuals who experienced hardly ever traded before! The automted trading procedure or what you call the Specialist Advisor trades immediately opening the trade when the ailments are ideal and closing when the profit targets are met or the marketplace is exhibiting much too much volatility.

Forex trading trading has turn into real uncomplicated with these Specialist Advisors. Earlier it demanded a ton of education and difficult perform to grasp trading. Not anymore. Now, any individual can trade making use of these Specialist Advisor with pretty little amount of ability as a trader. Each individual months, you will locate new robots been lauched with tall statements produced…

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Automated Trading Software – Genuine Trading Tool!

More and more online brokers are offering an automatic trading service to their users. This is the case for automated Forex trading software with FxPro applications, but also with the Auto chartist application available from various brokers.

This innovation, known as auto-trading, presents a major interest, that of being able to take decisions in place of the trader, following the indications left by the latter. These software programs are programmed, thanks to complex algorithms, to make it possible to earn money in the safest way possible, thanks to the best trading strategy. To do this, the software combines various strategies in order to obtain the best possible gain. These software are all the more interesting for novices of trading since they can apply strategies already recognized for their good results. Faced with very volatile markets such as Forex, auto-trading is a good way to become familiar with the environment, and then to develop its own strategy.

In all cases, automatic trading software allows you to refine a strategy and then implement it. With auto-trading, it is possible to know in a few moments whether the strategy adopted is winning or not. One of the great strengths of these softwares is that they use the strategies used by the best international traders and are therefore trustworthy. Not all different online trading applications are programmed on the same model and some are based on an algorithm strategy, while others focus more on graphical analyzes.

All of these automated Forex trading software provided by brokers can then walk without human intervention. The automated software will then make decisions according to the defined strategy at any time. This is why it is important to define all the parameters upstream and to control the risk by setting limits.

What Is MT4 EA? Currency trading Trading Platforms and Software package

Now that we have the Internet, Currency trading just isn’t just for a several significant investors as it made use of to be. The Internet adjusted it all, even Currency trading trading. All is carried out on-line now, utilizing software platforms…

Automated trading software, like Qualified Advisors or Currency trading robots are software, equipped to perform non-prevent putting your trades for you or alerting you on great kinds.

Qualified Advisor is applied to robots crafted on the Metatrader four platform, which is the most common way of creating automatic trading software, most Currency trading software you will see on-line is for MT4 platform considering that numerous brokers have their client software platforms on Metatrader four.

By utilizing platforms like Metatrader four a technician can create a robot without having having to establish every little thing from scratch with raw code. Traders who are technically minded can enjoy the problem of automating their very own profitable trading techniques by making their very own EA on the MT4 platform.

Of program it is really simpler to use a programmer to have it carried out for you, but traders or companies acquiring automatic trading software are usually¬† protective of their techniques…What most profitable traders would do is establish their EA by themselves without having revealing the mystery trading procedure to anybody else.

So you see how most advanced trading software will come to life…

Automation would seem to be the identify of the recreation. Amazing minds instruct software to trade for you, automating just about absolutely all the frequent tasks of a trader.

Most investors want a Currency trading robot trading for them so they can concentration on firm, optimization…consuming margaritas in their no cost time…

Some robots adapt to market fluctuations, some won’t. Some place numerous trades but getting very little income in each when other Forex robots would “be extra affected person” and wait around for a better option to trade and get better returns in just a several moves.

Very first, attempt to concentration on discovering general details to have a more substantial picture: the diverse sorts of trading software and how they perform, no matter if or not other tools can be complement to a trading procedure, and so on. Only when you have a clearer general picture will you commence focusing in specific specifics…

Like every little thing in life, having a very clear picture of what you might be immediately after will make the variety procedure a large amount simpler and you will have the envisioned result: The best automatic robot trading (creating money!) for you!

Source by Denis Marsili

Currency Trading Tips

Forex is the largest and the most liquid financial market in the world, and the very size of the market tends to reduce the possibility of manipulation by a select group of people. Hence, the foreign exchange market is loosely regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Currency pairs are not traded in a centralized exchange, but are traded between agreeable buyers and sellers in the over-the-counter market (OTC).

Tips for Currency Trading

Using Leverage Wisely: Use of leverage is encouraged in the foreign exchange market since fluctuations in the price of a currency pair are typically fractions of a cent. The maximum leverage that can be employed by a trader is calculated using the following formula:

Maximum Leverage (Margin-Based Leverage) = Value of Transaction / Margin Requirement

For instance, if a person wants to control $100,000 worth of trade, he/she can borrow the sum from the broker by depositing a small initial margin. Say, the margin requirement is 2 percent of the total transaction value, the trader is expected to deposit $2000. Thus, the trader’s margin based leverage is 50:1. Using excessive leverage, especially when one is unsure about the direction of the market, can land one in deep trouble. Trading on margin is only advisable for people who have the capability of interpreting Forex signals or have reliable automatic trading robots.

Placing Stop and Limit Orders: Placing stop orders is useful from the perspective of limiting losses and taking advantage of the potential upside breakout. Placing a limit order allows people to enter a new position or to exit a current position at the specified or better price. A limit order may never be executed because the market price may quickly surpass the limit before the order can be executed. The term better is relative to the nature of the limit order that is placed. A trader, who would like to sell a currency pair, places a limit sell order at a price above the current market price to book profits; while a trader, who would like to buy, sets a limit price below the current price. In the first case, the sell-stop order should be placed below the current market price to attempt to cap the loss on the position while in the second case a buy-stop order should be placed at a level above the current price. These are useful currency trading strategies.

Using Fundamental and Technical Analysis: Fundamental and Technical analysis are different, although both are necessary from the perspective of gauging currency movements. The former tries to determine fluctuations in the price of the currency by assessing factors that have a direct bearing on the value of the currency; while the latter relies on charts and graphs to effectively compare past trends and repetitive patterns to predict fluctuations in value. The charts, that are used in technical analysis, are Line Charts, Bar Charts and Candlestick Charts.

Line charts connect the opening and the closing price with a line while bar charts use vertical bars to indicate the range of the currency for a given time period. Candlestick charts give the opening price, the closing price, the highest price and the lowest price with the help of a vertical bar. If the closing price is less than the opening price, the vertical bar is colored.

Understanding Chart Indicators: Understanding leading and lagging indicators is critical from the perspective of being able to spot changes that may occur in the movement of currency pairs.

Leading indicators help a trader spot a change where the previous trend has run its course and the price is ready to change direction again. Lagging indicators provide an indication of the possible changes in trend once the change is clearly visible. The latter is meant to encourage people to move with the herd while the former is useful for a trader who is adept at spotting reversals before they occur.

Although, leading indicators seem like a potential gold mine, they have the tendency of misleading or giving wrong signals. Lagging indicators, on the other hand, rarely mislead. However, the downside is that a person may lose the opportunity to make a huge kill and may end up with a smaller chunk. The most common leading and lagging indicators are Oscillators and Momentum indicators respectively.

Stochastic, Parabolic Stop and Reversal (SAR) and Relative Strength Index (RSI) are examples of oscillators that used to determine overbought and oversold market conditions. For instance, in the case of Relative Strength Index (RSI), on a scale of 0 to 100, a value below 20 indicates an oversold market while a value above 80 indicates an overbought market. If a chart has been indicating oversold (or overbought) conditions, for a certain length of time, one can expect an increase (or decrease) in the price of the currency pair in future. The problem with the aforementioned leading indicators, is that they may provide conflicting signals. In such a situation it would be best to ignore the signal.

Momentum indicators are lagging indicators that generally give the right signal at the expense of delayed entry. People have to choose between leading and lagging indicators since the signals are generally conflicting.

Forex Robots: Forex trading requires the ability to interpret a number of chart indicators needed for ensuring profitable trade. There are numerous signal systems that have been designed by professional money managers. These systems have been designed using past performance and trends to simulate results that may reflect the actual trading environment. Both mechanical and automated Forex currency trading systems are available in the market. The latter does not require the presence of a trader in order to execute trades while the former provides tips that are useful for executing trades. Automatic trading robots ensure round the clock trades without any supervision and are thus effective in removing the human element from trading. Fully automatic trading robots can help one dispense with brokers who were previously required to manage accounts. However, one must remember that past performance is not indicative of future results. So, a robot that works well during back testing may not always yield the best results.

A good system should be constantly monitored in order to ensure improved and optimized trade. The trading account should require less investment and initially, one should be able to trade with a demo account. Forex robot systems should also have an inbuilt loss protection mechanism since these systems are not foolproof. These robots can be used by traders, brokers and institutional investors.

Advantages of Currency Trading

Increased Liquidity: As mentioned earlier, Forex is the most liquid market in the world. Increased liquidity ensures that the trades gets executed at the desired price.

Ability to Use Leverage: Increased use of leverage is permitted, since price fluctuations are typically fractions of a cent. People are allowed to start trading with very little money in their account and are encouraged to control an extensive sum of money in lieu of an initial margin requirement.

Increased Profitability: The ability to employ leverage results in increased return on investment (ROI). Huge profits with a small up-front investment is one of the benefits of Forex trading. Moreover, traders are allowed to split their capital gains to their advantage since regardless of the time of executing the trade, 40 percent of the profits that accrue to the trader get taxed at the short term capital gains rate while the remaining 60 percent is taxed at the lower long-term capital gains rates.

Guaranteed Stops: People are allowed to place both buy-stop orders and sell-stop orders. The former allows the trader to buy the currency pair at a price that is set above the current market price. The buy-stop order is triggered when the market price touches or exceeds the buy-stop price. People place stop-orders when they would like to trade the potential upside breakout.

Similarly, sell-stop orders can be placed to sell the currency pair at a price that is set lower than the current price. The sell-stop order is triggered when the market price touches or falls below the sell-stop price. These sell-stop orders are placed by traders in order to limit their losses. These are also known as stop-loss orders.

Low/No Processing Fee: Many brokers do not charge extra fees for opening or closing a trading account, for phone trading, for inactive accounts or for changing stop or limit orders.

No Commissions: The absence of commission on Forex trades is another benefit. This is because the spread between the bid/ask price is the compensation for market makers.

Most businesses undertake currency hedging to prevent losses that accrue on account of unfavorable exchange rate movements. One must remember that, although an experienced Forex trader has the opportunity of reaping rich rewards, the chances of losing money, especially when one is overly leveraged, cannot be ruled out.