What About the Hype of Forex Robots – Are They Worth It?

As the currency exchange market gets increased attention with the decline of the USD looming, so are the EA robots that attract the more sophisticated traders to the Forex game.

An Expert Advisor (EA) is a "robot" in the loose sense of the word. Robots beat humans at chess and other games, and they can also beat humans at trading. With an EA there is absolutely no emotion in effect – the most likely downfall of the human trader. An EA will observe the charts for you, implementing trades under optimal conditions and utilizing sophisticated strategies transparent to the user. This avoids the fear and greed factor, as well as lack of confidence, and inconsistency which are characteristics of most currency (and stock, option, futures) traders.

It is self-evident – over ninety percent of traders realize a net loss}. Traders are emotional humans, and like all humans, we suffer from greed, fear of loss and even fear of what other think. This impairs any traders ability no matter how experienced they are. As with all humans, in critical moments or key market conditions we lack surety, we have fear of what might happen and most importantly, we are typically inconsistent over 90% of the time.

The concept is similar to automobile manufacturing, where automotive companies use computerized robots to spray paint on new cars – a highly boring and repetitive task requiring a high degree of consistency. A human operator may spray too much paint here and too little…

by Chris J. Guli

Forex Expert Advisors – Living Up To The Hype?

As the Forex market gets more and more attention with the deficit of the dollar looming, so are the Expert Advisors that drive the more powerful players of the Forex game.

Why do 90% of traders lose? Traders are humans and like all humans, we suffer from greed. Like all humans, in critical moments (or market conditions) we lack confidence, we have fear of what might happen and most importantly, we are usually (90% of the time) – inconsistent.

Taking this into consideration, 90% of traders WILL LOSE MONEY IN FOREX. They will consistently give away their money to the other 10%. This, together with the illusion of becoming millionaires overnight trading some "guru's" trading system from an ebook, is what keeps the Forex market a great business for Forex brokers and the so called guru's.

An Expert Advisor is a "robot". Robots beat humans at chess and they beat humans at trading. An EA robot will watch the market for you, placing trades under certain parameters (strategies), avoiding the fear, greed, lack of confidence and inconsistency which characterizes most traders.

The Expert Advisor has a plan. It sticks to it no matter what, no matter how ugly or uncertain the market looks. It has no greed and will be running 24 hours a day for you.

Some quick highlights of the Kiss Trading System:

* Requires no technical indicators

* Uses a "Set and Forget" strategy to free up your time

* Makes only 1 trade per day at the same exact time

* Requires…

by Luis Aguirre