Complete Currency Trader: Review Examining James Edward’s Forex Program Released

Houston, TX (PRWEB) September 18, 2013

Complete Currency Trader, a currency trading program that bills itself as a ‘no risk, guaranteed solution’ and has gotten the trading world abuzz with interest has caught the attention of’s Stan Martin, prompting an investigative review.

“An extremely limited offer, Complete Currency Trader is a program that is all about the practical side of trading. It takes everything you've ever learned, and shows you how to best put this into practice. It gives traders a huge advantage because they understand how the market works on a fundamental level,” reports Stevenson. “All the modules in this program provide you with the answers to pretty much every question you've ever wanted to ask about trading Forex. This includes why and how to trade, microstructures, volatility, probabilities, outcome maximization, risk management, technical analysis and much, much more.”

The Complete Currency Trader reviewshows it includes a comprehensive Forex education and training system, live action videos with a superb Q&A session on each one, market analysis software, professional private fund speculative trading system, automated trading tools that include multiple Forex indicators which increase the likelihood of making substantial profits than with programs that only use one or two different indicators. The training system is provided in a 6 module, progressive development course that is not only easy to follow but also provides some of the most in-depth information regarding the fundamental approach to successful trading.

“Delivered by mail to your door, Complete Currency Trader includes no cheap downloads that aren't worth the time it takes to watch them. When done correctly, trading Forex really does offer the best opportunity for sustained profits and prosperity and this program shows you how to tap into this lucrative method of trading,” says Stevenson. “It is one of the most transparent and easy to follow methods of trading that we've come across. No matter what your experience in trading Forex, you can easily follow this clever and pretty unique method of trading. This program goes deep into how trading Forex works; it not only shows you how to trade, but describes exactly why you need to take the actions that you do.”

“Complete Currency Trader is a program that really does provide what the clever marketing promises, that’s for sure. There’s no denying that James Edward certainly has a trading track record that most of us would kill for. He really provide a means whereby the average guy (or gal) on the street can duplicate this. What this currency trading program offers is a truly professional learning tool that shows you how the big boys trade, and why they’re so successful in what they do. The sales presentation is only available for a very short time. The program will fit in with your lifestyle and change it for the better with the profits it will bring you!”

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A List of Factors Which Determine Currency Value

The information presented here is designed for the Forex/currency trader. This information is also useful to anyone who would like to develop an understanding of factors which determine currency value. For the currency trader, this understanding is needed in order to develop a currency trend analysis for a particular country. Developing accurate currency trends is the key to successful Forex trading.

What determines the value of a countries currency really comes down to supply and demand of that currency. If a particular countries currency is in high demand by purchasers such as travelers, governments, and investors, this will increase the value of the countries currency. The factors that follow may have a positive or negative affect on the demand for a particular currency. Lets take a look at these factors.

1) Printing of Currency:
If a country prints an excessive amount of currency, more then what it normally would, this can decrease the value of the currency. Any time you have more of anything, this can result in a decrease in it's value. This is true whether you are talking about currency or commodities such as iron ore, crude oil, coal, gold, silver and platinum. A large amount of currency in circulation can lower the value of a currency. A small amount of currency in circulation can result in the value of the currency increasing.

2) Current State of the Economy:
If a countries economy is not doing well, this can decrease the demand for that countries currency. Specifically, here we are talking about the degree of unemployment, degree of consumer spending, and extent of business expansion that is taking place in a country. High unemployment, decrease consumer spending, with a decrease in business expansion, means a poor economy and a decrease in currency value.

The potential for economic growth in a country should also be looked at. If the potential is strong, then it's currency value would expect to increase. Also, if a country produces products that other countries want to buy, this can increase the value of that countries currency.

3) Prices of Foreign Goods:
Related to the economy, is the prices of foreign goods. If a foreign company sells goods in a country which are cheaper then comparable products produced in that country, this can hurt the economy of that country. A poor economy results in a decrease in demand for that countries currency, which lowers it's value.

4) Political Conditions of a Country:
To what degree does political corruption exist within a country? To what degree do political affairs have on the economy of that country? A country which is known to have corrupt politicians, can result in a lowering of the value of it's currency.

5) How Secretive is a Country:
A country which operates at a high level of secrecy, at least as observed by those outside the country, can result in a lowering of the value of their currency. Another words, if not much is known about a country due to a restriction of media expression within that country, this can lower the value of it's currency.

6) National Debt of a Country:
To what degree are politicians addressing a national debt problem? Are politicians causing an increase in the national debt? In a democratic society, national debt must be paid by the taxpayer. If taxes increase, this results in a lowering of the purchasing capability of society, which results in a deleterious affect on the economy. In this case, currency value will decrease.

7) Presidents Popularity:
If a president is popular, this can increase the demand for a currency. If the presidents popularity is dropping, due to unpopular government policies, this may result in a decrease in demand for a currency and a subsequent lowering of it's value.

Becoming A Foreign Currency Trader

One of the most profitable careers you may want to try is becoming a foreign currency trader. You might find that so many people these days consider the industry of foreign currency exchange. This is mostly because currencies never get outdated. It’s a business that actually does not feel like a business because there is a necessity to trade currencies all over the world. Nations need to have their money exchange for something else to facilitate trading and the flow of exports and imports.

But before you become a foreign currency trader, you might need to evaluate your current professional standing first. Although there are no hard rules prior to entering the forex industry, you need to at least have a solid grasp of trading. You need to understand how risks and forecasting play such a vital tool in keeping your game as a currency trader very much solid. In forex, you also need to be more aware of the different currencies and just how profitable they may be.

The Advantages of Being a Foreign Currency Trader

There are actually lots of different perks that can be associated with being a currency trader. One of these is that the business never goes out of style. As mentioned, it never goes passe but only gets developed further. You have plenty of room for learning in foreign currency trading and yoru success actually depends on how much time and effort you can put into the craft. You are the master of your game and you can take full control of your profits. Another advantage is that you also get to stock up on different currencies so if you are a seasoned traveler, you will have access to different currencies much easier than the average person would.

There’s also the issue of establishing lots of international connections. As a foreign currency trader, you will have a bigger chance of getting to know foreign professionals who are into forex and may also have other business ventures. Who knows, you might just be able to strike a valuable partnership with them.

The Down Sides of Being a Foreign Currency Trader

Just like any other business, being a foreign currency trader also has its own down sides. One is that the business has the tendency to be very demanding. Before you know it, you might be asked to do a lot of things and buyers and sellers may ask you to make quick decisions on whether to trade with them or not. There are also times when you need to keep up with changing trends in trading and you need to brush up on your skills from time to time.

Another challenging note to remember in the foreign currency trading arena is that you need to always be on the lookout for business ventures. You can’t sit around and expect the buyers and sellers to come to you. You need to find a way that you can effectively position yourself to get noticed by these people and for them to do business with you.