Overcoming the Number One Weakness of Forex Megadroid Trading Robot

Every trading robot has its own flaws, and a user should know how to enhance it in order to have the best results using its program. Forex Megadroid is probably one of the most talked about trading system today, with its ability to deliver great results with an amazing accuracy, who would not be tempted to try this robot. However, most users do not know that Forex Megadroid is also associated with a fatigue.

The developers of Megadroid have a strong desire to maintain a high winning percentage, and they were successful with it. However, this limits the robot to only being able to participate in small scale trades. Megadroid can deliver 95% accuracy rate because it only enters the more predictable small scale trades, and avoids the risky large trades. This means that you will never receive high one-time profit using Megadroid and you will be stuck with gaining small profits.

If you want to overcome this weakness, you only need to change a setting within the robot. The default setting of Megadroid is to enter trades at least 6 times a day, 6 small trades every day. Changing this to a higher number will allow Forex Megadroid to enter trades depending on your preferences. It does not matter if you set it to a hundred or to a thousand, as long as you have money to invest in your trading account, Megadroid can participate in trades.

Combining all small profits will results to big amounts if combined, for example, let us say you made a dollar in a trade and…