Benefits of Mexcel Trader in FxDialogue

Mexcel Trader by FxDialogue is a powerful Excel trading application that offers to construct effective trading strategies. It utilizes the calculation competence of MS Excel, with regards to real-time data, price history, proprietary operations and technical indicators. Therefore, users can need to only rely on MQL programming, and form such strategies that would challenge even Expert Advisors.

With proper trading tools, foreign exchange can indeed be a lucrative business, and the powerful and user-friendly spreadsheet, namely the Excel program integrates with the most popular trading systems, rendering effective trading. Currency trading, the largest financial market on the global arena, is also called foreign exchange trading. A distinct feature of this trade is that the same commodity, namely currency, is bought and sold with the differential amount being the profit or loss.

Metatrader 4 happens to be amongst the top trading platforms. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that, besides offering the standard functions of opening and closing trades, it houses a set of features to assist users in developing extremely effective trading strategies. The profits offered by the mind-boggling volume of trade can effectively be tapped by online currency trading. By using the Expert Advisor feature, Metatrader allows trade automation, which plays a crucial role in trading, and goes on round-the-clock.

However, a lot of programming is required to create expert advisors, as the…

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How To Make $ 50k A Month With Forex Expert Advisors With No Investment At All

Forex expert advisors are one of the most profitable trading techniques at the moment but you may be thinking how is it possible to make money without investing a single penny? Before I explain how that's possible (and how many people are making a fortune with it), let me explain what a Forex expert advisor is.

A Forex expert advisor is a service that provides Forex signals. Effectively a subscriber signs up to such a service in exchange for being alerted (essentially) immediately of any trades executed by the expert advisor. The logic being that if the EA is very profitable then other trader will want to copy its trade, and pay some money for the privilege.

Many signal providers will even go a step further. They will give you an expert advisor in a platform such as MetaTrader that receives the signals and places the trades on your behalf. So your trading is completely automated. You have to be very comfortable with someone else's signs trading with your money without any supervision supervision from your side, of course!

So how are you going to make $ 50,000 a month?

There's a couple of easy ways. The first one is to setup a signals service that feeds into Forex expert advisors. People will pay you a monthly subscription to receive your trade alerts. From a technical standpoint, it's quite simple too. All you have to do is a run a Forex expert advisor which feeds the signals to a signal distribution website (or server).

Subscription fees are…

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Rich Forex Traders Who Use Expert Advisors – Do They Exist?

If there is one thing that created a huge stir in the community, it would definitely have to be Forex Expert Advisors. You may be wondering if there are any traders who are rich trading Forex Expert Advisors. My answer to that is "if they are, they are DEFINITELY in the minority."

I know Forex Expert Advisors sound like an excellent idea, but let's think about this logically. What is their main purpose? Basically, they are these trading robots which trade the market for you without any kind of human intervention. Does this sound crazy to anyone else? Letting a machine trade your hard earned money for you on autopilot ?? You may think that I'm exaggerating a bit.

Do not you think if becoming rich, letting your expert adviser trade for you was that simple, there would be more people having success. After all, nobody would want to do the heavy lifting for themselves.

Do not get me wrong. I am as pumped up about technology as the next guy, but let's be a little realistic about it.

Another huge hiccup about EAs is the fact that you have to trust your broker. I do not know about you, but I have a very hard time trusting my broker when I'm the one pushing "buy" or "sell". With an EA, you have to trust your broker to accurately open and close trades off of a trading robot that you have no control over. That's a HUGE leap of faith.

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Making Money With Forex Expert Advisors

I know if you have been involved with for even a little while, I am positive that you must have heard about the expert advisors. Quite frankly, these trading robots are garnering a lot of hype. But a lot of people are wondering if you can make money with expert advisors?

Well, I'd recommend that you check out some of the threads in many popular forums on the internet. I'm sure you'll find your answer there. I think you'll find hundreds, if not thousands of dead forum threads, where traders start demoing these expert advisors, and they can never reach long term profits.

Why do you think that's the case?

It's really quite simple. It has to do with the facts that the markets are just not programmable. Beyond that, why on earth would you let a robot do all the trading on your behalf? How about the fact that you can not trust most brokers.

I do not think I'm letting any secrets out when I say that many brokers are known for their somewhat questionable practices. I think we've all experienced stop loss hunting on our accounts.

How can you possibly trust a broker to take trades from a robot? How can you know you are getting legitimate entry and exit positions.

Also, stop and think about how much news happens during a trading day. Can you truthfully expect a expert advisor to be intuitive enough to be able to understand the news that comes out, much less to be able to trade it?

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Forex Expert Advisors – Trade Forex the Easy Way

According to the sellers who sell Forex Expert Advisors, you can simply follow their systems with no trading experience and if you do, you can make huge gains long term with no effort but is it really that easy to make money? Let's find out …

The first point you will notice with Forex Expert Advisors is the extraordinary profits they say they can make for you. The track records are better than the best fund managers in the world yet, you can get access to the track records for just a few hundred dollars!

It sounds like a great deal, an income for life, you do not have to make any effort and it costs less than a good night out but is it to good to true?

Of course it is!

If you look behind the hyped marketing copy, you will see there is no real verified long term track record, to back up the claims the vendor makes. All you get is a simulated back test or results presented by the vendor, with no independent audit.

Today, there are a huge number of people attracted to Forex trading because of the rise of online Forex trading brokers and low account minimums which anyone can afford. Traders flock to buy these get rich quick systems and it all ends with a loss of equity.

Let's be clear – 95% of Forex traders lose! If it was as easy as the Expert Advisor Vendors say to make money, far more traders would win and they do not. If you want to win at Forex trading, the best way is to take the old fashioned route, apply yourself and learn skills!

Sure you have…


Forex Expert Advisors – Why They Never Make Users Big Gains!

Forex Expert Advisors are huge business online and promise the road to financial freedom with no effort and all for the cost of a night out! Of course it looks to good to be true and it is and of you read this article, you know why you will lose money with all of them.

The way to cut through the marketing hype and see if these Forex robots really do make money is simply to look for evidence of them making real money, that's verified from a reliable source and its no surprise to find that not one of these cheap software packages does this and the reason is obvious – they have never made any real money! So how do they produce a track record of gains which is better than the world's super traders, who are paid millions of dollars a year in salaries and sell their system, for just a hundred dollars or so?

Simple – they make them up!

The track records are simulated, this means just getting past price data and then bending the system to fit the data, so it shows a profit. This of course is easy, as the vendor knows all the price closes in advance and anyone, can make millions doing this but that's not real life. Forex trading is such a challenge, because we do not know the price in advance!

Some vendors produce account statements, they say are correct but again there is not verified or verified and you have to take the word of the person selling the system Furthermore, look around the forums and there are traders, wondering why they are not getting the same…


4x Metatrader Expert Advisors – Who Are the Best 4x Metatrader Expert Advisors?

Over 3 Trillion Dollars is traded by metatrader expert advisors each day in this highly volatile market. OTC (Over The Counter) trading helps institute one of the busiest trading platforms in the market. Due to such high leverages, people can literally start off with as little as a couple of hundred dollars and experience 100: 1 leverage stakes from the start off.

Having MT4 expert advisors available is key to your success when trading the FX market. Other points of interest to consider would also be the following:

You should be part of a community which gives you an inside view of what traders are trading.

Daily and weekly Forex outlooks are necessary while guaging the market, plus archives of previous outlooks.

A financial calendar including economic indicators and calendar holidays.

Using your MT4 expert advisors along side automatic software will mean you will have the ultimate visual trading tool.

You should be using multiple charts to customize your view.

You should also have access to interest rates table of contracts available for trading.

SMS alerts. Extremely useful when your away from the PC.

Live updates are critical of financial news from around the world.

A Currency Rates Matrix. Updates available for all currencies available for trading is also critical.

If you have these components all set in place when approaching Forex Trading, accompanied with your metatrader expert advisors, this firm platform will give you a solid base in…


Forex Expert Advisors – All Lose Money and Never Reproduce the Gains They Claim

Forex Expert Advisors or Robots lose money and never the user the gains they claim and the reason is obvious and the subject of this article.

If you look at the claims these systems make them look to be good to be true and they normally claim the following:

You can get access to a track record better than the worlds top find managers (with less drawdown) then, simply plug in your profit making tool and earn a regular income with no effort and the cost of this money making machine? A couple of hundred dollars or less!

Of course, if you look beyond the hyped advertising copy, you do not find a track record of real gains that's been verified. You either get a back test simulation (knowing the closing data) and even a child can make money if they know the closing price in advance or you get an unverified, track record from the vendor selling the system.

Now if you could really get a track record which as better than the world's top traders for the cost of a night out, the whole world would be trading and give up working and the credit crunch? That probably would not exist!

These systems are sold for such a low cost because they make no money.

All the great reviews you see are from affiliates selling the system hiring to make a small commission from the vendor. If the system makes so much money, why bother selling for a small amount, when you could just trade it and become a millionaire in a few years? If you have read this article so far you know the…


Forex Expert Advisors – Track Records Better Than the World's Best Fund Managers!

If you look at the worlds top find managers you will see many make excellent returns of up to 100% per annual. These traders are paid millions of dollars annually but many Forex Expert Advisors claim that they can do much better and all for around a hundred dollars which is one of the cost of the software but can they? Let's find out …

Of course they can not! The track records are never verified or admitted, there always back tests done in hindsight on paper, you get real results from some vendors but there never audited or verified.

If these systems really did work do not you think all the world's best fund managers would get the sack?

Why pay multi million pound currencies and bonuses, when you can get a better performance from a hundred dollar piece of software? Of course, none of these dealers have got the sack and been replaced by cheap Expert Advisors because the track records they put out are fantasy and not reality.

95% of all Forex traders lose all their money and if it was as easy as buying a cheap bit of software to achieve Forex trading success, a lot more traders would win but they do not.

How to Win at Forex Trading

Forex trading is a challenge and that's why there rewards are so high and you need to make an effort to win.
Forex trading is a business where if you want to succeed, you need to make an effort and learn skills. The good news is that currency trading is a totally learned skill and if you put in some time and effort, you…


The Best Forex Expert Advisors Reviews

FAP Turbo is easily the most controversial of all trading program out at the moment. The hype was phenomenal when this program came out as is the next in line from the publishers and designers of the original successful Forex autopilot. Based on that alone I was ready to give this program a chance, but also to put the dispute or rest for my self, this is one of my expert advisors reviews, this one on FAP Turbo.

I'll start this edition of my expert advisors reviews by saying a bit about how FAP Turbo works. This is an automated trade program meaning it automatically enacts and ends trades on your behalf in the market so that you do not have to have the time or experience to do it yourself. This technology was originally reserved for high profile traders to cover small gaps, but since being expanded upon it's become a major hit with rookie and more casual traders.

How it works is largely by scouring the market for profitable trading ops and reacting to changes. Once the program finds what it deems as being a reliable trading opportunity, it enacts that trade accordingly then follows its performance along to ensure that it is constantly approaching you money.

Once that trend fluctuate out of your favor, program recognizes this and trades away the now cost investment at the earliest indication to save you from loss. It then repeats the entire process over again so it is constantly analyzing market data and moving trades around with the…

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