FAP Turbo Review – Is FAP Turbo Expert Advisor Software Fake?

Do you know if FAP Turbo software is a scam or not? Has FAP-Turbo been used on a live account or was it just tested on a demo account? Ignore these questions and you will end up losing lots of money. I can guarantee you just that.

Most Forex has been sold on the internet today will eventually fail you when you start using them to trade on a live account. So you have to be very careful before choosing one, FAP Turbo is no exemption to this rule this review of FAP Turbo.

Forex are mainly programmed to imitate past successes of trading experts, but the reason why most people buy them is because of the elimination of emotional factors that can arise during Forex trading.

What Is FAP Turbo?

FAP Stands for Forex Auto Pilot and FAP Turbo was developed by a team of professional Forex traders and programmers under the permission of Marcus B. Leary and his team. The FAP software is also one of the world's highest selling Forex products with over 50,000 members.

It is automated Forex software that is aimed at both beginner and experienced Forex traders: Forex Auto Pilot-Turbo is targeted at beginners who do not know or care to know about the complex details of Forex trading. The only requirement to use the software is a computer and an internet connection and the ability to follow simple instructions.

You also have the option of not using your computer at all: If you do not have a personal computer or steady internet connection,…

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Forex Auto Trade – Smart Way to Profit in Forex Trading

Forex auto trade is a smart way to make profit in trading. You could always do it the hard way by manual trading and sit for hours in front of your computer. Since the introduction of trading robot, more and more traders are using this easy alternative. People who love this alternative are saying that they prefer this method because it does not bother their daily activities.

Trading robot is becoming more popular because of these reasons:

1. No special education requirements This system is reliably easy to follow and almost everyone could do it without spending a lot of time learning the system. Traditional way of trading requires formal education and lots of experience. The robot system does all the dirty work for you, and make decision making easier.

2. Forex auto trade system has been proven to have good result. With more sophisticated software coming to the market, traders have a lot of choices. The software's quality is improving and this is a great news for the traders. Making profit is proven to be easier for everyone who does not have any trading experience.

3. Traders will have more flexible time. Using the robot means that you do not have to sit down for hours doing the trading manually. This automatically gives you more time doing other things, like spending it with your family. Traders like the robot because they have more quality time.

4. Trading robots give you better results A trader will be able to avoid making an important…

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Forex Decimator Reviews – Forex Auto System Robot Strategy

Are you interested to find out more about the Forex auto system robot strategy called Forex Decimator? The owner of this software promises financial freedom to those who use it, and has claimed that his program helped him to achieve a six figure net worth starting from five figures. I decided to test these claims myself by purchasing and downloading the software to see if it could really produce a consistent autopilot income for me in these financially unstable markets.

1. What is Forex Decimator?

This robot is programmed with an in-built algorithm that it uses to analyze market trends and make accurate forecasts about the future market directions. It is updated regularly to keep it changing with the general fundamental changes in market sentiment. One of the biggest winning trades with this robot was achieved by its owner who made more than $9,000 with it on a single trade.

2. How Much Risk Do You Have to Take When Using Forex Decimator?

It is important that sound management strategies are implemented regardless of the system used. Forex Decimator is built with a set of money management settings that it uses to stop losing trades when it has made a wrong forecast. The risk settings can be adjusted according to the users’ needs, but results have shown that the default settings produce the most profits even though it might incur a bigger draw down.

3. How Does the Forex Decimator System Work?

This is a completely mechanical robot that trades according to price movements. Its…


Forex Auto Trade – 4 Robots Reviewed

Forex Trading is one of the most profitable markets today and a lot of people are looking for automated systems. The so called auto trade is very popular but not all systems are working well. Here are 4 of the top automated systems.

1. Fap Turbo, the most popular auto trade robot. The system works on autopilot and you can profit from this system. There has just been an update being released.

2. Forex Avenger is another fully automated robot. You can leave the software alone and it makes the work for you. This product has a good performance.

3. The Forex Detector is a auto trade software which is one of the best in EUR / US and GBP / US trading.

4. Forex Autopilot FAPS is a fully automated trading software and is well known. The software was developed by an expert trader and helped a lot of people to trade successfully.

These are just 4 of the best auto trade software. The main benefits of automated trading are clear, you do not have to sit in front of your computer and trade by yourself. Just let the software run and work for you. But you have to keep in mind that is a risky business and even the best software can have a "bad" day. Only trade with the money you can afford, the best is to trade first with a demo account. So you can see if it works for you.

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Forex Hedge Trading Versus Forex Auto Pilot

Either way you take it, you can make a ton of money on the Forex market. Forex stands for foreign exchange and it involves the buying and selling of currency. That may sound boring, but believe me, tons and tons of money are being made every single day.

The two types of ways that we are going to discuss in this article are Forex Hedge Trading and Forex Auto Pilot trading programs. To be frank right up front, if your looking for quick money, skip to the next paragraph and check out Forex Auto Pilot stuff. Hedge trading involves buying a long term and the short term position on a currency pair. So what that means is, if the value of the currency goes up, you will gain and lose money accordingly. Then once you've seen which way is performing better, you sell off the ones that are not. This is extremely complicated stuff but it is possible to make money doing it.

Forex Auto pilot programs are programs developed by experts that trade for you. All you need is a computer that can connect to the internet. Hundreds of people are getting in on this opportunity. It's all made possible by advanced algorithms that calculate everything and make money. There are a wide variety of programs from Forex Tracer, to Forex Assassin.

The more popular Forex auto pilot programs even come with a money back guarantee, which for me was when I decided to bite. I started making money. Why on earth would I ever try to return it?

Forex Hedge Trading and Forex Auto pilot…

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Forex Auto Pilot Vs Fap Winner

Forex Auto Pilot is a renowned automatic trading program which is enjoying surging popularity. Fap Winner is a membership club of traders who use FAP (short for Forex Auto Pilot) or who wish to use it. Fap Winner provides it’s members with a revised FAP program with special settings which, according to FapWinner founder, Charles Floyd, will optimize the results you can get with this software.

Which should you choose? Choose the regular Forex Auto Pilot which costs $97 or go with Fap Winner, which has 3 levels of memberships which cost: $197, $397, or $597?

This is a difficult question to answer, and I’ll try to do so by telling you what FapWinner provides so you can decide for yourself whether the increase in price is worth it.

Let me start by saying that, in my opinion, you need to pick the Gold membership of FapWinner, if any. This is the mid range membership which costs a one time fee of $397. I believe that the low priced membership gives too little and the $597 membership gives too much. I have a gold membership myself.

That being said, let’s see what the Gold membership provides you with.

1. You get the FAPTS robot which is the improved and optimized Forex Auto Pilot software. This has shown excellent results and it appears to do better than the regular version in certain market conditions. You see, you don’t have to own FAP before joining Fap Winner. You get the robot as part of your membership.

2. You get access to a user forum which is full of other traders like…

by John J. Drummond

Forex Auto Trading Robots – Able to Save Traders Accounts to Wipe Out

Do you trust on Forex Auto Robots? If you have any doubt about the performance of Forex Auto Trading Roots sold online, you must read this article.

You have seen the track records of many robots, they promise better gains than the world's top manual traders, with less drawdown and all you are paying is the cost of a good night out.

Actually using Auto Trading Robots is just like as you have fixed your money and you will definitely get some interest on your money. Forex market runs 24 x 5 a week. It is just impossible for a trader to observe the market 24 x 5 continuously. Just think about, what is the capacity of a man to work within 24 hours? A person must need to sleep at least 5 hours within 24 hours. While doing manual trading, it is quite possible you get the trading signal while you were slept.

Of course a trading software, ie auto trader, really works. It does not mean for "everyone who would be using them giving up their jobs. Why work, when you can get an income with no effort and for minimal cost".

Actually the reality is – anyone who does only manual trading losses money. Manual trading requires the trader spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen to monitor the market.

Also, human manual trading is always influenced by emotions like greed and fear. Using an auto trading software will eliminate the chances of the trader's emotions affecting his or her decisions.

If you want to be a winner of huge market then…

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Fap Turbo Expert Advisor Forex Robot Review

Summary: Built on 9 years of experience with Forex Auto Pilot (see separate review), and it has averaged 48% profit per month, for 102 months straight. Most users that get it working report a 95% successful trade rate or better. User base of 37,000 (including his Forex Auto Pilot). Private Members forum to exchange ideas and experiences. It has the industries worst customer service level. It did have a nasty bug in release v37, but that was fixed at the beginning of the year. I recommend the Fap Turbo Forex Robot – but not because of customer service. If used properly it will work very well. $ 149 -60 day Clickbank money back guarantee.

FAP or Fap is short for Forex Auto-Pilot (see separate review on this web site). When you get Fap Turbo and install it – it has default settings adjusted for you. You are encouraged to watch all the training videos and other materials. Also to join the Fap Turbo private members forum and read up on it all.

And you are encouraged to open demo accounts with brokers to watch it action before you invest money in live trading. This robot does work, but only after you learn how. And the vendor Marcus Leary is not going to make that easy for you – until he gets even more money from you.

These default settings it comes with specify what is the "stop loss" (SL) and what is the "take profit" (TP) points Fap Turbo will execute your trades at.

For example, if you buy a currency pair at a certain price, it will take profits at…


Forex Auto Pilot, Been Around 9 Years, 93% Successful Trades

Summary: Forex Auto Pilot is an old, and well established work-horse. 93). It is the cheapest I’ve seen so far. Downside is that when it makes a loss, it is a big loss. I’ve seen it make 20 $20 profits in a row, then make 1 $200 loss. I’m not saying “no” to it – I’m probably only saying maybe – or “definitely yes” if you also buy Fap Winner so that they can advise you on the best settings to run it with. $97 – 60 days money back guarantee.

Forex Auto Pilot was a sophisticated automated Forex trading robot in its day.

Now the vendor pushes more his Fap Turbo product – at double the money. Forex Auto Pilot has been around a long time – 9 years. And it has the largest user base of 37,000 installs.

It runs on the Meta Trader 4 platform. Fully automated as the name implies, the robot makes it ideal for people looking to profit without spending hundreds of hours at their computers learning Forex.

Forex Auto Pilot, like all Expert Advisors is a custom set of trading rules to be executed when it sees certain trading conditions are met. If it does not recognise market conditions it likes, it does nothing.

So you install MetaTrader4 (free), and copy the Forex Auto Pilot file to the experts folder in MetaTrader4 (MT4), click a few buttons and you are up and running.

That’s the beauty of the MT4 metatrader platform. You can have multiple Forex Robots, each working a different chart – each chart working a different currency pair. A copy of Meta Trader 4 is included with Forex Auto Pilot, and the first thing metatrader does on start-up is check if it is the latest version.

With Forex Auto Pilot everything comes set at “default” and you are recommended to leave them that way until you have tested it on a demo account/s with your broker or brokers of choice. Leaving it to run while you read the user guide and other forex materials is interesting and fun.

Here are some details worth keeping in mind as you consider Forex Auto Pilot.

The user’s guide is 74 pages and is well written. It steps you through the installation and activation of the software quite nicely. Also on how to back test it against historical data. Back testing does confirm similar results as those claimed on the sales page. But back testing is not everything – nothing like live testing to know for sure, which is why demo accounts exist.

After purchase you’ll also receive an ebook to understand the mechanics of the Forex market. This book is a general guide to Forex and can be used with any forex system.

The retail price of $97 USD is probably fair – it is old, and there are better Forex robots around. When I say it is old, it works on the most up-to-date trading platform – MT4.

And trading strategies are timeless. However, algorithms developed by people over time do improve. New strategies do get developed.

Universally true for all reviews on this website – all Forex robots come with an 8 weeks unconditional 100 of profitable trades is incredibly high – though not as high as others. And it does incur some pretty large open trade draw downs (DD) to achieve this. What this means is that while it may have closed the trade at a profit, during the life of the trade maybe the market went against it and the trade was in the red (loss) for sometime before returning to close at its profit.

However, historical tests would indicate that over the long haul the many small wins will out pace the few large loses provided you’re willing to ride out the losing trades.

Although Forex Auto Pilot does place ‘take profit’ orders at 20 pips to ensure it captures some profit when it occurs, it does not use protective stops to protect your down side.

The documentation strongly recommends AGAINST adjusting the stop and take profit levels. I find this to be of concern – but when tried, it does indeed degrade performance.

Regarding position size, the default is to use a fixed position size rather than a fixed percentage position size.

This is not the best way to do it as it not only increases your risk per trade after each losing trade, but it also slows account growth after wining trades.

It is much better to have it set as a percentage of your available account size. Then as your balance grow, profits grow too by being compounded.

A fixed percentage of your account will adjust the position size up and down as the account grows or shrinks and is generally a better idea. And you can set Forex Auto Pilot to use a fixed percentage but this is not the default.


It’s old, its solid, its proven. It has the largest user base out there, and has a private member forum for advice and support (moderated so that you cannot complain about it). Forex Auto Pilot is not a “must have” in your arsenal – but as an entry level expert advisor Forex robot – you could do a lot worse. The occasional large losses are compensated for by the many smaller profits. $97 – full 60 day money back guarantee.

But I strong recommend that you also buy the Fap Winner silver membership to get the most out of Forex Auto Pilot. See the most up to date review of this robot at http://www.forex-robots-reviewed.info/forex-robot-reviews/forex-auto-pilot.php

Leading Social Trading Platform ZuluTrade Now Available to AETOS – Capital Group (UK)’s Traders | Business Wire

ATHENS, Greece–()–ZuluTrade.com, the leading social Forex auto-trading platform that

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