KGW Capital Announces Revelation Forex Fund Ranked the #2 Best Global Performer | Business Wire


Capital Management LLCis pleased to announce that as of

March 31, 2013, Elite Forex Funds ranked KGW’s Revelation Forex Fund as

the #2 best performing fund on its Elite 10 ranking. The Revelation

Forex Fund returned 6.27% in the first quarter 2013, and a compound

annual growth rate of over 37.08% since the fund’s inception in 2009.

KGW’s Revelation Forex Fund is an absolute return fund that remains open

to investors, offering preferential tax treatment to U.S. investors. The

fund is a highly specialized hedge fund that trades in the cash Forex

market and seeks to capture large macro moves between global exchange

rates while remaining market neutral.

“The Revelation Forex Fund is the real deal,” says Sean Hyman, Editor of

Ultimate Wealth Report. Revelation continues to outperform the equity

markets, precious metals and most of the hedge funds across the U.S.”

“We have been very pleased with the performance of the Revelation Forex

Fund, and we continue to be one of the best performing Forex funds. The

Revelation Forex Fund has a solid record since its inception in 2009,

with positive results posted in 42 of the previous 52 months through

April 30, 2013,” commented Kevin

White, President of KGW Capital Management.

About Elite Forex Funds

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investing in equities, commodities, fixed income, futures contracts,

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About KGW Capital Management

KGW Capital Management, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is one of the

world’s leading private investment firms. KGW raises, invests and

manages private equity funds, hedge funds and publicly traded

alternative investment vehicles for institutions and high net worth

individuals. For more information on the Revelation Forex Fund, contact

Kevin White at

or 972-398-0010. For more information on the fund, please visit

Forex Fund Management May Be the Highest Paid Job Of The Decade

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) November 9, 2009

While searching for a new career that may experience growth throughout all economic conditions and which is currently in high demand in Dubai, U.K., U.S., Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries it is unlikely that Forex Fund Management will be seen anywhere on the list. That is because fund management is a highly specialized job and business in which only a few people in the world are currently involved. But some say the potential for growth in this industry is enormous.

Forex Fund management may be one of the most desirable careers in the world especially because of the steady hip hop rhythm of opportunity that it provides during economic crisis and recession as well as in time of economic boom. And the amount of other investor's capital that is available to those who are skilled in trading is staggering!

Although it is now relatively common knowledge that Forex tradingpotentially offers massive profit earning potential, what many would-be investors do not realize is how much study and preparation is needed to actually realize consistent results. How many people are currently able to extract profit from the Forex market on a consistent basis? According to most sources the number is less than 5%. Very few people have the discipline, patience and arcane knowledge needed to make Forex trading really produce positive results day in and day out, month in and month out. While many people desire the lucrative profits of trading currencies, only a few have the time to study and practice and many people approach trading in the same way they would approach gambling in a Las Vegas casino, that is hoping to get lucky. For those who don't have the time or even worse, the skills to trade with consistent profit, what are the alternatives? Many investors do have sufficient funds to trade and would love to see their funds grow faster than the snail's pace 5-10% annual returns of traditional investments. Most traders would like to actually make a living from the return on capital of their trading accounts.

Since most people who attempt trading fail quickly, many then look to automated trading systems, or “Forex trading robots”. The internet is filled with ridiculous candy coated propaganda that offers huge amounts of income automatically while the “trader” is not even trading manually. Statements like “Forex Trading Software That Doubles Your Profits Monthly Automatically” or “New Forex Robot Grabs Profit Every Day With No Losses!” are splattered all over the media and the internet trying to lure in gullible investors to buy a cheap software that may actually quickly wipe out their accounts.

But with a little research on online Forex trading forums, it is immediately discovered that there are a lot of unhappy traders who regret purchasing these automated trading robots. Is it really safe to entrust hard earned money to a machine? And why would anyone sell an automated system that really works? Why not use it to trade and manage funds rather than peddling the priceless golden goose for a mere $99? It certainly gives reason to wonder.

Known as one of the businesses that provides the same opportunity through any economic conditions, Forex trading continues to attract more retail investors. Yet, the high level of risk attached to the Forex trading industry and the difficulty involved in trading deters most people from trading Forex. Aside from the risk it involves, most people willing to invest in trading do not have sufficient time to learn and acquire the skills needed to trade profitably. These reasons drive investors to purchase Forex trading robots or Forex automated systems that claim outrageous return-of-investments. Some look to subscribe to the “alerts” of a more skilled trader or use a proprietary software that produces some kind of obvious signal like a green arrow and message that says, “BUY NOW!” or “SELL HERE!”

“Only a few have the characteristics and skill to trade Forex with the kind of legendary results whispered about in Forex trading circles. Consequently, a huge demand for Forex Fund Managers has suddenly popped up especially now that people are realizing that the Forex robot industry is primarily a scam,” said Scott Shubert, CEO and founder of Colorado basedTrading Mastermind. “Trading well requires a human being with visual skills that cannot be duplicated by a robot.”

“When I heard a friend of mine say that he is doing quite well in trading, I asked, 'will you trade Forex with my money?” said Alfred Fischer*, a full time chef in one ofSan Diego's local five star hotels. “I am always interested in trading but my job does not permit me to do so,” he said.

Implementing a fund's investing strategy and managing its portfolio trading activities are the main responsibilities of a fund manager or an investment manager. For a successful Forex trader, setting up a Forex fund is an efficient, legal and professional way to trade with his own money along with his investors' money, the investors seeking to benefit from the trader's capability and performance.

And since Forex is now in such extreme high demand, Shubert believes that there is also a “huge demand for Forex fund managers”, which prompted the Platinum Trading Group to start and develop a community for Forex fund managers now being also called the Academy of Forex Fund Managers. The Trading Mastermind Platinum Trading Group is now offering a solid training path to become a Forex Fund Manager in a relatively short period of time.

An experienced Forex trader who has graduated to the degree of Forex fund manager can earn a large amount of additional profit while doing his own trading. “Typically, fund managers charge a percentage of the returns which is a win-win deal between the investor and the fund manager that is performance based,” said Shubert.

“It's obvious that Forex traders also seek to expand their trading careers,” said Snir Levi, a member of the Platinum Trading Group who is now managing funds. “And becoming a Forex fund manager is a great way to do that,” he added. The trading group, who recently opened slots for new members, believes that having more highly skilled Forex fund managers in the industry will lessen the number of investors victimized by money making scams.

“This is an extremely desirable career and business path for Forex traders and a fantastic way to make money work for the investor instead of the investor himself working hard for money or struggling with trading and losing,” said Shubert.

But of course the key to a successful career in managingForex fundsis rock-solid education, training and experience in trading Forex that propels the trader to surpass other traders' performance in this business.

The Platinum Trading Group urges Forex traders who seriously think that they can fill the shoes of an efficient fund manager to step up and start an exciting career in the right place in order to become a professional fund manager in the shortest amount of time possible with the full support of a community that has the same goal and intention.

For more information on becoming a Forex trading fund manager, visit,